A Hold on Him

You are the strength, that keeps me walking
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting
- "Everything" by Lifehouse

He doesn't admit it but Detective Teresa Lisbon has a hold on him like no one else has had since his wife. In her presence, he feels safe and calm and yet at the same time, challenged and sometimes toyed with. All are good feelings.

Everyone needs some amount of drama in their lives and the banter he shares with Lisbon definitely keeps him on alert and searching for the next line to use on her to shock, astound, soothe or entertain. Comedic or not though, there's a strength in Lisbon that he feeds on, just as he knows she feeds off of him for what he has to offer.

It is that strength that keeps him moving forwards. It is that strength that holds him together because as in control as he may seem on the outside, on the inside he is far from simplistic and settled. He leans on her, she leans on him and the truth behind it is simple. They need each other.