Title: In My Arms

Characters: Drew and Percy.

Summary: Girls called Drew aren't content to wait in towers. Drew-centric freeverse.

Notes: I love Drew. Drew is my queen. I adore her more than is healthy. And, of course, I had to give her a chance to be with the hero, didn't I? I always come back to her in the end, anyway. I really, really hope you enjoy!

You want to die in my arms, sugar?

Go ahead.

But only if I kill you.


Don't you know, don't you, don't you,


that there's a higher price for freedom

than little things like friendships?


I'm chained and whipped and broken, sure,

but in here...

in my head...

in my castle...

Darling, don't you know anything's possible?

We're demigods!

We shouldn't exist!

So live it up, live in the moment,

'cause guess what;.

nothing lasts forever, not even freedom, love.


((Even those little gods up in the sky,

who think they have all the time in the world.))


There's never been a princess called Drew;

can't say I'm surprised.

It's not very girly, is it?

Girls called Drew aren't content to wait in towers.

Drew, Drew, warrior queen -

doesn't it have a better ring to it?

Who wants to be a measly princess anyway?



but at least I'm world class something.

What, do you love me?

What do I care?


((Caring is for people who've given up.))


S'got nothing to do with me, but if you want to die in my arms,


I won't object,

'cause that means just another opportunity to

kill you when you sleep.

(I was never just going to sit back

and let you ride in on your "noble steed" and save the day).

((Who said I needed rescuing, anyway?))

Come on, little prince,

fight back, why don't you?

Nothing worth having is easy, pumpkin, so fight for me,

scratch me, claw me, bite me,

make me BLEED,

and pay for my incompetence.

Don't hold back;

it's so much more fun that way.


((Don't you know that knowledge is power?))


I will conquer you;

destroy you, if you want to be all dramatic about it.

Girls like me weren't made to be princesses;

we save ourselves.

This world ain't made for heroes,

because in war,

we need soldiers, sure,

but in peace?

Soldiers aren't needed here, sweetheart,

so ride off on your big white horse,

and come back

when we need you.


((What good is a hero

that can think for himself?))


And don't you know -

don't you know that the hero gets the girl

(the princess)

not the villain,

who spends the whole story trying to kill him.

Heroes don't lust after

villainous, brilliant little girls

with too much brain,

and too little heart.

They fall for sweet, daring little princesses,

with hearts made of gold,

and heads just as empty.


((Gold isn't worth much

when you're paying for your life.))


So, baby, darling,

you won't die a hero

if you die in my arms.

(I'll probably be the one to kill you).

I may say I love you -

tragic endings always are the best, don't you think? -

and you can say it back,

and maybe even mean it,

but darling,

girls like me weren't made to care,

and boys like you

were made to care too much.

Cough your last breath,

maybe smile,

write your own eulogy for all I care,

and die here,

in my arms,

and let the world know

that their hero had a mind of his own.


((And don't you know

that's the most dangerous type of hero?))