Good show sh*tface, psychs said in an unusually good mood, in fact he was in such a good mood he didn't put him back in his cage. Good, the doll thought and he wondered if something was up, if it was just a cruel trick which seems to be psychs specialty. If you keep up the good work on the shows I'll never make you go into that shithole of a cage again. This really angered the doll to a point where he couldn't take it anymore, that's it, he said with a very angry expression on his face. Huh? Psychs said, startled. I've been taking crap from you my whole life and it's time you learned your lesson, it said as it pulled out a knife and cut psychs leg. What the-, the man said with a pained expression on his face. You heard me, the doll said stabbing him in various places careful not to kill him, he wanted nothing more than to make him suffer before he died. Psychs continued to whimper in pain which really amused glen, and finally when he was ready to kill psychs, he stabbed him straight through his chest. Sh*tface was satisfied with what he'd done but he also felt bad because he was a good person and never intended to kill anyone but the son of a bitch deserved after all he's put the doll through, but the only question was, where did he go next?