Flowers on her Doorstep

The flowers are on her doorstep when she steps out that morning. She leans down, surprise in her features, and carefully picks them up. Roses, red. Ten of them. They're fresh and they glow softly beneath the first rays of sunlight, and they smell absolutely beautiful.

She smiles and searches for a card as she moves back inside.

Thought you could do with some cheering up.

Cal. Her smile widens. Ever since her divorce she's sensed something different about him, about the way he perceives her. It's almost as if... but no. It can't be. Can it?

Pouring water into a vase, she watches the water creep slowly up the glass. She turns the tap off, reaches for the flowers, removes the plastic over them and puts them into the vase.

She steps back and admires her work. The roses make the room feel warmer. She grins and shakes her head, and then moves towards the door again to leave for work. Whatever Cal's motives, she's sure as hell not going to complain!