Artemis' POV-

I was listening to the daily discussions in the meeting, it was plain boring! I could be training my huntresses by now, but obviously I had to call it off because of Aphrodite once again, set me up with an immortal. I didn't know with who, or why she wanted to but those were the questions that I didn't want to know the answer to.

"Artemis, are you ready?" The love goddess called, we were the only ones in the room now.

"Aphrodite, I told you, I swore an oath decades ago, that I will remain a virgin, just leave it!" Aphrodite just giggled like a school girl, I sighed for someone who dressed and looked like she was a complete 'floozie' she was so immature. The beauty goddess dragged me to where I would surely meet my so called 'lover'. I was thinking of a way to escape, maybe I could go through the door when they weren't looking. Yes! Then, he may take an interest to Aphrodite instead of me. However, when he appeared out of nowhere, my eyes were wide with shock, my mind started going on overdrive as I was thinking inappropriate images, it was like I was put on a love spell. Well knowing Aphrodite she probably did put me under some spell to be attracted to this god, so maybe I was.

"I'll leave you two 'lovebirds' to it." The goddess smiled playfully at the two gods, winking at me, the virgin goddess, it almost seemed like she was mocking me in a way, when she seen my facial expression, the blonde goddess left. I turn to the god I was 'hooked-up' with, he was just staring at me, with those gorgeous, glowing, blue eyes. His tanned skin shone like the sun and- Artemis! stop it! Control youself! You have vowed to be a virgin! You can't have these thoughts, dancing around in your innocent mind!

"You want to come to my temple?" I couldn't speak, my first instint was to run away, but he forcefully grabbed my wrist and made me follow him. I couldn't get away no matter how hard I tried, from the corner of my eye I saw the blonde bimbo Aphrodite herself, she waved her hand at us, with a grin across her face. I couldn't wait until I finished with this guy.

When we got to his temple, he left me while we went to get something. I waited patiently, time passed by quick but he never came back. I started to wonder whetheir this was a hoax, so I decided to go home. However, when I neared the door, I felt someone cover my mouth from behind. I tried to scream for help but they were muffled, then a piece of cloth was pressed to my nose. Accidently, I inhaled the strong fumes and only realized what it was, when it was to late.

I hit the floor, my eyes watering. I couldn't stay awake, and I started to drift in and out of conciousness, I managed to whisper something to myself, the question I needed the answer to but never got it.