Introduction ; Hello, meet Elliot Harkness. His age 15, born 19th of August. Elliot's girlfriend Riley has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has moved into Elliot's mothers flat.
The flat is on the estate where everything is a mess, in total there is one bedroom where Elliot's mother Bianca sleeps who is a drug addict and acholic, she spends most of her time at the local pub otherwise she's in bed with different men every week. Elliot's being going through a lot of stress right now, it's been 3 months since Elliot's older brother Eoin got shot whilst being mixed up in a gang problem, meanwhile he has a younger sister called Lucy. She's aged six, her small blonde piggy tails shows of her personality.
Elliot is on the second day of a new school, Waterloo Road. Hoping to get a good career. But have you seen the state of his fridge... And not to forget have you seen his arms?!

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Tick tock tick tock, it was 7:56am Elliot was going to be late for his second day at his new school. He heard a hint of the alarm repeating its self for the past 30 minutes, this was not a great start.
Struggling to get off this ancient sofa, he disturbed everyone else. Even his mom.
''SHUT IT YOU LOT'' Screamed Bianca, slamming the door that had been opened through the night by a gust of wind.
He sighed, but it turned into a shiver. He helped Riley up, noticing how much hair she lost last night.
''Elliot leave me please, babes... Go and get dressed your going to be late'' Whispered Riley. He leant down and kissed her on her forehead. Elliot saw Lucy in the kitchen trying to pour herself a drink, so he rushed over to helped her. He grabbed a carton of half a filled milk in the fridge and poured it into Lucy's cup. He grabbed a asda bag fron his cuboards, and made himself a ham sandwhich for lunchtime. Not noticing that the expiration date for the bread was 24/8/2012, today was 19/09/2012.

He rushed into the bathroom, locked the door. He began to change into his school uniform, buttoning up the top. Staring at himself in the mirror, devastated by the cuts he has recently made. And worst of all, he has P.E today, with no excuse. Eventually he finished, he grabbed his P.E Bag & school bag, then rushed to school.

He entered the school gates, remembering English first lesson with Budgen , P.E Second lesson with as a cover teacher, then break Elliot hated break, he had no-one to hang around with.
Third lesson Science with , and so on. He finally got to English, skipping form time and 10 minutes of this lesson...
He knocked four times, and then entered. Slumped down at the front of the classroom, next to Josh Stevenson. ''And why are you so late '' asked in his snarky voice.
Elliot didn't reply, he was to busy day dreaming.
'' '' Budgen waved his hand infront of his face. Yet Elliot still has not stepped out of this trance. Josh gave him a slight nudge mumbling ''Elliot''.
Elliot jumped up ''Um, ye, um. What?'' he shouted in suprise. ''If you actually paid attention, more in lesson. You wouldn't look like a class idiot. Anyway'' Budgen replied.

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