Jennyfer prepared her horse as Peter stood a few yards away. The big smile on his face was all anyone needed to see how he felt as he stared at the paper in his hands. The pardon he had long desired was now secured. The long-broken promise was finally fulfilled.

"Peter, let's go," Jennyfer said. "We can't spend all day staring at that. I'm much prettier."

Peter rolled the paper up and put it into the saddlebag. His horse, next to Rain, was already ready to get moving. He looked at Jennyfer. "Yes, you are much prettier," he told her.

As the couple mounted their horses, Brisco and Bowler and Dixie rode up and stopped.

"Pete, I hear that you are now the happiest man alive," Dixie said. "Congratulations."

"Are you gonna keep your promise, Pete?," Brisco asked. "To stay legitimate now?"

"Yeah, I've got my new career," Peter replied. "And I like it."

"Well, stay clean, Pete," Brisco said. "Don't give me a reason to have to hunt you down again."

"That won't happen," Peter replied. He looked at Bowler and added, "Count on it."

"Don't disappoint that woman of yours," Bowler smiled. "She loves you more than anything."

"You mess up again, Pete, you could end up separated from her forever," Dixie warned. "Don't let that happen."

"Jennyfer, do you plan on staying here or trying to convince Pete to go back with you?," Brisco asked.

"I'm staying here," Jennyfer replied. "I love it here."

"You can do without all those things I saw back there?," Brisco asked as he leaned forward on the saddle horn. "Without the television, the computers, that internet, and those nice cars?"

"Those are all nice things," Jennyfer said. "But they can also clutter up your mind. And some people let them replace human contact. And, a car cannot love you back like a horse can."

"Well, do what makes you happy, Jennyfer," Brisco said. "Since you're staying, I'll see you soon."

Brisco, Bowler, and Dixie rode on their way with their horses trotting.

"What about us?," Jennyfer asked. "Where are we going?"

"Let's find out," Peter replied. He kicked Twister, riding off at a canter. Jennyfer gave Rain a kick and followed him.

Author's Notes:

1. Peter Hutter (John Pyper-Ferguson) carries a nickel-plated Colt .45 Single Action Army Revolver, famously known as Pete's Piece.

2. Brisco County, Jr. (Bruce Campbell) carries a Single Action Army revolver, a 7 1/2" Cavalry model with custom carved grips that once belonged to his father.

3. A Meteor 10-gauge sawed off side by side shotgun appears to be the main firearm carried by Lord Bowler (Julius Carry) in the series. He carries the sawed-off shotgun in a rifle sling on his back.