Eleanor blushed a dark shade of pink. She was sitting in The Chipmunks' room, Theodore's bed to be more precise. She was blushing at the sight of, not one, nor two, but all three Seville boys, completely naked and sitting around her. Each one of them had a throbbing erection, eyes wide as they stared at her.

"Um… Theo? Remind me again why you invited me here." Eleanor said, keeping the light green robe she wore tight around her body.

Theodore smiled as he scooted closer to her, kissing her cheek. "You gave me such a wonderful experience last night, so I decided to return the favor." He replied.

She gave a nervous chuckle as her gazed moved about. 'Hmm... Simon's bigger than Theodore… by about two inches, it seems… and Alvin is an inch bigger than Theo…' she thought, her blush slowly spreading.

The thought of the three males erections were making her lower lips moist, her sweet scent already being released into the air. It didn't take long for the boys to catch on to the smell, their cocks giving a twitch of anticipation as they inhaled the arousing sweet smell.

"Wow Theo… You weren't kiddin' when ya told us how luscious she smelled…." Alvin muttered, blue eyes closing slowly. He soon had his head tucked nicely between her plump thighs, breathing in her savory fragrance. He licked his lips and gave a sly grin as he looked into Eleanor's chocolate brown eyes.

She let out a loud gasp and covered her mouth, moaning softly. Alvin's warm, smooth tongue had gingerly brushed against her pussy. Eleanor then shifted onto her right side, raising her left leg to the air as she peered down at Alvin.

"Y-You can continue…" she whispered.

Alvin gave her another grin before holding up the chubby girl's leg. His soft hands went to rubbing the smooth flesh beneath her equally smooth fur. "C'mon guys, join in." Alvin invited.

"P-Please…" Eleanor murred, looking at the other two boys.

Simon smiled and laid down behind Eleanor. His nose rubbed against her plump buttocks and he wiggled the tip of his nose against her butt crack, taking in the odd, musky scent. Ever so timid, Simon slowly spread her butt cheeks apart to reveal the source of the scent. Her puckered butthole was there, twitching in his face.

Overcome, Simon slid his tongue right into Eleanor's tight hole, wriggling his saliva coated tongue against her clenching walls. A satisfied squeak escaped his lips as her hole massaged his tongue, as if trying to milk it. It squeezed down and pulled deeper, making him press his face up against Ellie's ass.

"Gmmmph… a little unusual… but…. Highly enjoyable…." He muttered, suckling on the chubby girl's anal star.

Now Eleanor's gaze fell onto Theodore, who had his eyes closed tight as he stroked his thick munkhood, panting and grunting as he sped up on himself, already leaking his warm, slick precum onto the bed sheets. "Theo… come play with my tits, please…" she begged.

Theodore's eyes instantly snapped open as he found himself staring at his counterpart's chest. His paws grabbed her breasts and squeezed them a bit. He licked his lips, rubbing his palms on her nipples as he leaned into a heated, wet kiss.

"You're getting really wet, Eleanor. I hope you aren't about to cum already." Alvin said. He continued to lick and suck on her dripping nether lips, slurping loudly as he swallowed her sweet fluid. His mouth was being filled faster than he could swallow, causing some of the tasty juice to dribble down his cheeks. "How's her ass taste, Si?" he asked between licks.

Simon didn't reply to his elder brother, too caught up with pleasuring Ellie to pay any attention to him. His tongue continuously slid in and out of her butthole, leaving traces of saliva in its wake. His grey eyes flew closed as he reached down to his own crotch, stroking his hardened member. He let out a quiet moan as more of his tongue slid inside Eleanor's depths.

"Aaaahh…. H-Hot damn you three are amaziiiing…." Eleanor whined, panting hotly as her eyes flew shut.

Theodore leaned close to Eleanor, whispering in her ear. "Ellie… can you suck my dick again?" he asked, blushing softly.

She gave him a smile and nodded. "I'll suck that cock of yours anytime, Teddy Bear." She said.

Theodore shifted upwards, pressing his throbbing erection to her mouth. Eleanor giggled and moved away from his crotch, blushing softly.

"I want you guys in me now." She said.

"I call her pussy!" Alvin cheered, lying onto his back. His cock was twitching to and fro in excitement, a trail of precum going down his length.

Stifling a laugh, Eleanor laid on top of him, wiggling her butt. "Do you wanna take my ass, Simon?" she asked.

He blushed and nodded. "O-Of course Eleanor, if you wouldn't mind…"he responded, his voice trance-like as he stared at Eleanor's plush rear end. He got on his knees behind her, rubbing the tip of his cock on her hole.

Theodore's paw touched Ellie's chin, raising her head a little as he sat down in front of her. "Open up Eleanor." He said, smiling.

She took the head of her counterpart's erection into her mouth, sighing inwardly as his taste spread over her tongue. Eleanor glanced behind herself, signaling the other two to enter her.

Alvin wasted no time, quickly grabbing Eleanor's wide hips and pulling her sopping wet pussy onto his cock, moaning in ecstasy as her walls clamped down on his member powerfully.

"C-Come on, Simon... just shove it in meeee…" Eleanor moaned around Theodore's dick, spreading her butt cheeks. Her asshole twitched a few times as the bespectacled munk got closer. She let loose with a loud moan as Simon's prick pushed inside her hole, getting the same, amazing stretch in both her holes.

"W-Wowww…. She's tiiiiiight…." Simon groaned. Before long, he was already leaking preseed into her ass, grunting as he pulled his cock out until only the tip stayed inside. And without warning, he forced his way back in, moaning loudly as his hips met with Eleanor's with a loud 'smack'.

*Theodore's POV*

Did I think any of this was wrong? No. Was sharing my girlfriend with my brothers for a night a bad idea? No. I thought Eleanor's mouth felt amazing last night, but now… wow. There's no way I can explain it.

It was the perfect temperature in there, not to mention it was nice and moist. Laying on my back and spreading my legs, I felt Eleanor's beautiful head start to work itself up and down my length.

"Eleanor… faster please….." I moaned, reaching down to scratch behind her left ear. I could tell by how she shuddered and moaned that I was doing something right.

My precum continued to spurt into her mouth in thick ribbons, which she swallowed down almost instantly. I bit my lip to try and contain my moans, but to no avail, I ended up nearly screaming in bliss when I felt those soft, warm paws caress my balls. Christ, does this Chipette know all of my pleasure points? If so, I pray that she keeps teasing them!

I honestly think she got the message, because the next thing I knew, my butt was raised a little off the bed and she had two fingers shoved straight up my butthole. I whined loudly, nearly driven crazy from the pleasure. And that awesome scissor-like thing she does with her fingers? Wow. How did I NOT shoot immediately?

I think I was the one making the most noise out of the four of us, which I wouldn't doubt. I've always been kinda sensitive down there...

Plus, both Alvin and Simon's moans were turning me way on. God damn it, why do their voices have to be so sexy and arousing? I swear I'm gonna shoot hard if this keeps up any longer!

*Alvin's POV*

Alright, I'll admit, Eleanor's cootchie is soooo much better than I thought it would be! The way it clenched and pulled on my cock was, in a word, awesome! Not to mention how freakin' wet it was in there.

It feels like Niagara Falls or something in here. I was leaking out pre like a damn faucet, and God I loved every last moment of it. If I had known that Eleanor was this amazing, I would have taken her a looong time ago!

"Oh my Gooooood! Eleanooooor!" I squealed.

Theodore is one lucky munk if he's got a girl like Ellie. Hell, if they had sex every night, I wouldn't blame him! I sped up my thrusts into Ellie, just a bit, and lo and behold, more of those sweet moans met my ears. They're such turn-ons… I mean, if you heard a hot girl moaning around a mouthful of cock, wouldn't you be horny as well?

Then those wonderful walls tightened their grip on my munkhood, forcing out another stream of pre. And truth be told, I never cum early, not even when I masturbate. It always takes me a good while, but now that I'm balls deep inside Eleanor, I have the feeling that I'm gonna cum hard.

And while I'm talkin' about Eleanor… Those tits. They were right in my face, I mean RIGHT THERE in my face. Her nipples were bright pink and erect, as if they were just begging me to suck them. So… I did. I took her left nipple into my mouth and started to suckle like a baby munk, my other hand began to rub and pinch the other one, gaining more of those pleasure filled moans from her.

'Holy…. She's leaking milk!' I thought. At first I thought nothing of it, but eventually the taste of fresh Chipette milk danced along my taste buds. Oh why must I be a sucker for milk? Even the sight of the stuff made me 'excited', and I drank down every last drop she offered to me.

*Normal POV*

Eleanor whined as loud as she could around her mouthful as she was pleasured by the three horny boys. Every last part of her body was tingling with waves of pleasure and excitement.

She didn't even have to move, yet she did anyway, constantly switching between Alvin and Simon's cocks, each one pumping her full with their slick, silvery precum. Her nethers were quivering around Alvin's cock, coating it with her warm juice as he sped up on her yet again.

Even Simon began to moan louder as he reached his peak, laying directly over Eleanor's back as he rubbed her breasts, keeping them close to Alvin, who was gratefully slurping up the white fluid.

Theodore let out a loud mix between a moan and a whimper as his asshole was stretched by Eleanor, who had managed to get all her fingers inside his sensitive hole. His cock let out several more thick streams of pre as he held on to both sides of Eleanor's head, desperately thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth.

She accepted the gesture, holding her mouth wide open as he bucked in and out of her mouth. She made sure to slide her tongue all over his cock and twirl it around his cock head every time. Eleanor greedily swallowed his precum, eventually grabbing his chubby ass and pulling his crotch all the way to her face, burying her nose in his soft fur as she let out the loudest moan she could manage.

*Eleanor's POV*

What a night this has turned out to be. Here I am, being fucked in all three of my holes, by three super-hot boys. If I were still a screaming fangirl, I'd have passed out a long time ago. I mean, be honest, how many girls can last this long, when every last part of your body feels like its melting? I swear it's so hot in here, plus I can barely feel anything else than pleasure, if someone was to kill me, I wouldn't notice!

I whimpered softly as I felt the three of them pull away from me, each one getting to their knees and stroking those sexy, hard dicks in front of my face. It took about three seconds for me to realize what they were doing, though. I whined in excitement and anticipation as my tongue flicked over their drooling cumslits, taking in the combined taste of their precum.

It's what happened next that surprised me. One second, I was licking and sucking on their penises, the next second, they had backed away from me and let out a collective moan as they climaxed, shooting my naked body with their hot cum. I held my mouth open and cradled my breasts, getting a good mouthful of their mix as well as a nice coating on my tits.

By the time they finished, I was literally a hot mess.

Though I enjoyed my little cum bath, there was one problem. They didn't let me cum. I looked at Theodore and gave a small smile.

"T-Teddy… care to help me? I didn't cum with you guys…." I said.

Now I had thought that Theo would have accepted, but actually… Simon was already there…

*Simon's POV*

Don't judge me, alright? She was just lying there, and I couldn't resist the alluring fragrance of her nether region, okay? Anyway, now I had my head between those thick, luscious thighs, eyes closed while I took her clit into my mouth, nibbling and sucking on it. Eleanor's moans rang throughout the room as she nearly went limp from the teasing.

When I felt her walls tighten up, I pulled away. When she looked down at me with a disappointed stare, I decided to double my efforts. I rolled her onto her stomach and smiled. "Get on your hands and knees, please." I said.

She did, and looked at me between her legs. "Stop teasing me so much, Simon… I wanna cum…" she whined. I'll admit to one thing. The sound of her begging was kinda making me hard again, but I chose to be merciful to the beautiful, chubby Chipette.

Yet again, my head was between those lush, smooth legs of hers. I put my hand on her butt and gently worked my thumb into her asshole, while my tongue disappeared into her vagina, wiggling against her inner tunnel.

I knew she wouldn't last long, so I managed to work my muzzle inside her cunny. Once in, my tongue reacted on its own, lashing and dragging itself over her g-spot, causing her to let out the loudest moan, much louder than the others from tonight.

My face was soon covered in that sweet female cum, which practically blasted forth from inside Eleanor. I let her ride out her orgasm, needlessly licking her sensitive clit as her powerful climax died away. She finished a few seconds later, panting and gasping for breath as her afterglow set in.

*Normal POV, Time Skip, ten minutes later*

They were all downstairs, laying quite close together on the couch as they watched a few cartoons. Alvin was cuddling with Simon, and Theodore was sitting with Eleanor, who had her head resting in his lap.

A few footsteps were heard, causing the four to turn their attention to the staircase. There stood Dave, his eyes red with tiredness.

"Hey guys… what was with all that noise?" he asked.

They all gulped before Alvin cleared his throat. "Uh… We were watching a funny movie… yeah, a parody of… er… The Wizard of Oz?" he said.

Dave stared back at him, a look of disbelief on his face. "How about you tell me what really happened?" he said.

Alvin sighed and bowed his head. "We were giving each other massages, and apparently we got too loud, but can you blame us? We're kids, Dave, and it felt amazing." He said.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Dave went back upstairs.

Grinning, Alvin's blue gaze flicked over to the other three. "Who would have known he'd buy it?" he asked.

Everyone simply shrugged and cuddled close together, eventually passing out on the soft couch.


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