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's POV

I heard a yelp coming from somewhere off into the forest. Ashley. I began to run. Faster. Faster. Before I knew it I was a wolf tracking her scent. It began to get stronger until I appeared in a clearing.

I scanned my surroundings. I was in a circular area, about 40 feet in diameter. I turned to my right to see Ashley, in wolf form, laying on the ground with a deep gash in her side. Angrily, I looked up, hoping to find who did this to my beta. Looking down on her was a tall, muscular boy with emerald-green eyes. I took a whiff of the air. He was another werewolf. Unfamiliar, not from my pack. He must be a stray.

I approached him, a growl bubbling up in my throat. He turned quickly, seeming to notice me for the first time. He looked scared and began to back up. Good. He can't get away with hurting Ashley. She wouldn't hurt a fly without a good reason. There was no explanation for her to be laying on the ground, unconscious. It wasn't her fault, it had to be the stray.

And right after we escaped, too. Things were going so well up until now...

I heard two sets of footsteps coming from my left, into the clearing. I didn't look to see who it was. I was too concentrated on getting revenge on the stray who hurt Ashley. I was about to pounce when I heard a familiar female voice yell at the stray. "Derek! What are you doing?"

"Yeah!" A male voice added enthusiastically. "Just turn into a wolf and kick some butt!" I mentally snorted. Yeah, good luck with that.

I hesitated. Why did these voices sound so familiar? The stray-apparently Derek-spoke. "Guys! You know I'm not as good at fighting werewolves, let alone the alfa of a pack here! I'm invading on his territory!" Is that all he thought I was mad about? If that was it, I would have just talked to him, asked him where he was going, and possibly offered help. But no. He hurt a member of my pack. That was simply not okay.

The fact that these voices sounded familiar began to bug me. What if they were the ones I was looking for? No, we had only just began to look. No. No. I couldn't be that lucky, I should stop thinking that way. Though eventually, my curiosity won over and I snuck a quick glance at the people standing off to my left.

What I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. It was them! I couldn't believe it! When did I become lucky?! I quickly Changed back into a human and slowly walked up to the two, whose eyes were wide in shock. "Tori? Simon?" I asked them quietly.

It took them a minute to respond. Tori took a small step forward and spoke with a shaky voice. "Ch-Chloe?"

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