"Is it 6:30 already?" Felicity said to the models as she was trying to fit them all in the bus. She needed to get there, which took 5 minutes, and have them all dressed and their hair and makeup needed to be done by 7! This is going to be a wild ride! As the bus left the station, she decided she could maybe do some of the makeup now. Melody, the red haired, 6'0 model from Ireland was to be done first. She would be wearing the light blue silky dress. When Felicity tried to put the eyeliner on, it smeared everywhere! She decided to just wait until they got to the runway. But the girls did change on the bus, which took only 2 minutes. Since they were the only ones on the bus, it didn't matter.

When they reached the runway, everyone hurried out to go get in line for hair and makeup. There was a big shelf with about a hundred perfume bottles, one two fit every personality. Felicity had hired professionals of every kind to help the girls get ready, and there was even one there to help if any of the dresses ripped! It was 6:45 and all the girls were just about done hair and makeup. It didn't take that long because there was at least 12 people there to do their hair and makeup. The crowd was filing in, filling up the seats in the audience. Felicity's parents were on the runway sweeping, and making sure there wasn't anything the models could trip over, except their own feet! Felicity had already checked each dress to make sure no seams had ripped, or gotten stain spots. She practiced her speech, and eventually, she could probably even read it backwards!

It was time for the event to start. Her parents had wished her good luck, all of the models were lined up in order of appearance, and the photographers and video takers were in the audience waiting to capture every moment. When the clock had struck 7:00, Felicity strutted out onto the runway, with her speech rolling again and again through her head. The crowd was silent and all eyes were on her. "Hello Everyone! I'm Felicity Conrad, and welcome to my fashion show! The collection you will be seeing tonight is called Thunder Bird, inspired by The Hunger Games. Feel free to take pictures, videos, or any footage you would like but we ask for you to avoid flash photography. Please enjoy and let the games begin!" She announced to the crowd. Stepping off stage, she saw the first model strike a pose and start off on to her cat walk. The dark blue dress looked amazing in the light! At the end of the runway, she stopped and turned to either side before strutting back to the back of the runway. Model after model, each dress or garment looked absolutely amazing! Felicity could not stop smiling!

It was Melody's turn on the runway. The silky blue dress glistened in the spotlight. With every perfect step, the dress flowed amazingly. All of a sudden there was a scream. With a blink of an eye, Melody is face down on the runway. People look confused and the silence begins to get awkward. But Melody didn't run off stage. She got up, struck a pose, and headed off. When she got backstage, Felicity asked her what had happened. "The dress was a bit too long in the front and I accidentally stepped on it and fell! I am so sorry Felicity!" Melody exclaimed. "It's okay Melody, you did your best and kept going!" Felicity replied. "Thanks Felicity! And congrats on the amazing show so far!" Thanks Melody! I am so excited! Everyone is doing such a good job!" Felicity scurried back to the curtains opening to watch the end of the show. Except for the little Melody Mishap, all the dresses looked beautiful, the models were perfect, and the show went on really well!

By the end, Felicity went out to say Thank You, and goodbye, then ran backstage to congratulate her models for a job well done. "It was absolutely perfect everyone! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! I can't believe we pulled this off!" She exclaimed. All the models were smiling, and were happy. This was the best day ever!