Right now I'm underwater. I've been there for a few minutes at least, I've lost track. I don't need to worry about drowning anymore, though, because I have an air tank, and it lets me stay down here as long as I need to. I'm safe, not from the monsters or the spikes, but safe from drowning, because she isn't.

Curly, that's the name of the unconscious girl tied to my back. She saved me when I knew I was going to die, but I'm safe because she isn't. That air tank, the one that's keeping me alive, it used to be hers. I was her air tank just a few minutes ago, but then it happened.

It was a grueling fight, me and Curly, our few weapons and skills we'd picked up, versus this thing. Huge, it took up most of the cavern's space. It barely left room for us to maneuver. Burning bolts of pure shining energy were being catapulted toward us so fast that we barely had time to get out of the way. And if it wasn't enough that this thing was so obviously stronger than both of us together, the room was half full of water.

Back then I didn't have this air tank, and the water was a real problem for me. Gushing up from grates in the floor, before I knew it I was several dozen yards underwater. My lungs seized up tight and I had to fight to get to the surface. Before something, bad, happened.

We beat that thing, as I said it was a grueling fight, but it was a fight we won. The thing was on the other side of the room, laying in a smoking heap.

"We," Curly said, barely believing her own words, "We did it?"

She was leaning up against one of the chest high chunks of debris that littered the room. She was panting, obviously tired from the fight. Finally standing still, I realized I was probably just as exhausted as her. I rested my worn body against an adjacent piece of rubble, sweat was dripping down my face.

I let loose a breathless chuckle and said, "Yeah, I guess we did." At this point I coughed. A few drops of water left my body and flew onto the already soaked ground. "What do we do now?"

It took a few seconds for her to answer.

"I don't know, I guess this room is a dead end. We've still gotta get outa this place."


Neither of us moved, just rested, catching our breaths. I looked up at Curly, her hair was wet and stringy, flowing down over her face. It looked nice in a way.

"What do you think we'll do after this?" I asked suddenly.

"Look for the Doctor," She said, "Make him pay."

"No I mean, like after the Doctor. After all of this. After the Mimiga are safe. What do you think we'll do then?"

"Oh, as long as the Colons are fine I'll probably go back to my house in the Sand zone. What about you?"

"I don't know. I mean it feels like I know you better than anyone on the island, but I barely even know you. All I've done since I woke up is chase after the Doctor in one way or another."

"That's, that's gotta be tough. But hey, you could probably stay with me. I know what you mean, I don't even know your name but I feel like I know you. We should probably stick together after this."

"Yeah, that'd be nice." I said, "Well if there's gunna be an after we should probably get a move on."

"Yeah, let's get outa here." Curly said with a smile. She had such a nice smile.

"What a nice little talk you two have had."

I jerked my head around and there was that witch, Misery.

"Her you're the witch that tossed me down here, those children had better be alright!" Curly said with a growl in her voice.

"Oh they're just fine." Misery said before letting out a hideous laugh. "Just about as fine as everyone would be if you'd actually managed to kill the core."

"The core?""

Misery sighed, "That thing over there," She pointed a single hand at the creature's smoldering remains. "If you actually managed to kill it you'd destroy this entire island. Good thing you're trivial attacks only wounded it."

Beside Misery, another form started to materialize.

"Is that the core down there?" it asked.

"Yes doctor, and those two beat it up pretty bad."

"The doctor!" Me and Curly shouted.

I reached for the gun at my belt, the Polar Star. Beside me I heard Curly snap the safety off on her machine gun. In less than a second we both had our guns aimed and we were pulling the triggers.

Misery just pointed her hand at us and I heard a click.

The gun in my hands exploded, throwing me to the ground and leaving me weaponless. The first thing I did was roll over and say, "Curly are you okay?"

That was when I realized she wasn't directly beside me. Suddenly panicked, I jumped to my feet and looked around, ignoring the two figures in the air.

It didn't take long to find her, apparently her larger gun had created a larger explosion, throwing her farther away. She was about ten feet back, her head leaning against a rock. I ran to her and tried to help her up, but she didn't say anything, just lay there with her eyes closed. She must've been unconscious.

I turned to the Doctor and Misery, reaching my King's blade as I did so.

The core was floating alongside the two, and the Doctor was saying something to Misery. Acting quickly I hurled the sword toward them, but it was too late. A moment before the blade dug into him, the Doctor disappeared, then the core. Finally it was just Misery.

She laughed, "Good luck with your girlfriend." She said in a bitter tone.

"She's not my-"then I saw it. The sword that had narrowly missed the doctor was coming back around, and Misery was in its path.

"What! What are you looking at?" Misery demanded. She spun around, and seeing the incoming weapon, she tried to move out of its path. But she wasn't fast enough, and the sword cut a deep gash in one of her legs.

She screamed as the blade cut her. Turning to me with fury in her eyes, "Nevermind your girlfriend! Have fun with this!" She pointed her hand toward the ground and water started to bubble up from the grates.

It was coming fast, already I was submerged up to my waist. I looked away from the water and saw that Misery was already gone, all that remained was her laughter echoing through the room.

I started to run, but then I remembered Curly. She was still unconscious, and the water was about to rise above her head. I picked her up in my arms, and started to run. First I climbed up some of the rubble so that I was out of the water if only for a moment.

I ran toward the door, and even as I neared it started to close. I ran as fast as I could but it still wasn't enough. I reached the door just as it slid shut. The water was at my ankles even though I was on a higher level. There was only one more level and the water obviously wasn't going to stop before it reached that level.

So I stopped, I just sat down with my back against some debris and held Curly in my arms, waiting. The water was over my head before I knew it. Curly's hair was floating and I could see her face. It seemed like she was just asleep, but that was sorta right, wasn't it?

I could feel the air in my lungs start to dissipate. My chest started hurt and my eyes were burning from the submersion. Why did it have to end like this? I hadn't been able to stop the doctor, hadn't been able to fix anything. The best thing I'd done since I got here was get Santa his housekey back.

My vision was starting to blur. I couldn't see anything farther away than a few feet. So I just looked down and focused on Curly's face. At least if I was going to die, the last thing I would see was going to be Curly's face. And the only thing better than being with Curly right then, would've been if Curly was still in the Sand zone. Still in her house with all of the Colons. Still safe.

I looked down at her face, and wasting some of my precious air, I said, "I'm sorry Curly." The bubbles floated away from my lips and I'm sure that she didn't hear me. Wouldn't have heard me even if she was awake.

I pulled her close to me, looked down at her face as I slowly blacked out. And even though the whole world had turned dark, I could still see her in my head.

I woke up some time later. I don't know how long, it didn't really matter. All that mattered was the figure on the ground next to me. Curly was unconscious, still unconscious. But I could breath and that puzzled me. I could feel air in my lungs and I realized that I was wearing some sort of air tank. I looked down at Curly, and realized that her air tank was missing.

I realized what she had done, and if I wasn't underwater I would have cried.

I grabbed her by the shoulders. "Curly!" I shouted. She had to be alive. She just had to be. I shook her and shouted again, wasting the air that she had given me. Then I was crying, the tears weren't visible but I could feel it. I felt like I'd lost something, like I was half of a person and I was holding the other half in my arms and she was dead. Dead. No she couldn't be dead. If she was dead I couldn't go on, I just couldn't.

But I saw something, a vein in her neck pulse, her chest move, maybe I heard her heartbeat. But suddenly I knew she was alive. And I knew that there was still a chance for her to be okay. Pulling out a rope with shaking hands, I tied her to me, because I didn't was anything to separate us. The rope connected us but I still held her in my arms, because if I could see her, I knew that she was really there and that I could really save her.

The door had opened, and I went through it. Somewhere ahead I would find a way to save her. I was going to get her to wake up, get her to be okay. Because if she died, then I'd just be half of something. And it wouldn't be the same. Nothing would be the same without Curly. Even though I'd just met her, I felt like I knew her my whole life.

I really hope you liked this. I played Cave Story just a few days ago, and when I got to this part I wanted to cry because I didn't have to tow rope. So I started my entire game over just so she wouldn't die. And I really wanted to write a story about it the moment I saved her because it made me feel all fuzzy and sad and emotional and stuff. Anyway, here it is. Please review and let me know what you think of it. I plan to go through the whole game but in a different order using flashbacks and stuff so keep reading. I'll try to update regularly. Thanks for reading, huzzah! :)