Summary: Iku follows Shibasaki and Tezuka when they go out for lunch, and drags Dojo along with her. And Dojo isn't very happy, cause that's definitely NOT what he had in mind for their first date. *Takes place after the story 'Mind Over Matter'.

Disclaimer: I do not own Library wars.

Iku quickly ducked her head so she wouldn't be seen. When she realized Dojo's head was sticking out, she hastily grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him down.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that they were not seen by the targets.

Dojo cleared his throat. "Why exactly are we doing this?"

"Shh-!" Iku whispered hastily. "What if they heard us?" She peeked around the wall in a rather sneaky manner.

Dragging Dojo with her, Iku kept an eye on Shibasaki and Tezuka, making sure she won't lose track of them.

"Doing this doesn't accomplish anything, Iku."

She glared at him. "Of course it does! It's finally the time for me to get them back for messing with me!" She nodded to herself, then hastily added, "Oh, and with you."

He raised his eyebrows, not feeling very surprised at her answer. "And what exactly are we going to do by following them?"

"You sure have a lot of questions, Sir." Iku quickly ran to the other side of the street, and hid behind a tree. Despite his reluctance, Dojo followed her by casually walking across the street.

"Blockhead, don't call me 'Sir' in personal time. And we're dating anyways."

Iku blushed. But she wasn't going to let that distract her from her current task.

Continuing to sneakily walk down the street, and ignoring the stares of bystanders, Iku decided to give him more information. "You know how Shibasaki always seems to know every single thing? With that informational network of hers?"

Not bothering to let him answer, she continued on, revealing her true intentions. "This time, I'm gonna be the one to surprise her with my knowledge. And since she's going out for lunch with Tezuka, it's the perfect chance. I need something to get him back for making fun of me all the time, too."

Dojo stared at her, annoyed yet amused at her immaturity. "This is ridiculous. Don't you think those reason are kind of irrelevant?"

"Instructor Dojo, you don't understand the pain of having to deal with two smart people all the time! Just the other day, Shibasaki was the one who told you I was at that bookstore, right? And she did a lot of other stuff behind my back. I need to get her back for those, too."

"You want to get revenge on Shibasaki and Tezuka, but not Komaki?"

Iku paused. "Oh right, Instructor Komaki was one of the culprits, too."

Seeing her targets walk further away, she muttered, "I'll figure something out later." She quickly ran to catch up with them, hiding behind a mailbox to make sure she wouldn't be seen. "Instructor Dojo, hurry up!"

"Idiot, I just told you not to call me that." Dojo frowned, and grumbled to himself. "And if it weren't for Shibasaki and Komaki, we wouldn't be together right now. Geez, that blockhead." But if Iku had asked, he would never say that out loud.

He dug his hands into his pockets, holding on to the movie tickets he had brought just the day before. After making sure they wouldn't fall out of his pocket, he quickly followed her.

[] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

"Wow, that's an expensive 5-star restaurant, isn't it?" Iku commented as soon as she saw Tezuka carefully open the door for Shibasaki, acting like a model gentleman.

"Uh-huh." Dojo didn't look interested at all. In fact, he was starting to look slightly irritated. "Iku, I-"

"Wait!" She interrupted him. "Should we follow them inside? Or stay here?"

"I don't know." He quickly answered, running a hand through his hair in aggravation. "Maybe we shouldn't-"

He was interrupted when Iku suddenly grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the restaurant entrance. "We'll just follow them!"

Dojo scowled, trying not to be too annoyed by her. "You blockhead! Are you seriously going to follow them in there?"

Iku paused. "But…" She pouted. "Well, it is a 5-star restaurant. I guess we can just wait outside." She turned around and dragged him to a bench outside, where she can keep an eye on the restaurant entrance.

Right before she sat down, she froze. Dojo looked at her, slightly worried. "…Iku?"

A huge grin appeared on her face as she pointed across the street. "Isn't that a small café? We can eat lunch there while keeping an eye on them."

Dojo didn't bother to convince her otherwise. He grabbed Iku's hand and started towards the café. He kept his other hand in his pocket tightly clenching the movie tickets, wondering if they'd even have the chance to use them today.

As soon as they entered, Iku immediately headed for the seats beside the window, so she can keep an eye on Tezuka and Shibasaki.

Dojo sat down in front of her. "Iku, the only thing you're going to see is them…eating."

She glanced at him, pouting a little. "You never know! Maybe something will happen! And-!" Her stomach suddenly rumbled noisily. She felt her face getting warm, looked down to avoid eye contact with Dojo.

He chuckled, and reached for the menu. "So on top of arriving late today, you also managed to miss breakfast."

"I-I just woke up a little late, that's all!" She scowled, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"You don't have to be upset." Dojo, who was no longer feeling annoyed, grinned in amusement. "Look, they serve chamomile tea here; how about ordering it to calm you down?"

Iku didn't answer him, and instead kept her attention fixed on the table.

While she was still sitting there, sulking, Dojo decided on their meals and ordered for them. When the waiter left, he looked back at her. The blush on her face had faded away, and her attention was, once again, back on the couple sitting across the street.

Dojo sighed, trying not to show a look of irritation. He stared at her, wondering about what he should do. Hearing a ringing, he turned his attention to the door, and froze when he realized the person who had just entered the shop seemed very familiar.

A waiter went up to him to see how many seats he needed. The man held up two fingers, then followed the waiter to an available table. As soon as he sat down, he reached into his pocket for his phone, but paused when he made eye contact with Dojo.

It was Kasahara's father.