A Hakuouki Series Fanfiction

GENRE: Romance, Violence, Mature

RATED: M (Gore, the language, and the romance)

THEME SONG: Tsuki No Uta (The Sixth Day) - Gackt

Main Characters:

OC 01

OC 02

Hijikata Toshizou

Chizuru Yukimura

Chikage Kazama

Saito Hajime

Okita Souji

Heisuke Toudou

Harada Sanosuke

Shinpachi Nagakura

Susumu Yamazaki

Shiranui Kyou

Amagiri Kyuujyu


Kaoru Nagumo


Sannan Keisuke

Kondou Isami

Gensaburou Inoue

Original Character (OC) 01: Aka "Raion" Shirabuki

Description: Aka is her real name, but she goes by the nick "Raion" because she was noted to be much of a lion with a brave heart; a western demon with one horn at the middle and is often disguised as a guy for protection, blending with humans even though she knows that she might be hated by them. Aka has demonic red hair and a pair of crimson red eyes, which makes her look more of an omen, but her true beauty is hidden behind a short blond wig (appearing much of a young guy regardless the face). Her face is said to be one of the prettiest amongst the few female demons or oni that survived after the wars of the worlds, which is why she is skilled with swords, but partially experienced with firearms which is the opposite. Her body is more feminine but she has to disguise so she places binders all over her and would wear male clothes, currently siding with the Shinsengumi. She is a very cheerful person, but much boyish due to the influence, and more of the rebellious and brave types who will not back out, even though she's in the middle of a near – to – death situation, also noted to have strong interest and bonds with humans because she finds them comfortable than the oni. She is often taken as Chikage Kazama's younger brother whenever she is in disguise, for it has strong resemblance, but she doesn't mind at all since she's in 'good' terms with the oni. She is engaged to Iyori Tenshi, decided by her parents even before birth, which is one of the main reasons why she ran away hiding. She is the sole heir and the 'princess' of their clan.

Original Character (OC) 02: Iyori Tenshi

Description: Iyori is a four horned oni and the current leader or 'prince' of the Tenshi clan, the strongest of the Northern demons in partnership with the Bakumatsu and the Kazama clan (though their leaders aren't much in good terms), working on the researches of the 'elixir' also with Yukimura Koudou before. He has calm, teal blue, icy eyes that resembles much of sadness and strong raven blue hair that appears lengthy and slightly spiky, reaching to his knees, him standing almost six feet and three inches high. He is very picky when it comes to clothing though his voice is often blank or monotone, even at times when he would be surprised (which was one running joke). He is very skilled with firearms and most weapons making him almost a perfectionist, but stresses that he has flaws himself, such as his low sense of direction. He rarely smiles with truancy, often mistaken as serious and a joy killer, less he'd be sarcastic and ready to kill around, resulting from his bad childhood and lost of inspiration, which was his fiancé, Aka Shirabuki. Him and Aka were close friends and had their fate sealed, which was pretty nice for him, since she's the only person whom he notes have understood her aside from Nagumo Kaoru, until she left far away leaving him on the hands of people he doesn't like to be with. He grew up fine but half coldhearted because he never shares his problems, and he has psychological possessive issues when it comes to Aka. After hearing some news that his fiancé had been moving around and hiding at the East, he ventures immediately, stressing that she won't get away from him no matter what she does, because she belongs to him.

For many years, the oni and the humans lived together in harmony, both in clans and in pride. They were said to maintain the balance between most things which made the peace live longer than their lifespan. It maintained like this, until one oni clan had gone rampage and attacked humans, opposing the rest of the oni and pursuing them that humans are their food and life source, thus the lower class. This wasn't permitted, thus they started breaking and killing each other instead.

The oni clan from all sides, the North, South, East and West, were depleting little by little as the results of the war of the worlds along with the humans who thinks that they were the omen of their countries. Ever since the rebellion started, they had diseases and most of them were killed as food, gruesomely slain and fed to the other half – oni people which they call as rasetsu which means mad demons. Therefore, human warriors started to break their treaty and contracts with the oni clans whom they relied on before, killing most through heart stabs after learning that their wounds heal quickly no matter how much they would slash on them.

Knowing that the humans themselves have not much defense against the oni, they used the advantage of research conducted by the Bakufu, one group that still seeks peace and revival within the races formed the 'elixir' mostly on the Western area. Yukimura Koudou proposed and started the 'elixir' which was tested on normal humans but some were failed, turning in to rasetsu which made the man feel guilty of what he has done. Even so, knowing that the elixir is the only medicine that can oppose the remaining and depleting oni race, some humans drank it and fend themselves. After this incident, Koudou decided to quit and hide along the shadows, leaving his only daughter, Yukimura Chizuru, alone.

Despite the fact that the research was abandoned, the Kazama clan and the Bakumatsu still continued this further to put an end and tried to find Koudou but with anterior motives, knowing that the two clans had a feud and broken, still problematic since the humans are killing most demons, abusing the power of the elixir which can make them merciless and wild untamed rasetsu. They are still finding a cure for those who still took the elixir, while facing the problem of how the oni race could reproduce again. Along with this is the Tenshi clan who swore alliance ever since; one of the noted clans who worked with humans for ages until they stayed hidden because of the incident, also bonded with the Shirabuki clan who were skilled in swords and finesse but a dying clan after many were killed at the war. The oni only decided of reproducing and mating to multiply, throwing away their feelings and started hunting remaining female oni.

On contrary with that, Yukimura Chizuru searches for her father and ends up in the Shinsengumi, known as the Wolves of Mibu because of their merciless and quite martial status around the countries, their names carved as fear inside normal people's heads. The Shinsengumi was one of the humans that Koudou had trusted and worked on, leaving pieces of the prints of research about the rasetsu in their hands, and the other Shinsengumi turned-rasetsu. Chizuru stays there in search for her father and grew attached to the Shinsengumi. They took in another mysterious person who seems helpful going by the name of Raion Shirabuki, mistaken first as Chikage Kazama's brother because of the resemblance (excluding the height), reasoning that "he" was one of Kondou's partners in the research before, but truth is that "he's" simply disguising just to run away from Iyori Tenshi, the 'prince' of the Northern Oni who searched for "him" many times just to take "him" back.