Kayleigh Slovenia

April – May 2004

One door closes and two others open.

That's what I was always told. That was what my friends, Lisa and Angie always told me when times were tough. They were always right, weren't they? I mean, when something bad happens, something good is bound to come out of it. The wheel always spins back.

Well, I started to question myself whether or not the wheel would ever spin back. Nor would I believe that two other doors would open. Even if moving to Brighton with my dad was an open door, I wasn't able to see it. I couldn't even see any upcoming open doors for me after what happened the night of our last gig. My band: Broken Wings. Being on that stage, performing in front of not only the pupils from school, but also parents and the citizens of Eastbourne had to be the best moment in my life. I then started to believe that no matter what anyone thought about my being with Danny, life would improve. But it didn't. Especially not after what Danny did. Not after he hit James.

I look back at the situation and think that if Danny hadn't hit James, then everything would have been easier, smooth and happier. And Charlotte wouldn't have been sent to hospital with a minor case of concussion. And perhaps I would have more trust with Danny and that things would have worked out with us. And then James wouldn't have pushed me too far when I didn't want it. And then maybe, just maybe my letters to Panya wouldn't have been sent out to everyone, making me lose my friends and those closest to me.

Then perhaps my story wouldn't end in having a severe case of concussion and a cracked skull that nearly cost me my whole life.