Nico didn't know what to expect with Dr. Dani Santino. Oh, he had done his homework, he knew everything that he needed to about her past; everything from her high school record to her driving history. But he knew these things could only hint at a person's personality.

He knew she had to be a strong person to juggle her life as well as she had, especially when she was getting her Doctorate. Two children at a young age and a male chauvinist husband had made her life difficult. And yet he admired her for overcoming that, he was no stranger to mistakes made in his past that continued to haunt him. Though he doubted she thought of her life in that way. Women who considered children a burden didn't sacrifice themselves for their kids like Dr. Santino had.

With the discovery of her cheating husband, Nico guessed she was regretting her husband and her history with him more than her children. Then again, she could be completely different from what Nico thought, but he was normally correct in his predictions.

He might be biased due to the manner in which he first heard about Dr. Santino. Matt had taken the idea to Coach Purnell and Coach was doubtful, especially after learning how Matt met Dr. Santino. This was not an organization that handed out jobs to women who had a one night stand with a member of the staff. They would be in the poor house in a year.

But as Nico investigated Dr. Danielle Santino he discovered the opposite of his expectations. She might really be able to help the team, and if there was the chance she could help, and not cause other problems, Nico was willing to give it a shot.

He considered himself a patient person, but even he was getting tired of cleaning up TK's messes. Women, assaults, DUIs and social faux pas were TK's specialty and they caused chaos both on and off the field.

Nico allowed himself to hope for the first time in a long time. He knew that he could only fix the situations and make them go away; he could not fix TK, the root of the problems. Nico felt a connection to Dr. Danielle Santino before he even met her, because she had the potential to fix the thorn in his side.

He still questioned her taste in men, what with her husband and Matt. It was no secret he disliked the trainer, his good ole boy looks and suave, open personality made him the opposite of Nico. In high school Matt was the popular jock that everyone wanted to know or date. Nico was that dark lone wolf that everyone knew, but all were weary of. And even out of school those relationships still held animosity.

But Nico would give the Doctor the benefit of the doubt and hoped that she was what the team needed to get TK's head on straight.