AN: Hello! This is just a short fic, matched with Linkin Park's song Iridescent.

It was a request from InvisibleBlade.

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The two figures stood on top of the mountain alone, gazing down at the beautiful planet, which lay peacefully around them. Throughout the day, it had snowed heavily and now as alien sun set in the deep blue horizon, the show glistened and sparkled in the contrasted light. The inhabitants of the planet were asleep and so the planet was left dormant. The two figures were there to enjoy the beauty and the elegance of the planet without being either disturbed, or distracted. The paradise was theirs to enjoy and theirs only.

The man turned to the woman and looked at her; his eyes setting into her. Looking at her, he knew that the moment was perfect. However, he also knew that it would end. Even though the moment was pure bliss and it felt like nothing could take them away from it, something could. Time. No matter what they did, how far they ran, time would catch up with them.

One day, the woman would meet her end and there'd be nothing neither could do about it. All they could do was stay with each other now and wait for that inevitable day to come.

But they didn't have to wait. Moments like this, made the man realise that he could forget about that day. It's not about what will happen (or what has happened) it's about what happens in the moment. Though they weren't in control of time, they could still poke holes through it. If there ever was anytime that they wanted to see each other, then that would be what happened. They could power through the hurt and push it to the back of their minds, they only needed to think about one thing; each other. And though the pain couldn't be completely forgotten about, it didn't have to be the only thing they thought about.

The weather was cold, but not at all bitter. The woman shivered in the icy wind and the man wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Lovingly, she nuzzled her head on his shoulder- her honey coloured, thick, curly hair protecting her ears from the cold.

Suddenly, the bottom of the horizon burst into colours as the sun hit the bottom. Pinks, greens, blues, oranges, yellows, every colour they could think of (and even some that neither knew existed) erupted over the landscape. The colours corrupted and collided together, building something more beautiful than a rainbow. A strong wind blew across the landscape, as the last glimpse of the sun disappeared, the two would've fallen over if they were not holding onto each other so tightly.

"It's beautiful," the woman whispered.

"I suppose so," the man replied," But it's nothing compared to you."

The man planted a kiss on her forehead and turned back to face the view.

Whatever had to happen, would happen, but it wouldn't happen yet. Not for a very long time and until then, they would have each other. And right then, they had the stunning view of the iridescent sky glowing at them. In that moment, things were perfect. And that was all that mattered.