Right, so i'm thinking this is it. Because if I carry on, I'll have to make then sad...what do you's think? leave it here, happy...or continue and make dramaa? anyway an update Sammiee xo

Sian sat at her dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror as she finished her make-up. Her dark hair hanging, lose around her shoulders, her big brown glistening eyes accentuated by many thick black layers of mascara. She was wearing a simple black dress that finished half way down her thighs, and a Plain blue blazer over the top which showed off her perfect figure, just right. She applied her glimmering pink L'Oreal lip gloss. She looked at herself once more in her full length mirror, and deciding she was ready, bent down, pulling on her heels. She turned around to look at her bed to find Michael staring at her in awe. She raised her eyebrows at him as he looked her up and down, taking in her slender figure.
"What?" She asked, curious to why he was staring. Have I spilt water down me? She thought to herself, looking down at her dress and blazer.
Michael didn't hear her; he was too busy looking her up and down her body, he couldn't help but notice how short the dress actually was. She raised her eyebrows at him as he wouldn't take his eyes off her. She rolled her eyes and giggled, walking further over to the bed, so that she was right at the end of the bed, close enough for Michael to touch. Michael was still looking her up and down, as he sat up in bed. She looked at him, smiling.
"Michaellll...Michael! MICHAEL!" she shouted, giggling as she flapped her hand in front of his face causing Michael to quickly snap out of his Sian induced state.
"Wha...What?" He said, shaking his head as he tried to look at her eyes and not her body.
Sian just giggled as she looked at him.
"Why are you staring at me?" she grinned, a twinkle in her eye, as well as the fresh gloss glistening on her lips.
"Because, Miss Diamond, you are so incredibly sexy!" He said huskily, grabbing her waist, pulling her down on top of him making her squeal.
"Michaelll" he laughed, looking down at him. He looked her in the eye, brushing her hair out of her face.
"Why are you up so early? It's Saturday!" He sighed, squinting as the sunlight streamed through the blinds brighter.
"Yes, but, Madi doesn't know about us-" She began to say before she was cut off by Michael's words.
"...There's an...Us?" he grinned, a twinkle in his eye. Sian looked at him, her lips curving into a big smile as she nodded her head.
"Yeah...I guess there is..." She smiled down at him. Anything further she was going to say, was cut off by Michael's lips crashing down on hers. Sian began kissing him back softly, her hands resting on his face as they kissed, but it soon got deeper. Michael's hands rested on the base of Sian's back, travelling down over her bottom and resting on her thighs. Sian pulled away breathlessly and looked at him.
"I need to tell Madi...She can't just find out for herself...not after everything..." said Sian, thoughtfully.
"Can't it wait for half an hour?" he sighed, kissing her neck, his hands travelling her body causing her to moan softly.
"Michael...no..." she breathed into his ear. Michael sighed and pulled away.
"I suppose your right...as always" he rolled his eyes, laughing.
"Yes, as always" she giggled before getting up, straightening her dress out, looking round at Michael and tutting which he just laughed at.
When Sian turned back round, she was met with the sight of Madi, her sandy colour blonde hair hung lose around her shoulders in soft curls, her bright blue piercing eyes accentuated with thick black eyeliner and her eyes coated in what looked to be around 6 coats of her finest mascara. Sian gasped, holding her chest. As soon as Michael saw Madi, he was out of bed and hiding under the bed.
"Madi!" she said releasing a long shaky breath. "You scared the life out of me!" she gasped.
Madi nodded, "Sorry. I was just bringing you love birds this" she said looking down at the tray in her hands, two glasses of fresh orange juice, a plate of a mixture of waffles and toast, and a white rose. Sian looked from toe tray to Madi, to the bed and back to Madi again.
"What...You... Know? How?" Sian asked, totally clueless.
"Well I wouldn't exactly say you two were the quietest last night...half the school heard you's!" Madi winked. "But just as you both kissed last night, I saw you both" she smiled. Sian's mouth was the perfect resemblance of a 'o'. "You...all heard us?" She said, looking at Michael, embarrassed.
"Oh, yes! We heard you alright!" She laughed. "Its fine Mum, I'm just glad that you're happy...but you really didn't need o get Mr. Byrne to climb in through the window, and hide under the bed..." she said bending down so she could see underneath it. She laughed and waved, which Michael did sheepishly back. He got out from underneath the bed, wrapping the duvet around his waist.
"You called me mum..." Sian smiled getting all teary. "Im so glad you're okay with it, Madi..." Sian smiled, releasing a relieved breath. Michael walked over to Sian, wrapping his arm around her waist but keeping one firmly holding the duvet around himself to keep what was left of his 'manly pride'.
Madi nodded and smiled putting the tray of food on the bedside cabinet.
"I'm going out with Gus, Connor and Imogen, and we're sleeping at Imogen's...is that ok?" She asked Sian. Sian looked at Michael and back to Madi again.
"Only if you promise to behave yourself?" she said sternly, but knew that she was wasting her breath...that I could be kissing Michael with... She thought to herself.
"Yeah, yeah...I will! Thanks mum!" Madi smiled, hugging Sian and leaving the room without another word, shutting the door behind her.
Sian turned to Michael and smiled, her cheeks still red from realising half the school had heard then...Well...Celebrating. Michael put his hand on her cheek, his thumb stroking the contours of her perfect, unblemished, silky soft skin and kissed her lips softly.
"I'm glad she's okay with us...the windows must be getting smaller...and the space underneath the bed..." Sian giggled and hugged him tight.

10: 27 pm.

Sian stood outside in the garden, looking up at the stars. She suddenly felt two arms wrap around her waist from behind and a pair of lips kiss her neck.
"It's beautiful, isn't it" Michael whispered in her ear. Sian nodded against his chest.
"Very" She replied, in awe of how perfect the sky looked at night, the twinkling of stars in the sky.
"Look" Michael smiled pointing to a shooting star. "Quick, Make a wish" said Michael, smiling. Sian shook her head and turned round in his arms.
"No" She said, one of her hands lying on his cheek.
"Why?" he asked, curiously, as he searched her features for an explanation.
"Because, Mr Byrne, I have everything I could possibly ever dream of, right here" She smiled, leaning up and pressing a delicate kiss on his lips, nothing more, nothing less. A simple kiss that backed up every word he had just said.
"I love you Sian Diamond" He said, resting his forehead on hers.
"I love you too Michael Byrne" She smiled, kissing his lips again as he kissed her back, bathed in moonlight and the stars twinkling all around them.