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Chapter 1

Qing Er sat on her bed in silence, staring at the night sky. She was supposed to be sleeping and had sent the servants out already. Like everyday, she couldn't sleep. It had already been a long month since Xiao Jian had been forced to leave the palace, probably never to be seen again. But she hoped, no, she knew, that she would see him again someday. They had beaten odds with everything. Everything that had been impossible seemed to miraculously happen to them. She would wait until that day. She knew it was only a matter of time. A year, 5 years, even 20 years. She would still keep on waiting. She didn't care what would say, but she would stay single and she would wait. Wait until a time he was accepted, or they successfully eloped.

She imagined where he would be right now. Perhaps on a horse, galloping down to Dali to visit his godparents. Or not, perhaps he would still be lurking around the city. He wasn't the type to simply turn away after hitting a snag. She both hoped and hoped not for him to be planning to sneak her out of the palace. He was already reluctant to leave without her and expressed his wishes on taking her with him. She knew it wouldn't be easy to him to simply let it go. But she was worried of the dangers, and knew that he very well knew it too. Not to mention what the affect would have on everybody else, especially Xiao Yan Zi. What if she paid the ultimate price if they had eloped successfully. That couldn't happen.

With a yawn, she leaned against the wall. was all she could think of. But the night passed, and she finally fell asleep albeit in an awkward position with the sheets not even covering her.

She was woken up the next day by her servants.

"Ge Ge, you've been sleeping on top of your sheets in a fetal position with your head at the foot of the bed. Why did you sleep like that last night? I hope you are not going to get sick."

Qing Er yawned again.

"Come again?" She stretched her legs but refused to get up, closing her eyes again.

"Ge ge, just wake up, it's morning already. Your food is ready too."

The servants nudged her several times before she finally pulled her arms and sat upright. One handed her a bowl of soup, which she drank, but not eagerly. She looked at each and every one of her servants with a blank look. It was a staring contest for a few moments.

"Ge ge, it's time to get dressed."

Qing Er stood up slowly but felt a little uneasy and wobbled. She placed a hand to her stomach and a small substance came up her throat, and she puked it out.

"Ge ge, you're sick. Call the tai yi."

"No. I'm fine." reached out a hand, pulling back the arm of one servant who had started turning away.

"You look sick, you slept badly last night."

"I'm just fine, okay. Let's get dressed first"

The servants obeyed and were sent away as soon as she was fully dressed.

She now stared at the sun, and held a hand to her stomach again. This was the third time this week it had happened. At this point, she was pretty clear that was wasn't sick, having seen the same thing happen with numerous other women. She counted the days. It had been 6 weeks since the failed elope. She thought back to that one night. They never thought they would be back at the palace, but rather the start of a whole new life. They thought they could finally be together and have a family.

Well, it looks like she'd get her wish sooner than expected. But what would happen if found out? No matter what, she would protect this child. Perhaps it could be what could bring them together. Hopefully. That is, if Lao Fo Ye didn't decided the baby had to go. One thing for she, she had to go to Jing Yang Gong immediately.

Walking out without breakfast and the servants calling out to her, she quickly meandered the corridors and crossed the courtyards until she reached her destination. It was quiet. At least there wasn't a fight going on inside, which happened way too often.

The eunuchs promptly announced her presence and a bubbly figure bounded out the doors and ran straight to her, grabbing her in a bear hug.

"Qing Er! I'm so glad you're here. Come inside, Yong Qi and I are alone. Zhi Hua is with Lao Fo Ye right now."

Qing Er asked the servants to leave and closed all the doors and windows.

"What is going on, is something happening?" Yong Qi was the first to ask, as Qing Er seated herself at the table.

"I don't know how to say this but, I'm pregnant."

Two sets of eyes stared her, saying in unison, "What?"

"I didn't call a taiyi of course, but I'm sure. I got morning sickness three times this week."

Everyone sat in silence as they comprehended what she had said.

"Now Lao Fo Ye called the wedding off, sending Xiao Jian away and forced Zhi Hua to marry Yong Qi."

At this Xiao Yan Zi started calling Zhi Hua names and proceeded to bang the table.

Yong Qi grabbed her hands and shushed her, allowed Qing Er to continue.

"It happened when we eloped. We didn't know we would return to the palace or have a wedding then. I know it was sudden, but we thought we were free. We were going to marry as soon as we got to Dali."

Three pairs of eyes looked at one another. What were they going to do? This would definitely get out. There was definitely no way they were going to hide a pregnancy eventually, no matter what happened. There were several things going on in their minds. What was going to happen to the baby? How were they going to let Xiao Jian know what happened, wherever he might be? And finally, what is going to happen between them.

One thing, they had to get a hold of the entire gang, quickly. Perhaps they could keep it under wraps for a couple weeks until they get a plan together but sooner or later people are going to notice.