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Chapter1: Prolonged

Times: Night

Location: unknown jungle

Everything is silent and dark. Here and there several gunfire and explosion erupted. Then from the scene a single soldier appeared. He wear the bulletproof armor worn over his uniform, both are pure black, his face covered with gasmasks which attached to the helmet, the marks of the previous battle can be seen clearly on his clothes, several place was torn, a significant scare spotted on the marks, another short cut on his left hand still bleeding slightly. The man is running, behind him a few men in the same clothes follow, they run past a few burning and bruised hulk which the remain of war machines, here and there small groups of soldiers either walking or checking the field. The soldier keeps running until he came to a tower which towering in the jungle, haft of the tower collapsed probably by artillery shell.

One soldier standing at the gate greets him: "Congratulation sir, you did it!"

"He did it, not me!" The soldier tried to take back his breath and respond while removes his marks, he's still very young, not more than the teenage, and he's also shorter than the others: "Report!"

"As you see sir. We break the enemy's code, successfully invaded their system and took control almost haft of their robot units! You saved Vienamia. The invaders now lost haft of their most deadly units. Probably you will be promote to Net Lord after this"

"That's not what I want to know. Is he OK!?" The young soldier said, his eyes full of worry


"He what!?" He shouts both panic and rage

"Sir Kiyatam...All of our navis was..."

The young man didn't listen and run into the tower. Then he almost numbed when look at one of the screen in the central room: "...Why...you didn't make it...you promised me...Commandman!" tears flowed from his eyes. On the screen the broken body of the navi lying on the ground, his symbol shattered, body almost torn apart, thought the navi are not deleted yet but it's impossible to recover him.

"...Com...Commandman log out!" Kiyatam click the button and transfer the navi to his PET then he mutter with the other: "I leave the rest for you!"

"Sir... Commandman did what he could..."

"I'm find don't worry!" Kiyatam put on his marks to hide his pain and walk out. Once outside the building he collapsed to his knee, throw away both his marks and helmet while scream: "Commandman, you fools, you failed me, you failed your promise...Commandman...b...brother! You're a fool! COMMANDMAN!"

?: "Kiyatam-kun! Kiyatam-kun! Ne Kiyatam-kun!" Kiyatam heard the call


?: "Wake up Kiyatam-kun!"

(Hiss and whisper) "…"

"Kiyatam-kun! WAKE UP!" The voice again shouted more loudly

"Ugh!" Kiyatam open his eyes and realize everything back then is just a dream. He's sitting on his chair in the airplane. Kiyatam was at his latest teenage, a bit fat, wearing a big and thick glasses, he's wearing a grey T-shirt and black trouser now.

"Kiyatam-kun! Are you okay!?" The voice called him again came from his PET which sticking on his shoulder. Kiyatam saw a navi hologram's hovering on his shoulder and looking at him with eyes full of worry.

The navi boy was rather small, equal in size. He's a Dark element navi, his eyes was emerald green, he wore a dark jumpsuit, dark green bulletproof jacket armor which covered most of his chest, the navi gloves and boots have brighter green color compare with the armor, his helmet is bright green with a yellow square on the top which is also a light, a single thick yellow line which attached to the helmet links his ears together, from the left ear spot a short antenna and the visor which covered his left eye, on his ears and chest are the same symbols, the circular one, red background with a scope and the arrow cross together inside.

The human said back while still jerking and panting: "Planman!?"

"You slept Kiyatam-kun! And you called him! You cried and scream!" The green navi stated while glare at his operator from head to toe to ensure is his operator really fine

"Uhm...That nightmare keeps come back sometimes...especially when he's not around!" Kiyatam quickly clean his eyes and take back his normal temper: "Sorry! I made you scare isn't it!?"

"Not so much Kiyatam-kun! This's not a first times." The green navi stated: "We'll landed in 5' more minutes; you should check back your pack and enjoy the sun set scene!"


The loud speaker of the plane: "Attention! We're landing, please look at the window and enjoy the scene. Customers please stay at your chairs until we completely stop!"

"Here we go!" Kiyatam look out and enjoy the beautiful sunset outside.

Loud speaker: "We have landed! Customers please check back your packs. Welcome to Japan"

"Ah yes! The new adventure begins!" Kiyatam mutter while stand up and walk to the door