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Once upon a time, in deep winter, a queen was admiring the falling snow when she saw a rose blooming in defiance of the cold. Reaching for it, she pricked her finger, and six drops of blood fell.

And because the red seemed so alive against the white she thought, 'If only I had two daughters, so they'd never be alone, skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, one with hair as black as a raven's wings and one with hair as red as the blood on the snow, and both all with the strength of that rose.'

Soon after, two daughters were born to the queen. They were named Snow White and Rose Red.

And they were adored throughout the kingdom as much for their defiant spirit as for their beauty.

"Come on Rose, Will, hurry! It's hurt!" Snow cried as they hurried to the castle, through the fields. "Snow, be careful. If you go too quickly, you might hurt the poor thing" Rose explained calmly. Snow sighed and slowed her pace, slightly.

Snow and Rose headed towards where they knew their parents would be without hesitation. When they went inside, Rose saw the looks on everyone's faces, and knew something was wrong. Snow did not see it, but Rose slowed slightly as she followed her sister inside, wondering what was wrong.

"We found it in the woods" Snow explained to their mother, holding out the black, white, and blue bird. "It's injured, Mother" snow held the bird out to their mother, who softly stroked it. "It must have broken its wing" the queen sighed. 'Don't worry, it will heal with time" she assured her two daughters.

"We'll look after it" Rose assured their mother, her delicate hand on her sister's shoulder.

The queen smiled. "You possess a rare beauty, my loves" she said, stroking the girls' hair with each hand. "In here" one hand placed over one girl's heart, the other on the other sister. "Never lose it. It will serve you well when you two become queen" Rose looked sadly at her mother, wondering why she was saying good-bye, but saying nothing. "I'll take care of her" Rose assured her mother, since she was born first.

Later that day, Rose was sitting at the base of a tree while Snow was leaning against a branch up in the tree, and William was climbing out to grab an apple.

"Be careful you don't fall" Snow said, slightly worried for William's safety.

"I'm just getting you an apple" William told her, grabbing a bright red one and climbing back to Snow White. "Here you go" he held out the shiny object.

"Thank you" Snow went to grab it, but William pulled away before she could grasp it. "William!" she cried, but he just smiled and took a giant bite out of the apple. "William!" Rose cried as the boy jumped out of the tree. The girls shared a look before chasing after the boy, always on the same team.

The next winter was the harshest in memory and the girls' mother passed away. The King was inconsolable.

Snow White and Rose Red held each other's hands tightly, staring out at the snow-covered apple tree that was their mother's favorite. They both noticed their father pulling away, and held each other tighter, glad that their mother, whom had explained the story of their birth several times, had wished for two daughters instead of one. Neither girl could have gone through this alone.

Taking advantage of his grief, a dark and mysterious army appeared and lured him into battle. The dark army was defeated, but what would soon come to pass was far darker.

So enchanted by her beauty was the King that he forgot, for the first time, his broken heart and the very next day, she would become his wife.

Rose and Snow sat on the window seat, watching Ravenna get ready for the wedding. Both girls' smiled softly at the woman who was to marry their father. Rose didn't like that he hadn't known her for very long, but both girls saw how happy she made him, so they gladly welcomed her to the family.

You're so beautiful" both girls' said softly at the same time. Snow as dressed in a light blue, almost white dress with her dark black hair pulled back, whole Rose was dressed in a soft green gown that complimented her red hair, which was styled the exact same as the two girls. Besides their hair colors and their clothes, they looked neigh exactly alike.

"That's kind, children" Ravenna replied softly, "Especially when it is said that yours are the faces of true beauty in this kingdom" both girl's smiled happily as Ravenna beckoned them to come closer to her.

Ravenna kneeled as the girls stood before her. "This all must be difficult for you" she mused softly, staring at the twins. "I, too, lost my mother when I was a young girl. I can never take you mother's place. Never. But I feel that you two and I are bound. I feel it there" the girls look down to see that she had been looking at their hearts. "Your hearts"

"There is enough room for you as well" Rose told her softly as both girl's smiled at the kind woman.

Snow and Rose smiled happily, resisting the urge to wave at the people and staring at their father and the woman that would soon become their step-mother as the walking down the aisle with the four guards.

Ravenna looked at the people and noticed that their eyes were not on her, but behind her. She looked back over her shoulder to see the twins smiling happily at her. She took a deep breath, trying to hide how upset she was by this fact, and continued walking forward to the King.

With that, they were married.

That night, the girls climbed into their shared bed happily, glad their father was happy.

They woke up to the sounds of soft footstep, and noticed the quickly-moving shadows outside their door.

She had tricked her way into the kingdom with a phantom army. She now welcomed a very real one.

Frightened, the girls clung to each other as they hurried to their father's room, to find the door wide open and a knife in his heart. The both turned when they heard more footsteps to see Ravenna, not looking upset at all, with guards dressed in armor black as the night they had come behind her. They knew she had done this, had killed their last living parent.

And so they ran.

As they ran outside, they saw the knights fighting Ravenna's men, and their people being slaughtered. Rose cried out in panic and pain for her people, and Snow tightened her grip in her sister.

"William!" Snow cried, running towards their friend, who was seated on a horse behind his father. "Snow! Snow, get on! Rose, there's another horse! William cried. "I can't leave!" Snow cried, reaching for William as another knight grabbed both girl's around thr waist and lifted them off the ground.

"The princesses!" a man cried, realizing the girls were out there. Two knights came on horseback, each one taking a girl and riding after the duke and his son.

The men carrying the girls got shot with arrow, and all four flew off their horses, the girls' dragged off by their knights. William looked back in panic, watching in horror as the girls got up and ran for the gate, only for it to shut in their faces, locking them in.

"William! Don't leave us!" Snow cried as Rose panted. The arrow that had speared her knight had pierces her back slightly, and she was losing blood, but not enough to do her much harm, only slow her down and cause her pain.

"Father, we must go back. We must!" William pleaded. The Duke looked back at the beautiful princesses, the light of the kingdom, and his heart broke with his decision, especially as the queen's brother and a guard grabbed the girls. "No!" the squealed.

"We've lost them" he said quickly trying to bury his guilt as he rode away from the massacre.

The girls were held tightly off to the side of the crowd, which was quiet and still as they were all captives now. The queen came out and looked at the crowd.

"The remnants, my queen. What do we do with them?" the captain of her guards asked from behind her.

Ravenna looked around at the terrified faces. "To the sword" she decided with no hesitation. She turned to leave when she saw her brother with the two princesses. "Finn!" she shouted. He looked up at her slowly.

"Lock them up. One never knows when royal blood may be of value" she explained. Finn smiled down at the young, beautiful girls as he led them away and the remaining knights were killed savagely.

Once they were alone in the cell, Snow did what she could do heal her sister from the shallow wound. There was no infection and it quickly healed, but unlike her sister Rose Red would forever have a deep scar in her back, right where her heart is.

So poisonous was the reign of Ravenna, that nature turned on itself and people turned on each other. The land died, and with it, hope.

And all that time, she kept Snow White and Rose Red imprisoned high up in the north tower.

The two girls, now much older, peered at the small amount of light that same through their slim, barred window in wonder. They were both filthy and their dressed her limp and thin, but they still loved lovely. One with hair as red as blood on snow, the other with hair as black as a raven's wings, both with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood.

Snow slammed the rocks together to make a spark repeatedly. Once she saw the spark she slowly lifted the small pile of kindling and held it out for her sister to gently blow upon. Rose had a gentler breath, while impatient Snow was harsher.

With a soft breath the spark became flames and snow quickly placed it in the small, dirty fireplace, where the sticks they had set up lit on fire quickly.

The looked down sadly at the small, twig-dolls they had made and each took one, holding it to their hearts as they prayed, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen" they whispered in unison.

The twins heard faint voices and stood up. They heard the sounds of another prisoner being brought up and locked in the cell across from them, the only other one in the tower.

Snow peered around the corner, barely peeking out of their door at the actions, while Rose sat back, right across from the door in clear view of anyone.

"Hello?" Snow called out softly, her voice hoarse from lack of use. The twins had long ago stopped needing verbal communication. They could easily converse with looked and gestures. "Hello?" she called, slightly louder.

Rose stood and stepped quickly to her sister's side as a lovely face appeared in the small window of the heavy wooden door of the cell.

"What is your name?" Rose gently asked the young girl, sighing. She was not the first girl to be locked in this cell.

"I am Greta" the pale red-head, her hair a browner color than Rose's, replied. "What happened to you?" Snow asked the girl sadly. "All the girls in our village were taken" Greta explained. "I was trying to reach Duke Hammonds castle when I was caught."

That got both girls' attention. "Duke Hammond? Is he alive?" Snow asked, wanting to know the fate of the man that was like another father to her and her sister. Greta nodded softly. "Does he still fight in our father's name?" Rose asked the girl urgently.

"You're the King's daughters" Greta cried in surprise. "The night the King died, we were told all in the castle were slain" she explained to the shocked girls.

"They were Rose said darkly, making Greta flinch at the lack of feeling in her voice. It was hollow. "And William?" Snow asked hurriedly of the boy. "Is the Duke's son still alive?"

"I don't know, Princess" Greta told them sadly. Snow looked as if she were in pain.

"What will they do to me?" Greta asked nervously.

Both Princesses looked at the girl sadly, having no answers.

The sisters watched as the girl was again thrown into the cell. The looked at each other, never before was one of them returned. They hoped for the best, and expected the worst.

"Greta?" Snow called out softly. "Greta?" she cried again, more worried at the lack of response, not even a sound.

"Greta, are you all right?" Rose called, worried for the girl. There was no response. Snow and Rose continued to worry, but a small bird, just like the one they had taken care of years ago, landed on the bar of their window and chirped loudly. Snow White approached slowly, trying not to scare it off and Rose stayed behind her.

Snow reached up to grab the bird, but it hopped away from her, making her peer out the window to try and find it again. Something metal caught her eye; a nail.

"Snow, what is it?" Rose asked hesitantly from behind her younger sister. Snow didn't answer as she worked the nail free. She turned and showed Rose her rpize. The girls grinned, until they heard someone approaching again.

Both girls dived for their beds, Snow hiding the nail under her pillow as the queen's creepy brother, Finn, came inside their cell. They both knew he usually watched them, but he had never come inside before. Rose was scared about what this would mean.

Snow looked up to see Finn standing a few steps from her bed. Rose, who was on the other side, had her eyes pen and was watching what was happening, not noticed by Finn at all.

"Did I wake you?" he asked her softly.

Snow shook her head nervously. He went closer and sat on her bed by Snow's feet. "Are you always awake when I watch you?" he asked her. Snow sighed softly, trying to get him off his guard so she and Rose could escape.

Snow watched as his hand moved to her thigh, right where her leg met her torso, much to close to a place she'd rather he not touch.

"You've never come in before" she said, trying to hide her fear.

"My sister won't allow it" he explained. Rose wanted to laugh, if she wasn't so afraid. The brother always doing what his sister said. He was weak and spineless, but also cruel.

"She wants you all to herself" he continued as his hand crept up her dress.

"I'm afraid of her" Snow admitted. "And not of me?' he asked her, and Rose wondered what response he truly wanted. "No" Snow softly shook her head.

"Fear not, Princess" he murmured, leaning over Snow and stroking her face. "You will never again be locked in this cell" his hand wandered across her collarbone. "What does she want from me?" Snow whispered, scared.

He placed his hand between her breasts, right over her heart. "Your beating heart" he grinned cruelly.

Snow slashed his face with the nail and got up and he doubled-over in pain, grabbing her sister's hand and racing out of the cell. They shut the door and got it locked just as Finn reached through the door to grab them.

"Get me out of here!" Finn screamed as the girls took off, trying desperately to get away. Snow started to unlock the door to the cell across from theirs when Rose put a hand on her shoulder. Snow looked up to see what her sister saw; a Greta that looked seventy instead of seventeen.

"Go!" she whispered as Finn screamed again, "Get me out of here!"

The girls hesitated, not wanting to leave her here like they had been left, but Greta cried again, "Go!" they ran. Racing through the faintly-familiar corridors, the layout remembered like a foggy dream, the fumbled their way out of the tower, and the castle.

As they reached a section that was exposed to the courtyard, both girls were blinded by the bright sunlight.

Once they could see again, they ran across, towards the other side of the exposed section, their eyes on the black guards in the courtyard, hoping and praying not to get caught.

They opened the squeaky metal door slowly, trying not to draw attention. Unfortunately, a guard spotted them. "Stop them!" they ran again, sprinting away, desperate to escape. But it seemed like they were surrounded, until Snow spotted something.

She grabbed Rose's hand and ran straight for the opening that led to the sewers. They slid on the water and into the filthy tunnel, barely escaping capture.