A week passed in an uneventful blur for Feliciano. He strolled amongst the people in the market looking for things that would be beneficial for him. He was trying to make a toy for Kathalina with a few scrap heaps that he found throughout the week, but he didn't know what to make. But he couldn't get the Zeta Ludwig Beilschmidt out of his head. He didn't know what was so special about Ludwig, except for his amazingly bright eyes and his soft silky looking hair and his toned body. Ludwig's dedication to the people was slightly obvious to Feliciano, and his sense of justice and judgment as more favourable than other patrol officers.

Feliciano soon found himself at the edge of the cluster of markets with his goggles on a chain that rested on his hips lightly so to keep them from hurting his head. They would always hurt his head from time to time, so he kept it on the chain so that his head wouldn't hurt so. He passed the spot where the fishmonger's stall used to be slowly and looked at it with a sad smile. He had given the man enough money to set up a new stall, but for his products, it would take the fishmonger a long while until he can reach his target. Feliciano carried on walking until something caught his eye. Feliciano smiled widely as he reached the colourful flower market. He could make out the familiar figure behind the stall as the woman busied herself by rearranging her flowers in order of colour.

"Ciao, Miss. Elizaveta!" Feliciano called out in a cheerful voice.

Elizaveta was a young woman who looked in her twenties but obviously older, with long soft brown hair that reached her hips and bright green eyes that shone with an infinite amount of love and affection than any woman Feliciano had ever met. She wore a long sleeved pale green shirt and a dark green skirt that met her ankles with a white apron that was showing off muddy hand prints. She was the mother that Feliciano and Lovino never had, as she helped raise the boys with Grandpa Roma. She would always comfort them when they had nightmares of monsters and demons, and she would tell them to never set themselves low goals in life. Elizaveta smiled back warmly.

"Ah, if it isn't my cute little Feli, looking as handsome as ever!" Elizaveta cried out joyfully, hugging Feliciano tightly as Feliciano breathed on her earthy and flowery scent.

"Look at you! You've gotten so big since I last saw. It must have been, what, two years now? And yet you still look like the little baby that I held in my arms!" Elizaveta gushed with a sweet smile, glowing at Feliciano brightly. Feliciano laughed lightly as Elizaveta laughed with him. Elizaveta was never scared to be happy. She knew when she reached her limit of course, but she was never afraid to smile and laugh when she wanted to make someone happy. The people loved her; and she loved everyone.

"How have you been, Elizaveta? How are you doing with the flowers?" Feliciano asked, picking up a lily and breathing in its sweet scent.

"Business has been going on fine, but one of the officers tried to work his way around me, trying to get a free bouquet of flowers, the cheeky thing. Saying that: 'A little girl like you wouldn't be able to stop me!' Humph! The nerve of some men these days, honestly, he's got some guts." Elizaveta said in a sour tone. Feliciano looked at her with a curious look on his face.

"What did you do?" He asked in a pondering tone. Elizaveta chuckled lightly as she started to rearrange the bright yellow sunflowers that were out on display.

"Well, he demanded an arm wrestling fight with me. And let's just say that his hand is still slightly broken." Elizaveta said in an airy voice. Feliciano stared at her with a shocked look on his face.

"Did you really break his hand, Elizaveta? I didn't know that you were that strong!" Feliciano said in awe. He knew that Elizaveta was a little bit strong, but he didn't know that she was stronger than an officer. Unless of course the officer was very weak.

"Well, I'm sure he was just over exaggerating it a little… I didn't even try to be honest. But, he had what was coming to him. That will teach him to mess with me for a while." Elizaveta chuckled. Feliciano smiled at Elizaveta widely as he picked up a sunflower. He didn't know how Elizaveta could look after the flowers so well, especially those that could easily die in cold conditions. He assumed that she just knew everything about flowers. Feliciano then had a thought.

"Elizaveta, you know a lot of stuff, don't you?" Feliciano asked with a smile, putting the sunflower down. Elizaveta laughed happily as she bent down.

"Well, I don't know much, but I know as much as the other people around here. Why, what do you want to know?" Elizaveta asked in return as she picked up a potted plant to place on her display.

"What's a Zeta?" Feliciano asked innocently. Elizaveta looked up at him in shock as the potted plant slipped from her hands. She stumbled slightly as she caught it blindly. Feliciano frowned. He didn't expect Elizaveta to react like that at all. She looked at him with a white face, her eyes bulging out of their sockets.

"What did you do, Feliciano?" She asked in a low voice. Feliciano frowned again.

"I just wanted to–" Feliciano started slowly.

"What did you do?" Elizaveta asked again in a much harsher and louder voice. Feliciano jumped back slightly as Elizaveta looked at him with furious eyes.

"I haven't done anything! I just wanted to know." Feliciano replied truthfully. All he wanted was to know a little bit more about what a Zeta was nothing more than that. He didn't know what Elizaveta was getting worked over. Elizaveta stared at him for a moment before sighing heavily in what seemed to be relief.

"Feliciano, they work for the Alpha." Elizaveta said in a hushed voice, going behind her stall quickly, as if nervous that someone would be eavesdropping. Feliciano sighed impatiently.

"I know that, but what are they?" Feliciano asked in a whining tone. Elizaveta shushed him. Feliciano fell silent. Elizaveta waited a while to carry on.

"They're highly trained soldiers chosen by the Alpha himself. They were around the same time your grandpa was born. People used to think that it was a special privilege. But they were oh so wrong. They only know one thing: it's either to obey the Alpha or face your death. They are the most evil, vile, disgusting… creatures in existence." Elizaveta hissed in disgust as her eyes darkened mournfully. Feliciano frowned at Elizaveta again. That couldn't be right at all.

"But what if you meet a nice one?" Feliciano asked. Elizaveta scoffed darkly in disbelief.

"Feli, there's no such thing as a 'nice Zeta.' If you met a nice Zeta, you'd be in history books by now in my eyes." Elizaveta said with a bitter tone. Feliciano smiled at her widely.

"Well I should be in the history books, because there is a nice one, Elizaveta! He was ever so kind to me, and he saved me from the mean fishmonger because he was going to hit me. And he even said that he would talk to me soon. He hasn't spoken to me yet, but I know he'll talk to me eventually!" Feliciano gabbled in a bubbly tone. He didn't know why he was so happy all of a sudden by just mentioning Ludwig. Probably because he hadn't seen him in such a long while. Elizaveta stared at Feliciano with a horrified look on her face.

"Does your grandpa know about you being friends with a Zeta?" She asked with a slight hiss to her tone. Feliciano shook his head slowly with a confused look on his face. Elizaveta was most definitely acting strangely all of a sudden. He knew Grandpa had a very unhealthy relationship with the officers and even the Alpha himself, but he didn't really think that he would mind that much if Feliciano only just spoke politely to Ludwig.

"Why should he? Is there something wrong?" Feliciano asked with a slight frown. Elizaveta looked at him with a look of shock and disbelief again, but this time with a hint of surprise. She set the potted plant down slowly and looked at Feliciano again.

"You don't know…?" Elizaveta asked as her voice trailed away. Feliciano frowned again.

"Know what?" He asked. Elizaveta shook her head at him suddenly and picked up a large bunch of carnations.

"Never mind, forget I ever said anything. Do you want to help me sell some flowers Feli? The one who sells the most gets a special treat from the loser." Elizaveta said with a strained smile. Feliciano frowned a little, but smiled and grabbed a handful of flowers. Perhaps he could try making a fake flower for Kathalina to entertain her.

Feliciano walked through the crop fields with a small bouquet of cornflowers, a large grin on his face and the sun weakly shining down on him. He knew for a fact that Elizaveta didn't even try to sell her bunches of flowers that she had whilst Feliciano politely pestered people to buy his off of him. But he did realise that Elizaveta seemed slightly fazed as she sold the flowers. Maybe she's ill, Feliciano thought to himself. But then again, Feliciano wondered by what she meant about him not knowing. What was it that he didn't know? Feliciano looked up at the sky and stopped for a moment. The sky was grey as the sun weakly glowed behind the clouds. He wondered if it was going to rain.

Feliciano looked away from the clouds and felt his heart stop suddenly. There, walking in the direction of the market was a Zeta with shiny blonde hair combed back and bright blue eyes. He didn't expect to see Ludwig just out of the blue like this. He never actually thought that he would see Ludwig at all. Feliciano gasped softly in shock, but then smiled widely at Ludwig and waved his hand widely at him.

"Ludwig, there you are!" Feliciano called out to him, making his way towards Ludwig quickly. Ludwig looked up at him with a questioning look on his face, staring at Feliciano with shocked eyes.

"Do I know you?" Ludwig asked slowly, looking Feliciano up and down. Feliciano frowned, and placed his hands on his shoulders. Did he forget things so easily? Understandable it was a week ago, but it wasn't that long!

"It's me: Feliciano. You saved me from the fishmonger last week!" Feliciano added in an expecting tone. Ludwig's eyes flashed in recognition as the corners of his lips twitched slightly.

"Ah, yes. You're that boy with the boy with the troublesome cat. I can assume that you followed my advice and left him at home." Ludwig said with a light chuckle as he seemed to be looking for Kathalina. Feliciano nodded with a smile.

"Uh-huh, she's at home playing with a little toy that I made for her." Feliciano said with a chuckle. Ludwig shook his head at Feliciano with a heavy sigh.

"You seem to be more troublesome than the cat." Ludwig grumbled under his breath. Feliciano giggled lightly. It was then Feliciano heard the sound of a record scratching sound that seemed to be coming from Ludwig.

"Oh for God's sake..." Ludwig hissed as he pulled out a small circular object from his pocket. Feliciano peered at the object. It was a brownish gold colour, with a double headed eagle engraved in it with a small 'a' at the bottom of it. The object was now hissing slightly and making scratchy noises.

"What's that?" Feliciano asked curiously. Ludwig looked at Feliciano with a dark glare.

"It has nothing to do with you." He said firmly. Feliciano ignored him and look the thing off of him quickly. Ludwig seemed taken aback for a moment, and then looked at Feliciano furiously.

"How dare you?! You can't just take something that doesn't belong to you!" Ludwig said in a furious tone. Feliciano however was too busy looking at the object to listen to Ludwig. It was most obviously a small walkie-talkie of sorts, the microphone placed at the top so that the voice could be carried through to the others on the end clearly. The small speakers were in perfect condition. The main problem seemed to be the inside of the actual thing itself rather than the outside.

"It looks like the connection to the speakers has been disconnected." Feliciano said in a matter of fact tone. Ludwig stopped mid-rant and looked at Feliciano questioningly.

"What? How do you know that's the case?" Ludwig asked, sounding unsure.. Feliciano paused. He couldn't explain to Ludwig how he knew. So Feliciano just shrugged his shoulders and looked at Ludwig with honest eyes.

"I just know is all." Feliciano replied simply enough. Ludwig let out a very quick, very sharp chuckle that made Feliciano's heart glow warmly. He liked his laughter for some reason; maybe it was because Ludwig seemed so serious all of the time.

"I don't think that you can fix this. You don't look capable enough. You can barely discipline your cat." Ludwig added. Feliciano blushed slightly in annoyance and embarrassment. Yes, he acted hopeless at times, but he would like it if people thought that he had some brains up there in his head.

"Well, how about I prove it to you? If I can fix this, then you have to talk to me everyday from then on." Feliciano said with a triumphant tone. Ludwig stared at Feliciano for a second, and then laughed softly. Feliciano felt his heart soar.

"You are a strange young boy, aren't you?" Ludwig asked with a slight smile. Feliciano smiled back. Ludwig shook his head at Feliciano and looked down at his watch.

"Well, I don't know why I'm letting you take my pin, but I suppose that you could try and fix it. I could easily get a replacement though." Ludwig said in a matter of fact tone.

"Don't worry, you'll have it back by tomorrow afternoon, I promise!" Feliciano said whilst crossing his heart. He would always do that when making a promise to someone. It helped him keep to them and make sure that he didn't forget them.

"I'll hold you to that. Well, I shall see you tomorrow, Feliciano." Ludwig said sternly. Feliciano nodded at him happily. He then had an idea. He grabbed a single cornflower and handed it to Ludwig, who stared at it with a confused expression.

"You can have it if you want." Feliciano said with a blush on his cheeks. Ludwig's cheeks went a pale pink shade, but he hastily took the flower off of Feliciano and looked at it with a somewhat soft expression on his face.

"If it gets me to my post earlier, I suppose that I can hold onto this for a while." Ludwig mumbled. He looked at the cornflower for a final time, and then put it in the chest pocket of his coat. Feliciano smiled at him again.

"See you tomorrow." Feliciano said with a large smile as he rushed past Ludwig through the fields. He heard Ludwig say something to him, but the rushing noise of the wind through his ear as he ran through the fields cloaked what Ludwig was saying. It probably wasn't that important anyways.

As soon as Feliciano opened the front the front door, he was greeted by what seemed to be a large cluster of people. There were men crowding the corridor, and as Feliciano politely squeezed past them, he noticed that all the doors leading to different rooms were open, with more people inside. Feliciano made his way to the kitchen and found a trio of girls floating around in the kitchen making a whole range of food amongst them, all of them wearing ribbons in their hair. Feliciano looked around him, confused and slightly scared. Just what on earth was going on?

One of the girls turned around, saw Feliciano, and then suddenly giggled and then tapped her friends on their shoulders.

"Oh girls, look, Feli's here!" She gushed, her pigtails tied in neat red ribbons. Her friends gasped in surprise and turned to look with large grins on their face.

"Feliciano, I haven't seen you in such a long time!" A girl with short blonde hair and a lilac ribbon said as she hugged him tightly around the waist.

"Erm…" Feliciano stammered. The girl with the ribbons awed him and started pinching his cheeks suddenly.

"Oh, look at him, he's so cute!" She squealed, as she continued to pinch his cheeks. Feliciano never felt so terrified of girls in his entire life. Feliciano was having enough of this. He shook the girls off of him and started backing away from them slowly.

"I, erm, I have to find my grandpa." Feliciano said in a fake, depressed tone. The girls groaned in unison as Feliciano started to back away slower than before.

"Well, he's in the dining room if you need him, Feli!" A girl with a red hair ribbon said in a helpful tone. Feliciano thanked the girl, made his way out of the kitchen and squeezed past the men again to make his way towards the dining room.

The dining room had six people in there, including Grandpa Roma, Lovino and Antonio. The table was covered with sheets of paper as Grandpa Roma guided a ginger haired man through them all, whilst Antonio and Lovino seemed to be helping two blonde men, one short and one tall. They were mumbling amongst themselves until Roma looked up at Feliciano with a warm smile.

"Ah, there you are, Feli! I would have thought that you would help the girls in the kitchen." Grandpa Roma said with a cheeky wink. Feliciano laughed slightly, and then frowned at Grandpa Roma.

"Grandpa, what's going on? Why are all these people here?" Feliciano asked worryingly. Grandpa Roma eyes flashed for a second, but then he strode towards Feliciano and placed his hands on his shoulders.

"Well, maybe it would be best if I explained all of this to you tomorrow." Grandpa Roma said in a soft voice. One of the men scoffed.

"You haven't told the boy yet?" The man asked in a mocking tone. Feliciano looked around Grandpa Roma to see that it was the red haired man. Feliciano looked at him.

"Told me what?" He asked. The red haired man laughed darkly.

"We're going to starting a revolution." The man said in a blunt tone. Lovino glared at the man darkly. Feliciano frowned but felt his blood grow gold. Revolutions were usually good, a new start, a new beginning in the world. But it was a big world, and of course they had the officers to deal with, and Feliciano wasn't particularly sure that he wanted to encounter an angry officer.

"A revolution…?" Feliciano asked slowly in disbelief.

"Yeah, that's what I said, a revolution. Of course, we're going to have to make a few sacrifices of course, lives will be lost…" The man said in a slight nonchalant tone. Grandpa Roma turned his head to him sharply. Feliciano was trembling.

"Allistor, that's enough." Grandpa Roma hissed. The red haired man sighed heavily at Grandpa Rome heavily and tiredly.

"Let the boy know Roma, for God's sake! If you keep him in the dark, how do you expect him to grow?" The man asked in exasperation, gesturing to Feliciano. But now Feliciano was glancing at Lovino, who was keeping his head down and seemed to be more interested with the papers on the table. He didn't want anyone to lose their lives, especially those he knew and cared about of course. What if it got to the point where Lovino, or Grandpa Roma, or worse, if both of them died? What would he do?

"What are we starting a revolution for?" Feliciano asked softly, still looking at Lovino. Lovino looked up at Feliciano with eyes that burned into him, fierce and brave. Lovino stood up straight, and looked Feliciano straight in the eyes.

"We're going to take the Alpha down." Lovino replied.

The next chapter awaits you