Short one shot I thought I'd do while watching S.W.A.T. Turns out it was more of a distraction but I got it done. It's not my best piece of work but please read and review.

"Are you insane Brian?" Ronnie Goodwin looked at her boyfriend, Brian Gamble, like he was crazy. "This is insanity. You could go to prison for this!"

"Have you forgotten what I use to do for a living?" He asked her. "We could be millionaires if I went through with this. You can finally have your dream wedding. We can live anywhere in the world you want to live. We could settle in Italy." He knew Italy was somewhere Ronnie had always dreamed of living.

"And you'll be on America's most wanted list. I'd rather live in this dump of a house then have every government agency after you," she frowned at him.

"It's a lot of money Ronnie," he said looking at her.

"I'm not getting through to you am I?" she asked him. He looked at her but didn't saying anything. "I guess it doesn't matter what I say does it? You're still going to do it."

"This is my chance to get back at SWAT," he said.

"You were the one that quit Brian," she pointed out.

"They were going to demote me to the gun cage." He was trying to remain calm.

"You shot a hostage!"

"I saved her life!" Brian defended himself.

"But you shot her!"

"Babe, think about it - one million dollars, Italy, not having to work again, your dream wedding." he changed the subject back to the plan, trying to convince her still.

"You're not going to convince me, Brian. You're being stupid but if you want to do this don't expect me to be here when you get back." she told him.

He looked at her like she was the one now being insane. "Ronnieā€¦"

"Don't look at me like that. You're the one with the insane idea. If you go through with it I don't want to be with America's Most Wanted." She went to take the ring off but Brian stopped her.

"Ronnie, don't!" He grabbed hold of her hand, stopping her from taking off the engagement ring he had spent all his savings on.

"Brian I love you but I can't stick by you if you're going to do this." she told him.

"I can't lose you, Ronnie."

"But you're going to if you go through with this stupid plan."

She didn't want to leave him. She wanted him to forget about the crazy idea of having one million dollars because he helped a fugitive escape prison.

"I won't go through with it, just don't leave me please?" he practically begged her.

She sighed hoping he wasn't lying. "If I find out you're lying, it's over."

"Have I ever lied to you before?" he asked her.

She shook her head, "No."

"And I wouldn't start lying to you now." He told her pulling her to him. "I love you. All I wanted to do is give you everything you want. One day I'll give you your dream wedding and we'll go to Italy for our honeymoon. We'll do everything and anything you want to do."

It was true that he had never lied to her until now. He had no intention of giving up on the one million dollars. He wanted to do it for her. He wanted to give her everything she wanted, starting with moving to Italy and giving her, her dream wedding. She deserved it after putting up with him for the last few months.

"I love you too but forget Italy, forget my dream wedding. I don't care if we get married down at city hall. As long as I am marrying you, it's all that matters. I already have everything I want." she told him.

He smiled, stroking her cheek with his thumb. She smiled and kissed him. She pulled away but kept her lips close to his. "You're all I need, Brian Gamble, you're my everything." She told him before crashing her lips to his once more.