Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the world or the story. They're Stephanie's and I'm borrowing them because I love them. I also don't own Paris, sadly.

"Or perhaps we won't talk at all. We'll just walk. And we'll keep walking until the rest of the world ceases to exist."

And so they do. The boy and the girl walk towards something in the distance neither of them can see, some far-off point across the ocean, across the world, across the unfathomable distance of the chasm between them, of the breath of air between their fingertips. Home. Away. The meanings of the words vanish here, so far away from everything. And with them the surroundings begin to fade, one street just like the next with signs in washed-out colours and faint lines, distance markings whose points of origin uproot themselves and float apart on the breeze that gently erases the world.

As the surroundings fade to only the pale grey of the path beneath their feet, the stars in the darkening sky grow brighter. One falls and the boy traces its path, whispers to the girl to make a wish, and she does and he does and suddenly they are walking on smooth cobblestones towards a rose window that glitters in the last fading light of a far-away sunset until this image, too, vanishes into the night, leaving behind only the stars that sometimes flash with a glint of colour that hints at the memory of stained glass, or of twinkling lights hung on a bridge and reflected in the river below.

Another fallen star, another wish, and this time the night gathers into faint shadows that suggest a quiet city street with snowflakes glinting in the starlight as they swirl around the eddying cigarette smoke and quiet conversation from the streetside cafés, or maybe a park with a path lined by chestnut trees, or perhaps a riverbank. The boy and the girl each reach without even a thought for the other's hand, bridging the last distance between them like the Pont Mirabeau over the Seine.

And so they walk, the boy who loves the girl more than she knows and the girl who loves the boy more than he knows, hand in hand, until the rest of the world ceases to exist and there is nothing but the two of them and the road reappears with a final sighing whisper from the wishing-stars, welcoming them home.