Time had flown by like the wind and everything was almost the same. My grades keep slipping, I have no time for myself... I'm pretty upset with everything and it's all because of the Hannah secret.

I was a good student, but my double life makes it difficult to get an A in every single exam. Even passing any of them is hard. I seldom do my homework. Hannah Montana rules my life. I gotta rehearse for my next movie audition, go to the recording studio to launch a new album, photoshoots, interviews... It's driving me berserk! All I wanna do is dig a big hole and scream out my frustrations into it.

My teachers are wondering how could this happen to me. They've notified my dad, asked him if he knew the reason why I was acting that way. Of course he knew it, but he had to play dumb. I nearly blew the secret twice. Good thing dad helped!

Today seems just like another horrible day of my miserable life. I proceeded to do my biology test, being pretty sure I'd fail it. I just couldn't take it anymore! I ran out of the classroom, crying the hardest I could.

"Miley?" My brother said. He was supposed to be in the classroom, but he was in the hallway. I didn't answer. I just cried.

"Miley. Are you okay?" He asked, as he hugged me. "Is this over the Hannah secret?" He whispered right into my ear. I nodded softly.

"Do you wanna go home?" He looked down at me and warmly kissed my forehead. I nodded again. "But you gotta explain your teacher why you ran off in the middle of a mid-term. Cause that's what you did, right?"

"You know me pretty well" I moaned. He was right. She deserved an explanation. "But I can't tell the truth. What am I supossed to say, Jackson? I don't wanna blow the secret" What would my fans think? It would affect people all over the world.

"Just say you weren't feeling good and that you wanna go home" He smiled evilly. He reminded me of Rico.

I did what Jackson told me to. A week later, I talked to my teachers and told me they'd forget about the bad results if I aced my final exams. So, I decided it was time to give Hannah a little break.

The months went by and school finished. I managed to fix the situation and got very good grades, even though that meant no time for Hannah Montana. Now that school was over, I was looking forward to finishing recording the album and stuff. Suddenly, my cell phone blew up.

"Hello?" I answered quickly.

"Miss Montana?" A man said. His voice was raspy and sounded worried.

"Yeah, it's me!" I answered anxiously

"Oh, thank God! I thought something bad happened to you!" He said as he laughed

"No, you know, I just decided to take a little break. I started my holidays a little earlier" I lied. I still didn't know who was on the other side of the speaker and that made me feel a little nervous.

"Ha, ha, ha. Do you know who I am? "Finally. I obviously had no clue.

"I have no idea" I hated being clueless about something. He had to tell me now.

"Don't worry. It isn't even important. I was just wondering if you wanted to star in the new Spielberg movie" He asked, hopeful.

I couldn't help but smile like a big fool. "Are you kidding? The big Hollywood movie?"

"Road to nowhere. Are we talking about the same movie?" He asked, hoping I accepted his offer.

"Are you Spielberg?" I hoped it was him, because otherwise, I would have been talking to a complete stranger and my daddy told me not to talk to strangers when I was a little girl. Oh, God! I'm getting obnoxious again. It happens everytime I get nervous. I'm truly sorry.

"They call me Steven" Said the director. Now it was time to answer his question.

"I'd be more than happy to star in your movie, Mr. Spielberg. Do I have to audition?" It was the best news someone could have ever given me.

"No. But i'd like your friend Lola to" I couldn't believe what he was saying. Lilly? My Lilly gets to be in a big Hollywood movie?

"Are you talking about my friend Lola Luftnagle?" I still couldn't believe it

"If you mean wig-girl, then yes" He said, very self-assured. "I'll see you two tomorrow then"

"Of course, bye!" I hang up. I quickly ran to the phone and rung Lilly "Lils? Can I come over?" Oh my gosh! She's gonna be so excited!I

"Uh... Okay?" She said sounding a little confused. I inmediately hang up and ran to her house.

I knocked the door." Lilly! Open!" She opened the door and smiled.

"I made hot chocolate" She smiled again." Now, tell me what's going on. I'm freaking out !"

"Lilly, you're not gonna believe this" I decided to tell her about me first and then surprisee! "Spielberg phoned. He wants me to star in the next big Hollywood movie" I smiled hysterically.

"That's great! I'm happy for you" She had no clue. I think I should get a camera to record her reaction.

"But that isn't the best part" I sang. At this point of the conversation, she was definitely smelling something.

"What do you mean?" She asked, nervously playing with the spoon.