Where They Should Be

For once, the solitude is killing her. Mel goes out of her way to organise a date with herself all the time, just to get out of the house, to spend some time by herself, but this... this is free time she's been given without careful planning, and she hates it.

She hates that it affects her so much, that she feels so vulnerable and alone without them. Lennox and Ryder are both away for a week visiting their father. And that would be fine, if not for the fact that Joey was off visiting his family, too. Or maybe it was a girl and he told her it was a family trip to avoid her questioning. Whatever.

She wishes they were back, that they'd return to her. The quiet in the house is eerie and wrong. Years ago, she'd have loved it. She would have turned up the music, taken a glass of wine to the bathroom and bathed with the door wide open.

Now, she just wants them back. She wants their voices to fill the house. She wants to hear their petty arguments and bickering and Joey's snide remarks at her inability to cook.

She wants her family back at home with her, where they should be.