Summary: In a world where asking questions and achieving is forbidden and punishable by death and torture, Feliciano Vargas has to keep his creative and genius inventions to himself and act like a simple fool to keep his head on his shoulders. But a patrol officer that is fascinated by these inventions makes Feliciano wonder... when was it such a crime to dream?

Pairings: GerIta, Spamano and others

In this world, everything was order. Everything and everyone had their own place in the world. There wasn't time to dilly dally or think of achieving the impossible. You could only achieve so much in life. No higher. If you over-achieved or thought "out of the box", you would just die. It was seen as sinful. It was how the world worked. There was no way in denying it. It was improbable. Everyone knew that everyone was the same as everybody else in the world. It was a crime to think otherwise.

Feliciano however did not know that.

Feliciano would always dream of things that never were; things that could be, things that should be born from a few simple gears and springs. It was his reality. In his dreams, he was right. He was free to dream, to explore, and to wish. No one could tell what he could and could not do. Of course there was Lovino, but that was different. Feliciano wanted nothing more than to stand out and change the world for the better. He didn't like being the same as everybody else.

That was why he loved inventing. It was like his own way to say that he was Feliciano Vargas and no one else. He would still do his inventing even when Lovino told him not to because of the consequences that Feliciano would have to face if anyone found out about his hobby and reported him. Feliciano would always ignore him of course, but he knew that Lovino was right. If the officers that would terrorise the country he lived in found out… the results would be, for him, disastrous. But Feliciano wouldn't mind to take the risk. If he was going to die for doing something that he loved, then so be it.

But this day was, for Feliciano, a bit of an unusual day. He had gone to the market to look for a few simple things to help his precious cat Kathalina recover from a bug that she had caught a few days previously. His amber eyes scavenged the piles of bits and bobs that he needed to help Kathalina get better. The man behind the stall looked at Feliciano and chuckled lightly. The man was rather old, with a few sprouts of hair left on his head and false teeth in his mouth.

"Can't fin' what yer lookin' for, eh Vargas?" The man asked with a grin. Feliciano shook his head.

"No, But I'll keep looking. It's got to be around here somewhere, I only saw it a few days ago…" Feliciano mumbled to himself, ruffling his brown hair in frustration. The man chuckled again.

"Say, why not use yer fancy-schmancy goggles on yer noggin? Rather than lettin' 'em rest on yer head to show off." The man asked, nodding towards goggles that rested on Feliciano's head. They were a metallic bronze colour with dark blue lenses that helped him work in the dark with a very small telescope resting on the top of the frame that could be positioned in any way with a small torch on the side just in case. They were strange, but Feliciano took pride in them; the goggles were the first things that he made when he was bored a few years ago. He never left anywhere without them.

"But, they can't help with this though! I'm looking for something to help my cat get better; she's not really feeling that well. She won't stop twitching." Feliciano said admittedly with a glum look on his face. The man nodded at Feliciano knowingly.

"Ah, that sounds like yer circuit board be actin' up again. I migh' have one fer ya over 'ere…" The man said softly, plunging his hand into a small box that was on the stand. Feliciano waited patiently, rocking back and forth on his feels whistling slightly to himself. It was a good thing that he and the man shared this hobby in common; he would always give Feliciano simple yet very helpful hints on what to do and how to do it. He was like a mentor for him.

"Ah, 'ere it is! It's a small one, an' if yer look 'ere, it has these little PCB tracks, so ya can keep an eye on the circuit now an' again. Reckon this be what yer lookin' for?" The man asked, looking at Feliciano with a questioning look on his face. Feliciano was too busy grinning as he eyed the circuit board. Not only was it that he was looking for, it was the perfect size! Feliciano grabbed it ecstatically, his eyes glowing.

"This is perfect, sir! Thank you so much! I'm sure she'll be better soon now, thanks to you!" Feliciano said joyfully, rummaging in his pockets, pulling out two copper coins and a silver coin and handing it to the man. Now Feliciano was sure that Kathalina was going to get better for definite this time! The man chuckled lightly.

"No need ter thank me, sonny. Ya go spunk; I like that these days; instead of everyone bein' so gloomy an' miserable." The man added in an undertone, nodding at the other grey and depressed looking market stalls that littered the street. Feliciano nodded in return. People would usually find Feliciano as a little bit odd, if not crazy. His positive attitude would gain him shushes from passer-bys and bewildered stares on a regular basis. But Feliciano got used to it to be honest. At least they didn't throw rocks and other things at him.

It was then Feliciano heard the faint yet distinct sound of a march. He turned his head to see a patrol officer that was indeed quite tall, with neat combed back blonde hair and blue eyes. Feliciano knew that he was a patrol officer because of the uniform he was wearing; a dark green coat that reached his ankles, firm black boots, and a jet black peak cap. Feliciano frowned slightly.

"What's going on? I thought inspections were at the end of this month." Feliciano said in confusion, looking at the patrol officer slowing down his pace as people started to cower in his presence. The man didn't even seem to notice that everyone feared him.

"I don't know ter be honest. I ain't ever seen him 'ere before." The old man said admittedly. Feliciano stared at the man and realised how young he looked. He could have been Feliciano's age, if not a few years older at the very least. The man peered at the other market stalls and began talking to them, with Feliciano trying to read his lips. The people all nodded to the old man's stall that Feliciano stood, and Feliciano frowned. Why did he want to come over here? But as the man neatly made his way towards them, Feliciano felt his heart suddenly race in his chest. The man's blue eyes were astoundingly bright for Feliciano, and had a sense of determination to them. Everything was in place with this officer.

"Do you own this stall, sir?" The man asked. His voice was low and firm, but it had a slight gentle tone to it as he addressed the old man. The old man nodded slowly.

"Yeah, I own this stall. And who might ya be then?" The old man asked the officer suspiciously. The officer nodded at the old man slightly and looked at the pile of scrap metal and the odd pieces of springs that were scattered around the display.

"This is a part of the new regulations, sir. We have to inspect markets once a week." The man said, glancing at Feliciano for a brief second. For a second Feliciano felt as if the breath inside of him was sucked right out of him

"Well as ya can see 'ere, there ain't nothin' here that is harmful." The old man said with pride in his voice. Feliciano watched the officer looking through the piles on display thoroughly and silently and then placing then back into a neat pile which had Feliciano staring at him in awe. The old man stared at him too. The usual officer would just leave their mess behind. He inspected every bolt and nut, every broken watch face and every blown out bulb. He was a man dedicated to his job. After a while he looked up at the old man with a slight satisfied look on his face.

"Well, I see no problems here. I'm sorry if I wasted your time, sir." The officer said apologetically. He turned to Feliciano and nodded at him respectfully, and Feliciano smiled back at him widely. The officer looked a little bit fazed, but turned on his heels and marched towards other stalls on the other side of the street.

"First time I ever see a nice officer." The old man said in awe. Feliciano nodded blindly as he stared at the back of the man's head. There was something about that soldier that made Feliciano wonder if all of the officers were as bad as people thought. But Feliciano kept his thoughts to himself this time.

Too many of his thoughts could get him executed.

The next chapter awaits you