Chapter 5

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I Love You

It took almost twenty minutes for everyone to finally agree that they had hugged and welcome each other enough. Even then, Lauren was still clinging to her boyfriend's legs, refusing to let Joe move. Her excuse was it was nearly his birthday so he deserved to be hugged. Darren pouted through a puppy dog face.

"I haven't seen you in nearly three months, I fly down to see you guys and it is actually my birthday. Where's my hug Lo? Can't your boyfriend share?" Darren said pretending to be upset. This was normal behaviour for this group, they were actors after all. Lauren continued the act by looking at the ground like a scowled child. Breaking character suddenly, her shoulders started to shake, she was laughing. Joe stared down at his childish girlfriend.

"Lo? What's so funny?" He asked not wanting to be left out of a joke. This made her laugh more as her eyes flicked across to Julia before landing on Darren, she wiggled her eyebrows. An evil grin spread across her face as realisation hit Julia.

"Well, I was just thinking that Darren might prefer a 'hug' for someone else other than me" Lauren began to laugh again. The rest of the group looked on confused apart from two, whose faces were turning a deep shade of red. Darren quick to change the subject from his now possibly not so secret girlfriend jumped across the room and turned up his iPod dock. Harry/Sami echoed through the room. Jaime and Dylan glanced at each other knowingly, before they started to sing along. Soon everyone was taking turns at belting out their songs as they appeared on Darren's Starkid playlist. Some people filling in the weirdest of places. Jim shouting out 'Bitch I Ain't Cho Chang', and Lauren singing Quirrels part in 'Different As Can Be' were definitely some of the highlights of the evening entertainment. But all too quickly Meredith realised that time was getting away from them, it was eleven fifty. Just as she finished singing the coolest girl, she turned to her friends.

"Guys, its five to twelve. You know what that means!" Lauren bounced excitedly on Joe's lap.

"IT'S CAKE TIME!" Lauren disappeared almost instantly into the kitchen. A couple of moments later she returned with a chocolate cake with white icing on the top spelling out the words 'Happy Birthday HP Darren'. Darren and the rest of the Starkid laughed. She placed it on the table before returning to the kitchen again. This time producing an identical cake to the previous one except it displayed the words 'Happy Birthday Commander Up Walker' Again the group laughed. Meredith watched as Lauren placed a candle in each cake. Brian held out his arm staring at his watch, the rest of the group stared at him with waited breath.

"Now!" Brian yelled. Lauren lit the candles as the group began to sing Happy Birthday. Most versions of Happy Birthday were monotone and boring but not the Starkid version. They had been practising this since the first birthday they all attended back in first year of university. It started with Dylan and Jaime singing the first line in perfect harmony, before Lauren, Meredith, and Brian joined in on the second 'Happy Birthday'. Jim, Julia, Joey and Denise joined in on 'Happy Birthday Joe and Darren', and everyone including Matt and Nick sang on the last line. With the blowing out of their candles the party celebration continued on to celebrate Joe's birthday. Everybody cheered and began dancing as Joe turned the playlist up again.


At about two o'clock people were starting to get tired, so some sat in the couch and surrounding bean bags that Joe and Brian had put out. Brian sat on the couch with Meredith leaning against him. He couldn't remember why or how they came to be sitting like this but he was complaining. Joe was sitting on a bright blue bean bag with Lauren on the floor beside him, resting her head on his knees. Dylan, Jaime and Joey had taken up another three bean bags. Denise sat on a cushion on the floor with her back against the wall. Jim stood in the corner next to Darren and Julia who had pulled through two dining chairs. The group had divided into separate conversations and Meredith was happy just to listen in. Denise, Joey, Jaime and Dylan were talking about their favourite superheroes. Julia and Jim were trying to get Glee secrets out of Darren. Brian was speaking to Joe over Meredith's head, Lauren was slipping in and out of conscious. Meredith watched as Lauren finished her power nap, yelling that she was away to get cake. Oh great she's going to be higher than a kite. Rule number one no sugar for Lauren after midnight. It was too late; she was already eating a piece as she entered the room again. The group watched her, most eyes growing in fear as she returned to her seat. Joe sighed.

"Lauren, are you eating sugar?" she nodded grinning like a two year old in a sweetie shop. "What time is it?" in a baby voice she replied, after midnight. The group started to laugh as Joe repeated rule one in his Mama Umbridge voice. Lauren had the last laugh though.

"Mama, Mama, if I listen to your rules doesn't that mean no boys? Aw what a shame, poor Walker he will be so upset." She replied in a sickly sweet voice. Walkers face fell before he stared her in the eyes before chuckling.

"Good job I'm a man then," Lauren admitting defeat kissed her boyfriend as this was the most effective way to shut him up. The group groaned, Joey and Dylan both yelling 'Get a room', Jim commenting saying, 'where's the camera when you need one, the fans would love this'. Meredith chuckled to herself before she started chanting 'Laurwalk'. Lauren shot a death glare at her best friends, Meredith and the rest of the room became silent. Lauren did not look best pleased. Maybe they had gone too far? Starkid ships didn't normally bother the group as they were the biggest fan girls at heart. Dylan started to apologise.

"Sorry guys, if we took that too far…" He was cut off by Lauren and Joe's laughter.

"You should have seen your faces! You looked like scowled children" The rest of the group joined in. After the laughter had died down Lauren spoke again. "Anyway, you have to admit the fans do know us pretty well. They got me and Joe right. They guess Devin/ Brian and JoMo/Tessa right. And of course they got Darren and J…" the groups eyes widened as Lauren realised what she'd nearly just said. Darren and Julia just looked at each other before waiting for Lauren to continue. "..ulia wrong, absolutely nothing going on there. But of course the biggy that they definitely got wrong was Breredith!" Meredith and Brian cheeks both flushed red. Lauren stared at them for a minute before tilting her head in confusion. "Mere where is Craig?"

Any colour Meredith had in her face drained at the mention of his name. She hadn't told them yet. Brian made a fist with his hand squeezing it so tight his palm was white. Tears sprung to her eyes as she remembered.

"Well…We aren't together anymore…" she said before she darted towards the toilet. She didn't want them to see her cry. She didn't want to wreck their party, that's why she hadn't told them about Craig. Once in the toilets she closed the door before sinking to the ground in sobs. She could tell that Brian was filling them in on what had happened because she could hear Lopez angrily shouting.

"Que dos tiempos bastardo infiel. Espero que se pudra en el infierno por lo que ha hecho! ¿Cómo pudo hacer eso?¿Quién hace eso? Estoy tan enojado!"

(That two timing cheating bastard. I hope he rots in hell for what he's done! How could he do that? Who does that? I'm so angry!)

Meredith smiled sadly. Lopez angrily yelled in Spanish nowadays as she had picked up on it during Starship. Although Meredith didn't speak Spanish fluently like her friend she could understand from her tone that she wasn't being particularly friendly. Meredith normally would have been in stiches after another Spanish Lopez rant but tonight there was no cheering her up. She stayed slumped on the bathroom floor. She wasn't upset with Brian for telling them, they would have had to of been told anyway and this way she didn't have to tell them herself. There was just a small part of her that didn't want them to. She wanted to move on and forget he ever happened.

Meredith listened as the conversation returned to normal. A few minutes later she heard footsteps approach the bathroom door and a knock.

"Hey... Mere…. I sorry that I brought all this up tonight…. If I had known I wouldn't have said anything… I'm sorry…."She stuttered. Meredith took a deep breath before she stood up and opened the door. Lauren gasped when she saw Meredith's face; it was almost identical to the state Brian had found her last week. Lo immediately embraced her friend. "I'm so sorry… Lo voy a matar!" Meredith's shoulders shook with a sad laugh.

"You wouldn't kill him Lo, he's not worth it. And I know for a fact Walker wouldn't let you go anywhere near him." Lauren smiled at her friend. "You don't have to apologise Lo, he was the one who was the douche not you!"

"I know, I just feel so bad for making you remember." Meredith shrugged her shoulders.

` "S'okay. I would have had to tell you guys sometime anyway. I'm just sorry I wrecked Joe's birthday…" Lauren scoffed.

"You didn't 'wreck' Joe's birthday so you don't have to be sorry for anything." Meredith smiled slightly. "And if you did…" Mere's face fell "I can fix that… That's one of the perks of being his girlfriend" Lo winked at her friend. She was being deliberately silly to make Mer feel better. She hugged her friend again. "Right missy, jou are a wonderful person, I love jou and jou deserve a billion and one times better than that sleazebag. So go get cleaned up and we can get this party on the road again" Lauren shouted in her Taz voice. That did it. Meredith erupted in a belly laugh as she heard walker call from the living room as Up.

"Taz! I pee pee like a big boy, you believe me don't you?" She smiled at her friend as she turned and entered into the bathroom again. This time however she walked across to the sink and washed her face before towel drying making sure she didn't stain their ridiculously clean white towels. How can this be a house to two sweaty men, it's always so clean? A few moments later she walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind her. The noise coming from the living room didn't falter as she entered the living room. No one said anything to her, there were no pitying or sympathetic looks which Meredith appreciated, she didn't want her friends to think any differently of her. Looking at where she was previously sitting, she realised that Brian was no longer sitting down. In fact he was no longer in the room. She turned her eyes to meet Denise's who was in the middle of a conversation with Nick and Matt. Denise understood. She flicked her eyes to the door before returning to her conversation. Meredith continued on through the living room. She would talk to the rest of the team later but right now she only wanted to see Brian.

Opening the front door she saw him. He was sitting on a bench just in front of the apartment. He was staring up at sky. The light of the moon highlighted his blue eyes and slender cheek bones. She strolled over and sat on the other side of the bench. He flinched when he heard her sit down. Meredith looked at her knees and swung her legs. She was the typical image of an awkward American teenage girl. She noticed his eyes were damp and slightly red.

"I know you probably hate me." Brian mumbled. Meredith who had been staring at the bejewelled sky was stunned.

"What? Of all people why on earth would I hate you?" Meredith asked in disbelief. What's wrong with him? Doesn't he know that I could never hate him? She watched as his face crumpled.

"Because I told everyone about you and what that asshole did to you. They were all just looking at me for answers after you left and I don't know why but I told them. I was totally out of order. I know that it was your place to tell them, I … I just..." he sighed "I just wanted them to know that you were okay and I guess … a part of me wanted to show them what a douche he was… that you deserved more than him. I know you; you would have blamed yourself in some way for everything he did to you. You would have tried to make him look like the good guy… You always see the good in people that's… that's one of the things I love most about you… No matter how awful a person is you see the good in them. I swear if someone was to walk up and slap you, you would be the one apologise." Brian chuckled lightly to himself but Meredith was shocked. Did he just say? Brian turned to see there was something wrong.

"Mere? What did I s…"It finally dawned on him. OMDWG, I just said I loved her. Mere shook herself, before turning to face him. Their eyes met in a perfect fusion of sapphire and hazel.

"Do you mean that? Don't you dare bullshit me…I..." She was interrupted when Brian's lips caught her own. The kiss lasted only a few seconds but showed Meredith all the passion that she needed to know, like years of pent up emotion erupting in her mouth. It was a question and when he pulled away she replied. Pulling him down their lips met again, this time it was her turn to explain how she felt. When she relished him he sat down and stared at her.

"Of course I meant it… I love you, always have…" Brian replied still in shock that the girl that he had been falling in love with for six years actually felt the same as way he did. Or did she? Fear started to take over him. What if she didn't? What if he'd just made a huge full of himself? He turned to look at her. Relief swept over him as she scooted towards him, pulling her legs under her and resting her head on his chest. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"I love you too" Brian felt his heart swell. They were both so happy that neither of them noticed a dark figure lurking behind them.

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