Text message from Chris to Charles, Charlotte and Jane: Charlie and I will talk to Will during football. Girls, don't let Lizzy come.

Jane to the rest of the group: Consider it done. None of us will come in the evening. Charlie, I'll miss you…

Charlie to Jane: I'll miss you too Janie…

"Charles, I need to talk to you," said Will hurriedly on his mobile.

"Slow down Will. I am talking to you," replied Charles.

"Yup… sorry! I need to talk… face to face," replied Will.

"We'll meet in the park for football," said Charles.

"I kind-a want to do it in private…not in front of Jane…I mean,"

"Oh! That's alright. The girls are not coming today. They will be gone to… err...err…the…parlour,"

"Parlour?" asked Will confused, but pleased.

"Yup! That's what they said,"

"Alright man, see you then,"


There was a slight noise downstairs- A crackling of a door, if you will – which signalled the arrival of a most beloved sister. In an attempt to hide her over-eagerness, Lizzy took long steps towards Jane's room, instead of just hysterically running. There was a lot to relate to – the detention, meeting with the principal and obviously the strange case of owning up by William Darcy.

"Hey, Jane!" Lizzy greeted as she entered Jane's room and Jane greeted her back.

"So how was your detention?" asked Jane, sarcasm a heavy element in her voice.

"Oh! Come on, you know it wasn't my fault,"

"You're right, I am sorry," said Jane coming back to her normal state – Angelic.

"But it was fun. We totally pissed off Mrs de Bourgh," said Lizzy with a few stifles, "Darcy can be a lot of fun…" There it was the first Darcy reference of the eve… no, no…conversation. And she went on to describe the whole detention with edits just featuring Darcy.

"What did Mr Gardiner say?" asked Jane.

"He was very displeased. But I think it was more because of Darcy than me. I mean, everybody can expect me to get into trouble, right?" replied Lizzy. Ref 2

"What about papa? Did he say anything to you?"

"Oh! No, nothing much. But Darcy apologized to him and also to me. Can you believe that William Darcy -my arch nemesis, the king of arrogance and the prince of vanity- apologized to me," Lizzy exclaimed. Ref 3

"Well if you would consider the fact, that he is not all of that. It's highly probable," Jane replied in a defensive tone.

"So you're on his side now? He's a complete and total jack-ass Jane," Lizzy said. Ref 4…but who's counting?

"What! No," Jane said, "just try to be the normal Lizzy in front of him. He'll show you his normal self too,"

"We're talking about Darcy here. That's his normal self,"

"Clearly," Jane said and rolled her eyes.

After a few moments of companionable silence Jane continued, "Um… Lizzy I was thinking we could go watch a movie or something today with Charlotte…you know have a girl's… day out,"

"No can do. I am sort of grounded for two days,"

"Really?" said Jane in a very pleasant voice.

"Looks like you're happy," Lizzy replied a little bit put out.

"Oh! No, no…I was just thinking…never mind…who put this 'grounded' thing?"

"Dad, but he did that just so that mum would stop heaping praises on me," Lizzy said.

"Ha-ha. Mom must have loved it. Her daughter kissed William Darcy,"

"When did you start making fun of mom?"

"Now – for the first and the last time," Jane replied sheepishly.

Lizzy just eyed her comically.

"So how does it feel like to kiss your arch nemesis? Huh? Some fire getting out? Knocked him dead yet?" Jane.

"It was nothing you know," Elizabeth replied as a blush crept on her face and in an attempt to end this conversation added, "Come on, let's eat,"

"Alright, I'll tease you no more…for the time being," laughed Jane.

Meanwhile in the park, Charles and Chris were waiting for Darcy to show up. They were discussing Will's earlier phone call to Charles.

"He sounded very eager," Charles was saying, "Well, we'll soon find out. Here he comes,"

"Hey guys!" said Will.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Charles said.

"Well…let's play first and then…"

"Okay," said Chris.

After a tiring thirty minute session of football, Will decided it was finally time to let his feelings out. He closed his eyes took a deep breath and said it in one go, "I like Elizabeth Bennet,"

"Took you long enough," said Chris as Charles and he smirked.

Will opened his eyes, "I am not joking, you guys,"

"We're very serious too," they smiled.

"I love her, dude."

Now a knowing smile crept on both their faces and Will's cheeks turned red.

"We know. And no, we're not going to tease you about it. Though it's highly... highly 'impossible', you remember those words, don't you Will?" said Charles contradicting his previous statement.

"It was…But now it isn't," Will's face grew darker. Thank goodness for the sun had set long before, he thought.

"Okay, okay. Let's talk about this like men. Shall we?" Chris said bringing the main point back into the discussion. And talk about, they did.