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"Will you two stop looking at me like that?" she asked, brushing her auburn hair from in front her eyes.

Across from her, sat her two sisters. One of them, who was taller than her with dark brown hair tied in a messy bun, was busy fanning herself, blushing a bright pink. The other, a shorter Chipette with blond hair, also a tad on the chubby side, simply stared at her older sister with wide, chocolate brown colored eyes.

"W-Well Brittany… I never thought that you'd be interested in us like that…" she said, looking down at her feet.

"So what? It's not like it's a bad thing, Eleanor." Brittany replied. "And what about you Jeanette?" she asked, turning to the tall girl.

Jeanette gulped, and wiped her forehead nervously. "I'll admit that I've had… those kinds of thoughts about you two, but I'm really nervous about what Ms. Miller would say if she'd find out." she muttered softly.

"Jeanette. You KNOW how forgetful Ms. Miller is. Besides, I promise this'll be fun!" Brittany replied.

"But this is so much different! You're asking us to go behind our boyfriends' backs, and have sex with each other!" Jeanette argued.

Brittany quickly covered her little sister's mouth. "shh… Ms. Miller is probably waking up from her nap by now, and she doesn't need to hear about this." She said.

"Er… I don't think it's cheating if we're related…" Eleanor spoke. "Maybe Brittany finally had a good idea." She said.

Brittany held back a smart remark and looked around the room. "The boys are on tour, yet again, and our heat is gonna hit us hard this week. I really think we should do this." She implied.

At the mention of their nearing heat cycle, the three Chipettes gulped. The intense burning sensation, the sensitivity of their chests and groins, and even worse, the constant, painful surges throughout their bodies.

"Oh… Alright. But only because I'll need the release." Jeanette sighed, tugging at her purple robe.

"So… what do we do now?" Eleanor asked.

Brittany thought for a moment. "Oh! I know! We'll wait till Ms. Miller goes to take her shower! She's always taking forever to get out, so we'll have plenty of time!" she said.

Her sisters nodded slowly and exchanged curios glances. This was gonna be a long night.


"GIRLS! I'M TAKING MY SHOWER NOW!" Ms. Miller shouted from across the house.

Eleanor covered her ears quickly and shouted back. "ALRIGHT!"

Smiling, Brittany gazed at her sisters, still wrapped in their signature robes. "Alright girls, we've got a few hours to handle ourselves, so how about I get things started?" she said. Slowly, she turned to Jeanette and kissed her directly on the lips, sighing as she breathed in her sister's scent.

Surprised bu the sudden contact, Jeanette's eyes opened up wide before fluttering closed as she kissed Brittany back. After a minute or so had passed, she broke the kiss and began to undress herself.

"Y-Your turn Eleanor." Brittany said as she locked lips with her chubby sibling, running her hand through her blond hair.

She sighed into her mouth and started to take off Brittany's robe, quickly tossing off the pink garment. Her cheeks blushed a pale pink when her older sister took away her own clothing, leaving her in nothing more than her spring green bra and panties. Ellie blushed even deeper as she quickly covered herself. Breaking the kiss, she beaconed to Jeanette, who walked shyly towards her little sister.

Quickly, Jean stripped down completely naked, revealing her average sized breasts to her siblings. "H-How do I look?" she asked as she took off Eleanor's bra.

Brittany smiled as she also got naked. "You look really pretty Jeanette. Very beautiful indeed." She replied, licking her lips slowly. Her eyes peered down at Eleanor's crotch, noticing a bit of moisture had formed between her plump thighs. "Aroused already, eh Ellie?" she asked, smiling smugly.

She blushed a dark red as Jeanette's nimble hands rubbed over her body, shivering every time the green-eyed Chipette touched her rear, chest, and crotch. "I-I can't help it… Jean's making me so needy…" Eleanor murred.

"Hehe… Your arousal is makin' me needy as well, Ellie…" Jeanette murrered as she rubbed her smooth thighs together, shivering as her sweet love juices began flowing out of her snatch.

"Well… Since Jeannie's wetter than the two of us combined, we'll give her release first." Brittany said. She pulled Jeanette to her feet, dropping to her own knees in the process. She reached out and squeezed Jeanette's rear with both hands. As the tall girl shuddered and moaned from her older sister's sinful touch, Eleanor kneeled and began to rub Jeanette's nether region with one hand, giggling as her fingers were coated in her sister's pussy juice.

"O-Oh my… T-This is much better than I thought it would be…" Jeanette purred, pleasure slowly filling her mind and body. She tried her best to not collapse from the wonderful sensations running inside her. "Please keep that up…" she begged, spreading her ass cheeks, revealing her butthole to Brittany.

"Well well… Look who's presenting herself to me." Brittany said as she dragged her soft, pale pink tongue over Jeannie's pucker, mewling as the strange new flavor danced on her taste buds. 'God… Is she supposed to taste this good?' she wondered as her tongue prodded at Jeanette's hole.

"Oh wow! You're really excited Jeanette! My hand's completely drenched in your juice!" Eleanor giggled as she fingered Jeanette's quivering pussy. Her fingers rubbed against her sensitive walls without mercy, forcing out long, loud moans from the brunette girl. Her own crotch was getting soaked due to the lack of attention. She reached down with her other paw and began to tease herself into further arousal, tweaking with her left nipple fiercely, moaning as her sweet nectar continued to drip on the floor below.

Jeanette gasped and moaned without control, leaning back a bit to get more of Brittany's tongue. "Oh Lord… Harder… Lick me harder Britt!" she whined. Her legs were threatening to give in to the pleasure.

Wetting her tongue with as much saliva she could gather, Brittany managed to get her entire muzzle inside Jean's hole, lapping at her inner walls. She reached over and drove her finger's inside Eleanor's begging slit relentlessly, finger fucking her while she licked and sucked on Jeanette's pussy.

"Oooohh fuuuck! More Brittanyyy!" Eleanor whined as she copied her sister, except using her foot to rub against Brittany's nether lips. She squirmed in bliss as Britt's hand played with her sensitive clit. Wild, blissful pleasure continued to ravage her body as she tried to focus on pleasuring Jeanette's needy slit. Her tongue continuously dived an and our of the tall girl's folds, sucking down every last droplet of her love juices.

Jeanette started to pant heavily as her sisters lashed at her insides with their hot, wet tongues. Her excitement was quickly increasing with each lick, each suck, and each loving bite to her walls. Orgasm nearing with every passing second, Jeanette moaned louder as the pressure continued to build. This climax was going to be big, and she knew it well. Sudenly, her emerald eyes shut themselves tight as she let out one long, pleasure saturated moan as she felt Brittany's tongue go deeper than ever and Eleanor nibbled on her clit. "G-God damn! You're gonna make me cuuum!" she screamed, reaching to her own chest to tweak with her nipples.

"Let it out Jeannie… You can do it…" Brittany encouraced, giving Jean's ass a rough squeeze.

"Y-Yeah baby… feed me that hot cum… give it to me…" Eleanor purred, dragging her tongue over Jeanette's g-spot.

That sent her over the edge. Way over. Both of her holes clenched powerfully on the two hot tongues as hot Chipette cum blasted out of her quivering cunny. She squealed and moaned at the top of her voice as she covered Eleanor's face with her cunt juices. After several minutes, Jean's powerful orgasm died away, leaving her panting in total exhaustion as she looked at Ellie's cum plastered face. "Oh my… I-I came a lot…" she mumbled as her knees finally gave away, making her fall over.

Eleanor caught her older sister and caressed her rump. "Good girl, Jeanette… I want you to go and rest now, alright?" she said.

"S-Sure Ellie…" Jeanette whispered, giggling at the motherly tone in her sister's voice. She found a spot on the floor and lay on the soft carpet, eyes shutting slowly as she drifted to sleep.

Eleanor let out a quiet sigh as she pulled her toes out of Brittany's cunt. She wiggled her toes, giggling at the wet sound that was made due to Brittany's sweet juice. "Britt… can ya do me a favor?" she asked. "I guess so." Was Brittany's reply. Ellie blushes as she put her foot by Britt's mouth. "Suck my toes, please…" she whispered.

With a smile, Brittany extended her tongue and dragged it along the cute foot, watching as Eleanor squirmed. "I never knew you had a foot fetish, El…" Brittany purred as she worked her tongue up and down Eleanor's soft foot.

Her lovely brown eyes widened as she giggled and moaned, wriggling at Brittany's touch. "I-I'm not really sure why I have it… It just feels so GOOD!" she yelped. Brittany was nibbling on her toes, sucking the love juices off of them.

As her foot was being licked clean, Eleanor's pussy started to moisten, drooling with her nectar as she spread her nether lips.

Seeing this, Brittany pulled Eleanor on top of her, groaning as their pussies touched, dripping hot juice as they rubbed together. "Ride me Eleanor… cum in my pussy…" Brittany said.

The chubby girl nodded, moaning softly as she grinded her vulva on Britt's. "Oh God… This is so much better… than pleasing myself…" she murred.

Brittany let out a moan as she lapped at Eleanor's cummy face, gulping down the remnants of Jeanette's sweet cum.

Moaning inwardly, Eleanor leaned her head down to lick at Brittany's erect nipples, murring at the faintest taste of fresh milk, sucking on the sensitive little nub for more.

"Aaaahh! Yesss! Lick it harder, Eleanooor!" Brittany begged, reaching down to rub of their tight cunts, trading their sweet liquids with every thrust of Eleanor's hips.

"Don't stoooop… please don't stoooop!" Ellie whined suckling and drinking Brittany's milk.

The two horny girls continued, pressing their bodies closer together, rubbing their slits and their breasts together. "I-I think I'm gonna cuummm!" Eleanor howled. She grabbed her and Brittany's clits and tugged on them roughly as she sucked even harder on Britt's nipple, gushing out hot, sweet cum from her snatch, pouring it directly inter her sister's widely spread pussy.

Brittany came just as hard as her, if not much harder. The sudden increase in pleasure hit her hard, like a ton of bricks, as her cum exploded into Ellie's snatch.

As they came down from their intense climaxes, a third, finishing moan hit their ears. Turning their heads, they saw Jeanette, her crotch covered in fresh cum.

"Y-You two were so hot… so sexy… I couldn't resist letting off another load…" she muttered as she lay by their drenched crotches to lap up the mixture of cum. Once they were cleaned up, Jean closed her eyes. "Same time… tomorrow?" she offered.

"Oh yeah… definitely…" Eleanor agreed.

"Of course! What are sister's for?"Brittany answered, pulling the other two Chipettes into a loving hug as they fell into a peaceful slumber.


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