Chapter 15


When Severus returned, Gunnar and Harry had already returned from their outing. Harry was sitting on Anneliese's lap, while Anneliese sat on the sofa. Josephina sat beside her sister and next to her sat Remus Lupin. Behind the sofa stood Gunnar and Damen. They all looked serious, with the exception of Harry, whom Anneliese was bouncing on her knees. Severus cleared his throat. Josephina looked around.

"Speak." her voice was quiet.

"Harry and I must attend an official reading of Lily and James's will. It's tomorrow." said Severus blandly, not knowing how Josephina would take the next bit of information, "It seems Dumbledore changed the Potters' will." to Severus's surprise, Josephina nodded.

"Remus got a letter too. As did I. And Anneliese and Damen. And Sirius Black, at least, so we think. So official words of the alpha, take Harry, we've fed him, and you both go to bed. Huge day tomorrow."

"I'm tired, Father." whined Harry pitifully. Though Severus detested whining, he picked the small boy up nodded his thanks to Gunnar, curtly greeted Remus and left for Prince Manor. When he and Harry reached it, Severus was surprised to note that it was five o'clock in the evening.

"Harry," said Severus "I want you to lay down for a bit. I need a little quiet." Harry nodded and Severus laid the child down on his bed and hesitantly pressed a kiss onto Harry's forehead. Severus was rewarded with a smile.

"Goodnight, Father." Harry seemed so small and innocent. After all the torment he had received from Severus, he was still more than willing to love. Severus smirked a bit to himself as he left the room. The child truly was a Gryffindor. But, then what was he? Adopting a lion…Severus cringed at the thought of what his students would say. But Severus found that he did not care. This boy was the most deserving child of love. And if he wanted it from Severus, then he would receive it full force.

So later that evening, when Harry woke up screaming in pain and fear, Severus went to him. He rocked Harry, whispered calming nothings in his ears, wiped away his tears, carded fingers through the boy's hair, cradled his head and ran kisses over his head. After Severus had gotten Harry back to sleep, he realized that he regretted nothing. He had mollycoddled Harry.

"Soft bloody git," Severus grumbled quietly to himself before going to his chambers and falling asleep.

The next morning, Severus awoke before Harry. The will reading was at eleven o'clock, and now it was nine! Severus swiftly took a shower and got dressed in some of his nicest black robes. He then woke Harry.

"Morning, Father. What time is it?" Severus allowed a small smile to grace his lips. He hated to admit it, but Harry looked adorable with his messy hair mussed and half-asleep look in his green eyes. Severus Harry his glasses and said,

"Nine. We need to hurry and get you properly dressed." Harry looked slightly puzzled.

"Ready for what, Father?"

"The will reading, Harry. It's in two hours, and you're barely awake." Severus scooped Harry up without another word. He gave the child a bath, carefully minding his injuries, then dried him off, and dressed him in dark dress robes. Then, Severus's phone rang.

"Hello?" asked Severus with slight exasperation. Who could it be now?

"Don't address me in such a tone." Josephina sounded strained and nervous. Severus had a sudden memory of what Damen had told him the previous day.

"My apologies, Josephina, I am simply a bit over tired. To what do I owe the pleasure?" asked Severus.

"Better. I was going to offer you a ride to the will reading."

"Could you? I do not think it would be good for Harry to Apperate or Floo."

"Sure. I'll be there with the Hummer in five minutes." Josephina hung up. Severus quickly put the finishing touches on Harry. A beep came from the outside and Severus lifted up Harry and walked out to see a huge black vehicle in the road. Severus opened the passenger side door and was surprised to see on fine leather couch instead of a single seat. Josephina sat behind the wheel. The backseat looked identical to the one ahead of it.

"Hop in." said Josephina. "Have either of you eaten?" Severus's stomach gave a fierce and loud growl.

"I'm hungry, Mother." said Harry. Josephina smiled. Severus could not help but notice that she seemed to be wearing a small girlish tuxedo. She was even wearing a bowtie, which she was very inclined to do on a regular basis.

"As is your father. I want to start you on solid foods, so hop in. I suppose you have to cough up the muffins, Anna." Severus slid Harry beside Josephina before getting into the car himself and shutting the door. Anneliese, Damen and Remus were sitting in the back eating home-made, chocolate muffins. Anneliese passed two to Severus who thanked her. He quickly ate his and slowly fed Harry the other, piece by piece.

"Okay, guys," said Josephina "Have either of ridden in a car before?" Severus and Harry shook their heads "While you two are far more important, I paid a pretty penny for this car, particularly the leather seating. Notice how it's puke-free?" Again, Severus and Harry nodded. "Let's keep it that way." and with that she began to drive. Within a half hour, they were parked before the Ministry of Magic.

"Shall we?" Josephina got out of the car. Everyone else quickly and quietly followed suit. Anneliese, Damen, and Remus closely flanked Josephina, while Severus followed behind with Harry on his hip. They entered the Ministry and hurried to the large, bowl-shaped room where the will was to be read. As they walked into the room, Josephina suddenly froze, her piercing eyes fixed on a high point. The other three wolves converged around her, all looking up. Severus followed their gaze to a cage, magically suspended in mid-air. In it sat a dirty, half-dead, emaciated man. His dark eyes were dull, they had lost their laughter. Sirius Black sat, barely responsive. Josephina stiffly lead the small group to their seats, but her eyes constantly flicked to the motionless figure in the cage.

"Who is that, Father?" asked Harry.

"Sirius Black, he was a friend of Lily and James. He was wrongly accused for their murders. He is innocent, but he has been in Azkaban prison for ten years." Harry fell silent, and Severus noticed that also present at the hearing was Minerva McGonagall, Nymphadora Tonks, and Augusta Longbottom. Ragnarok, the goblin who was in charge of will readings, began to speak.

"The final will and testament of James Harold Potter and Lily Ann Evans Potter:

To Sirius Orion Black: Fifty thousand galleons. (Use it to teach Harry the ways of the Marauders-Prongs Sirius Orion Black, don't you dare taint my son's mind with such foolishness –Lily)

To Remus John Lupin: Fifty thousand galleons. (Buy yourself some clothes, Moony, your dressed in rags-Prongs and Lily)

To Josephina Maria and Anneliese Mara Hopea-Wolfe: Fifty thousand galleons. (To our beloved alpha and friend, make our son a proud wolf, raise him as your pup, don't worry, we're hunting with the stars now-Lily and James, to be Outflankers)

To Nymphadora Tonks, Minerva McGonagall, and Augusta Longbottom: Seventy-fivethousand galleons (To some truly beloved women, split the money and see something beautiful-Lily and James)

To Damen Samson Colmillo: Twenty-five thousand dollars (Damen, would you use the money and marry Anneliese already?-James Sorry, he's so pushy, do it when you're ready-Lily)

To Severus Tobias Snape: Fifty thousand galleons and guardianship of Harry James Potter (Just take care of him, alright, Snape?-Potter I had to fight James on this, Severus, so look after my baby. I forgive you, and don't look now, but she's very pretty…-Lily)

To Harry James Potter: The rest of our fortune, two-hundred thousand galleons (I love you son. I will always be in your heart-Dad I love you Harry. Be a good little pup, be nice to Josephina and Severus, they are the best people I know-Mum)

Harry James Potter is to fall into the care of Severus Tobias Snape, Josephina Hopea-Wolfe and the rest of the Nezeljen werewolves. Under no circumstances is he to go to Petunia Evans Dursley. Under no circumstances should Albus Dumbledore be allowed within fifty meters of Harry, as he is a cruel and manipulative man. If this will is being read, then know that Lord Voldemort has been framed and our real murderer is Dumbledore. Sirius Black will also have been framed; he never hurt a person in his life. If Voldemort, any of his followers, or Sirius Black is imprisoned, they should be released immediately; they are innocent. Albus Dumbledore and his followers should take their places.

Lily Ann Evans Potter

James Harold Potter

Harry began to cry, he snuggled close to Severus. Josephina stared at the caged figure, her gaze flicking between him and Harry. The rest of the attending Ministry wizards and the goblins rose. The world seemed to slow and the shouting began.