A Naruto OneShot

No spoilers/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/M-rated

Author: Luh-chan

Translated by K Hime

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to everyone. Seriously. That's a fact.

Special thanks: To luh-chan! Girl, hope you like to see your "little baby" in English =)


He kissed my lips, I taste your mouth

Because when I'm with him, I'm thinking of you.

(Thinking of You - Katy Perry)



Black hole



She was coming to ecstasy.

Ever so slowly, that uncomfortable emptiness that insisted on pursuing her insides, was being dissolved among so many other emotions.

When he opened his eyes and revealed that beautiful pair of ruby orbs— sometimes black, other times red — Sakura caught herself feeling a slight sensation of pure familiarity. The Uchiha moaned and moved himself closer, making her insecurities and fears go away.

She had tried.

And tried, so, so, so hard ...

But the emptiness seemed to consume every bit of her insides day after day, taking away a little piece of her heart and soul every time it could. It was like a black hole: hungry for sucking everything it saw in the way— and nobody could stop it.

He placed a tender kiss on her lips and held her hand as he gently took her. It was delicious. Sakura could no longer remember when was the last time she felt so good.

Why Sasuke had to abandon her?

Why did he not come back?

Why could he not love her?


When he made the final move, filling her core with his warm essence, Sakura closed her eyes and hugged him tightly— not wanting him to leave. She wouldn't let him go. Not again.

She looked at him. He was so beautiful... The perfect symmetry of his features, his silky hair, his discreet and provocative smile... His persona was exactly the same as it was when he left. Maybe just his hair was a little bit longer and his face more... serious, masculine, powerful as if he got more mature or something. But his eyes were still the same. Dark and distant, a completely mystery immersed in crimson red of his Sharingan...

When she felt the emptiness coming back to devour her heart, Sakura took a deep breath and tried desperately to sleep, but she was afraid she wouldn't have him next to her when morning comes

"I'm not leaving." He promised her. "Sleep. We only have each other now."

Smiling, Sakura nodded and nestled to his chest, feeling his body heat fill herself with life, as she gave him a soft hug.

"I love you ... Sasuke-kun."

While she slept, he muttered a few words, feeling totally frustrated. However, he was already getting used to it.

He knew that this was not the first nor the last time Sakura would call him by his little brother's name.

Itachi was always conscious of his actions...

They would make love during cold nights to never forget the — only one— who would always live in their hearts: Uchiha Sasuke.




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