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William Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet have known each other all their lives. They went to the same public school in West London. They were even briefly neighbours when a renovation project was going on in the Darcy's mansion. They had always shared a love – hate relationship. Love in the sense, they both loved to argue and beat each other at various sports and well, you know hate.

For a petite girl like Elizabeth, it was mighty amusing, how she managed to beat William at some of the roughest sports played in their school. It seemed he brought out the best in her. Be it cricket or football, she always gave Darcy a run for his money.

Darcy wasn't a sore loser as such, but he did poke a lot of fun at Elizabeth's expense with his 'cool' buddies, well acquaintances. He only had a few buddies – and they were not the mocking type. In fact, they were quite the contrary.

One day, after winning against Lizzy in the PE period, Darcy found himself face to face with Elizabeth in the cafeteria. He was with his 'cool' acquaintances, the ones who usually initiated and then encouraged the banter between Will and Lizzy.

"Couldn't reach the hoops today? Could you Lizzy?" shouted Michael.

Lizzy just gave him the evil eye and then looking towards Will said, "Don't think you're luck will shine next time?"

"Ooh! I am scared," dramatised Will.

"You better be,"

"Why don't you play with your Barbies?" came another shout.

"Whoever said that, you'll get my answer in the next class," replied Lizzy coolly.

"You're such a tom boy. Tell me Lizzy, why you don't play with your friends?" asked Darcy in all earnestness.

"Ooo," was said in chorus.

By this time a crowd had clustered around them.

"Why don't you act more like a girl?" asked Darcy.

Lizzy was furious. This time he had crossed a line. He had insulted her, in front of her friends no less. He had to pay. But he wasn't done yet. "Or do they think you'll break their toys? Do you have a boyfriend Lizzy? Oops! Sorry wrong question. Have you even ever been on a date?" said Darcy. Though he had an ulterior motive behind this question, he genuinely wanted to know the answer, but couldn't get himself to do it the normal way.

"Have you been kissed before?" came another voice from the cool dudes.

"Has any guy asked you out?" came another.

"Enough is enough. William, I did not expect this from you," said Charles coming to Lizzy's rescue.

"You haven't, have you?" asked Darcy sans any rhetoric tone.

At that moment, nobody knows what took over Elizabeth's mind but she took Will's large head in between her hands and kissed him flatly and squarely on the mouth. Will was too shocked to react, but the feeling it evoked in him could not be betrayed. It felt as if heaven had been bestowed on his parched lips.

"There, I kissed your leader," said Lizzy triumphantly and then looked at Will with glaring eyes and said, "I am girl. But I can kick you hard. You remember that,"

Darcy just stared at her. That kiss had momentarily led to a loss of his senses. But even after recovering, he did nothing besides standing there and watching Lizzy walk to her table.

He stood there defeated, defeated by this completely bewitching young lady. And the funny thing was he didn't mind. It felt right. He was ready to lose to her every time. Every Single Time!

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