The icy wind tears across the jagged cliff, threatening to throw me off into the open air. But with steely determination, I force my numb fingers to draw me up another few inches. It progresses like this for what could have been forever, fighting against everything just for a miniscule advancement up the vertical plane.

Before I know it, my hand loses its grip and I am left hanging in the open air. The wind stings the abrasions on my fingertips.

With a grunt of effort, I am able to throw my arm back up and take hold of the wall. I stick and am able to make another flurry of progress up the cold hard surface.

My determination burns just hot enough to overcome the pain, and I continue my sheer climb.

With a gasp, I wrench myself over the edge. Laying there, I pant and let the chilly air fill my heaving lungs. My muscles are burning, aching, protesting the strain I've just forced upon them.

But it's over. What I thought would never end, has.

I'm one step closer to my goal. One step closer to freeing the Mimiga, closer to overthrowing the Doctor.

One step closer to finding Curly, wherever she is.

But as I lay still, trying to recover some semblance of strength, a shadow falls over me. It is vast, and deep, holding back the sun's meager rays and casting a chill over me.

I open my eyes, and my blood freezes.

Before I am able to reach any of my weapons, a giant's fist comes down and wraps around my torso, arms and all. It lifts me into the air like a rag doll and a second fist comes down on my head.

As it makes contact, my vision blurs and the image of the giant fades into a deep, cool darkness.

I open my eyes a slit, and see the ground sliding away beneath me. The whole world seems to be shaking gently, bouncing up and down to a slow, steady beat.

My vision fails…

My body becomes alert as it slams into something hard and rough. I feel too weak to open my eyes , so I just lie there listening. Bruises pepper my body, that I can tell without looking. I try to move, to get up, or even to open my eyes, but the effort is too much.

My strength fails…

Something is touching me, ever so gently. My forehead feels damp and something is pressing down softly across my brow. The bruises aren't so sensitive anymore, and some strength seems to have returned to my body.

With a low moan, I sit up slowly and open my eyes.

Looking around, I see that I'm in a dim cave. There is a single door in one side, but from the thick grate covering the singular porthole in the center, I know it will be locked.

"Oh, you're awake…"

I flinch from the shock that I am not alone, and immediately begin searching for the source of the voice.

After only a moment of frantically looking around the cave, the voice draws my attention to a shape huddled in the corner.

"Over here, it's me, Mahin."

Looking over at the shape, I see that it is Mahin.

"Where are we?" I ask, and the strangled groan that is my voice surprises me.

"It's some type of prison, in the plantation," Mahin says, his voice soft and dry, "Sue was here, too. Just a few minutes ago, they took her."

I feel a portion of my hope fade before he begins to speak again.

"I saw her slip something into your pack, right before they took her," then with a puzzled expression, he continues, "Any idea what it is?"

My curiosity matches his, and I immediately begin to search my pack.

Sitting directly atop everything else is a folded sheet of paper. I unfold it and begin to read.

"Dear Mr. Robot," it begins, "Just after you left for the sandzone, they came and got us. The Doctor and his minions. I guess they got you too. It took a long time, though. I probably won't be there when you wake up, but I need to tell you something. It's my mom, she should be somewhere around here. She was with the Doctor when we got split up. I know that she wouldn't help him, so if you can find her, I know she would help you. I left you a tracker that she gave me while we were on the helicopter. Just follow that, and it should take you right to her. Before that, though, you'll need to get out of here. I found a passage near the back that's mostly covered up. You can probably fit through it. Find my mom, stop the Doctor. You're the last one who can do it. Good luck. –Sue" that's where the main body ended, but below I see a short continuation, "P. password is yrotsevac."

After that, the page was blank.

I stare blankly at the gibberish for a moment, before shoving the paper into my pocket with a feeling of resignation. I decide that if it comes to that, I'll just spell it from the paper.

It doesn't take me long to find the tracker, or the passage, and with that I'm ready to go. But before I begin to climb through the gap in the wall, I remember that I'm not alone in the cell.

Turning to Mahin, I ask him, "Are you coming?"

Through the dim lighting, I see him shake his head.

"I won't be any help. Just… beat the doctor."

I nod and crawl into the passage, disappearing from his sight and leaving the cell behind me.

My mind runs in a tight circle as I glance down at the tracker in my hand. The arrow is pointing directly ahead of me, straight toward a barren wall.

From somewhere behind me, a coarse growl sounds and I hear crunching gravel.

My first thought: I don't have any weapons strong enough to fight this thing.

Then: Even if I do somehow escape, the tracker is obviously broken. I'm never going to find Sue's mom, and I'll never beat the Doctor.

Finally: If I don't beat the Doctor, I'll never have chance to find Curly. So I need to find a way out of this.

But I don't have any weapons strong enough to fight this thing…

My frustration turns to directionless fury and I slam a fist into the wall. It leaves no damage, but I hear something move inside the solid stone.

A voice speaks from somewhere, and I can't pin its direction.

"What's the password?" it says.

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