Touch me and Die

The price of the choices she had made was much higher than she could afford. Kate knew this, but she also knew she couldn't back out now. She was in too deep to try and run. And so, with a smile on her face she headed into the old, shambled building before her.

The three men immediately inside the complex had nothing to say to her, but glanced up from the papers they were all peering at and nodded. Shipping guys. They knew her from her previous visits. She wondered if they'd miss her if she died at the hands of their employer. Maybe. But probably not.

Speaking of her employer, she couldn't see him. That wasn't surprising. He was most likely out back in a makeshift office, like usual. The warehouses and abandoned buildings changed, but his M.O. did not.

The old guy had greying hair but was as nimble as someone half his age. He had the temper of eight men and the attention span of a five year old. She hadn't ever wanted to get on his bad side. But then, that was before she joined the Sanctuary. It was before she started to wonder if she was on the right side and before she decided that she wanted to do something about it.

Now, she's got amends to make and all that stuff. Starting with a sale she was hired to set up. She was to find a rare abnormal and bring it back for them to sell. Only, she wasn't going to be bringing in any abnormal now. Her decision had been made when Helen Magnus accepted her into the Sanctuary. It was her home now and she didn't want to ruin that.

As the first place she really felt safe and at home, she hated to think about losing it. She wasn't prepared to destroy the first good thing that had come her way in awhile.

She smiled wider. Up ahead she could hear whistling. Oh, yeah. That was her guy. She didn't pause to reflect on whether actually showing up was a good idea, and headed straight for the door. She didn't knock. Why knock when she was already going to be in huge amounts of trouble? It was one little thing she could find some amusement in for herself, an act of rebellion and a statement about her intentions.

She wanted to piss him off. Employer guy, whatever his name was – she never did ask and he never did tell – was likely going to put a bullet through her, so she wanted to have some fun first.

"You're back early," he tells her when she loudly enters and lets the door click behind her.

She has interrupted him mid-meeting. Two bored, but curious gentlemen sit on chairs facing boss man's desk. One has lips that are thinner than any she's seen before and the other is balding with eyes of ice.

"Got word on the job early."

"You got the goods?" He makes a point to ignore his colleagues and the meeting they were having is left forgotten.

"Nope," she replies cheerily.

"Why not?"

"See, the thing is I'm over working for greasy-haired, low, slime ball bastards like yourself. I'm taking my business elsewhere."

He says nothing. The men with him remain silent and unblinking, as if the interruption meant nothing and was something they went through every time that they participated in an illegal meet and greet.

"I'm leaving this room now. And you're not gonna follow me or send anyone after me."

"Who are you to decide that? Your assumptions are meaningless and make you look like a fool."

"They're not assumptions. Wanna know why?"

Boss man studies her carefully. Curious, but unwilling to say so in case it endangers his image.

"'kay, I'll tell you why. You're going to leave me alone because I'm with Helen Magnus now. Yeah. You know the name? You touch me and she's all over you."

"She took you in?"

"Is it a risk you're willing to take?" She smiles when the bald man shows the slightest glimmer of a smirk. Boss man keeps watching her, but slowly shakes his head.

"Great," she says. "Then we're done here."

With that, she flowed toward the door, floating almost, taking her time. She wanted to drive in the point of the matter as much as possible and there was no better way to do it. The men scowled behind her.

At the last moment she turned to look at them. "Nice meeting you, boys. Let's see each other again sometime, yeah?"

It was just the jab to end off the visit with. She could almost hear the way their heart beats raced faster and harder and more angrily. She did hear the quick growl from boss man. "Well, I'm off," she said before any of them could change their minds and attack her, and with those words, she was gone.