Chapter Eleven – Teacher Student

It was late, or early, depending on how you looked at. Either way it was morning, a bright new day, a fresh start. The two occupants still wide awake in the dungeons new that dawn would be breaking soon, but it still didn't stop them from basking in the contentment of their confessions.

"Say it again."

Hermione giggled, as she rolled over onto her side to face the dark haired wizard.

"I'm not sure I know what you are talking about, Severus." Hermione said, trying her best at acting innocent and oblivious. She knew what he wanted her to say, but she wanted him to say it.

Severus growling was the response to her little act.

"You know exactly what I want to hear witch." Severus said, his onyx eyes never leaving or wavering from her face.

Hermione would have giggled from the intensity of his gaze, if it weren't for the conflicting emotions she could see playing out in the glassy orbs.

It had been only hours earlier since the two of them had finally admitted to their growing attraction, mere hours since they had told each other that they had accepted the other and therefore their rare bond, changing each of their lives.

Hermione was still in denial in some aspects, mainly the fact that someone as amazing as Severus Snape could want her. She knew first hand however that Severus was also plagued by the same insecurities.

Hermione rolled on to her back, as Severus' lean body leant over her, his head bent as he looked down at her. His black eyes shone in the darkness, the light of the slowly dissipating moon catching them through the bedroom window. She gave a contented sigh, inhaling the intoxicating smell of Severus.

The two were quiet for a moment, studying the other, everything between them was so new, and it was escalating so fast.

Hermione gave a tentative smile as she reached out her hand and pushed a stray lock of Severus hair away from his face, her delicate small hand cupping his face, her thumb stroking his aristocratic cheek bones.

"Please, Hermione. I need to hear you say it." Severus asked, his own hand coming into contact with Hermione's cheek.

"Oh, Severus. I'll tell you as many times as I need to, just to make you understand how much I want and need you. I accept you to be my partner, my missing piece to make me whole."

Severus smiled, a smile that reached his eyes.

"You know I don't think I'll ever get sick of hearing that." He said turning back to lay on his side. His arm reached out instinctively to pull Hermione to him. He relaxed when he felt her slender yet curvaceous form mould into his own.

"Sleep Now." He murmured into her hair, the smell of vanilla lulling him into the darkness.

Hermione giggled at Severus, he was so adamant that they remain in bed due to their late night, but it simply was not going to happen, he had already delayed her in her usual morning routine, well her school routine.

The fact was that since the 'incident' with Draco and the subsequent rollercoaster that was their bond. Hermione and Severus had been trapped in their own little bubble of sexual frustration and emotional co-dependence. But today that bubble was going to pop, as today was Monday, the first day of Hermione's return to class, not only since her attack but also since she had chosen to continue down the dangerous path with Severus, which meant that she was now technically in a relationship with one of her teachers.

She knew that they were going to face a lot of adversity, but Hermione had grown up in a world where she had been judged and repressed simply for her blood. The choosing of her paramour was of little concern to anyone except those who mattered to her. And those who did matter to her supported the union, surprisingly.

What concerned Hermione about today was not the possibility of whispers and gossips, which she thoroughly expected with recent events. It was how their public relationship of teacher and student would manifest and affect her budding intimate relationship with Severus.

Over the last couple of days, he had simply been Severus; it had allowed her to look behind the fickle display he put on in class. But his behaviour in that environment was very convincing, so convincing that she was concerned by how their new standing with each other would affect the dynamics in his class as well as their relationship.

She took a deep breath before looking into the liquid chocolate eyes of the man she would spend the rest of her life with. Because she knew that she would, there was no other man out there that would complement her as well as Severus did. He was her equal and she was his.

It was as if in their predestined lives had been perfectly sculpted around the other, what one of them lacked in, the other made up for. Severus was seen to be cold and void of emotion, whilst Hermione was seen to be heartfelt and emotional and welcoming. They were opposites that attracted in the best of ways.

Obviously Hermione knew that Severus wasn't even the slightest bit like his publically perceived image, he was attentive, thoughtful and caring and incredibly loving. She knew how lucky she was to have him.

Hermione smiled down at the man laid underneath her.

"Please, Hermione." He drawled silkily, his smooth baritone voice sending a pang of want to her groin.

Even though they had yet to receive that level of intimacy, knowing full well of the implications it led to, it didn't stop Hermione from wanting him on an animalistic primal level.

Hermione had never thought herself as a sexual being, at times with Draco sex had seemed like a chore, and yet one touch from Severus could elicit feelings from her that she had never had with Draco.

"You know I sometimes wish I knew what was going through that head of yours." Severus said sitting forward and cupping her cheek before kissing her softly on her lips.

His lips were soft against hers, warm and welcoming, pressed against hers momentarily before manipulating them under his own. He knew exactly what she wanted even when she didn't. He licked her bottom lip asking for entry into her hot mouth which Hermione readily granted, eager to deepen the kiss. Hermione gave a groan of displeasure when he pulled away from her, placing one final kiss on her lips, before smirking at the obvious reaction it had caused in her.

Hermione remained sat in her position eyes closed, as she attempted to regulate her breathing which had hitched upon the initial contact of Severus' lips. When she opened her eyes it was to see Severus looking at her intently.

"What?" Hermione asked, a teasing smile playing on the corner of her lips.

Severus reached out once more cupping her face in his large hands, his thumb stroking over her slightly swollen lips.

"I mean it, Hermione. Even though your face and eyes are so animate when you think, I really wish I knew what was going on inside that head of yours." He said with a slight frown.

"It's nothing to worry about." Hermione said, her cheek nuzzling into the warm palm of his hand. "And besides, you know that as soon as the bond is complete and cemented you will have access to my thoughts, and then you'll be begging for me to stop thinking." She said with a smile.

Severus nodded and smiled.

"Yes, I rather imagine I will" he said playfully.

The couple finally made it out of bed, though they were both irrevocably late in their routines to make it to the great hall for breakfast.

The headmaster, noticing their absences had been kind enough to send a house elf with a selection of food, ensuring that the two had an adequate amount of food in them for the day ahead.

It was with a tender and heartfelt kiss that Hermione and Severus parted, with whispered words of reassurance.

"Remember Hermione, our relationship is not known by the wider student body, and therefore I will still be the dreaded potions master, because that is what is expected. If I were to start smiling and acting nice I think Poppy would have a ward full of terrified and shocked students."

Hermione giggled.

"I hardly think that would happen, Severus. You are severely underestimating the student's perception of you. I for one know that the entirety of the girls in the school find you mysteriously handsome. Though I am glad you won't make a habit out of smiling, you look incredible when you do, and I fear I don't want to have to hurt my classmates." She said mischievously.

Severus smirked.

He was still getting used to the compliments from the witch before him, but each positive comment she made about him, made him feel worth more. Years of being something he wasn't had taken its toll, he knew that his change of appearance at the end of the war was dramatic in some sense, but Hermione could still see him, not the aesthetically pleasing aspect, thought she could definitely see that. But it was that she could see that all the changes were all him, none of it was artificial, nothing had been subsidised with glamour charms. It was all him, and she wasn't repulsed by him.

"Come now, witch. There is no competition I assure you. I however have to compete with your peers." Severus screwed his face up at the last word.

He really didn't like the idea of all those dunderheads fighting and fawning over his witch. And he knew they would even if Hermione rejected their advances.

"What are you talking about, Severus? My peers have shown very little interest in me, it has been like that for the last seven years." She said, her arms folded across her chest, which pushed up her breasts, her cleavage peeking out of the shirt due to a few unbuttoned buttons.

The action momentarily stumped Severus' remark as his obsidian eyes were drawn to the expanse of expose peachy supple flesh.

He looked up to Hermione's face to find her quirking an eyebrow.

Severus had the decency to look rather embarrassed, though whether it was for the action or being caught, Hermione didn't know.

"Oh, Hermione. Really? Are you honestly telling me that you don't notice the way they look at you? They practically drool when you walk into a room." Severus asked.

Hermione laughed.

"Really, Severus. I think you're imagining it, they still see me as the bushy haired know-it-all."

Severus winced at the reiteration of the name he had called her since her first year of Hogwarts.

Hermione laughed again.

"Honestly, Severus" she said taking a step forward to cup his face, her small hand touching the surprisingly soft skin. "You have nothing to worry about, none of them could ever live up to the standards I have." She said with a giggle. She backed away from him, moving towards the door.

Severus scowled. "Hang on a second Witch, standards? Pray tell what are these standards your perspective paramours have to meet?" he drawl offhandedly but Hermione could hear the ounce of insecurity laced in his silky voice.

"Come here." She said softly, motioning for Severus to come closer. He did so hesitantly.

Hermione's large amber eyes looked up into the dark pools that were Severus' eyes. He could see every emotion playing in them. Love, Compassion, warmth, but he was surprised at the last one sadness.

"Severus, what I meant was that I already have someone who is a perfect for me in every way, why would I trade that in for someone who can't complete me as much as you? And I fear that even if you were to reject me, I would never be able to find another who makes me as happy as you do."

Severus was surprised to see the tears falling down her face.

"I know this is new" she said choking on her words "But it feels right."

Severus pulled Hermione to him, his arms wrapping around her tightly, pulling her closer. He could hear her sniffling softly against the severe black potion's master robes he wore.

Pulling back he looked into the slightly puffy red face of his witch. He stroked her hair reassuringly, giving her a small smile before speaking.

"Hermione, you are everything to me. I know this is new, and I know that you're scared, but so am I. But we're in this together. One day at a time, Ok? You and me."

Hermione nodded and gave a watery laugh.

The two, running increasingly late for their day ahead, embraced quickly and parted with a chaste kiss on the lips, before separating to go to their respective classes.

The whispers started quickly, too quickly for Hermione's liking. She had been the last to arrive to DADA, and was grateful to Harry and Ron who had saved her, her usual seat, which would put her between her two best friends.

The room had been silent when she entered, the new DADA professor having set them silent study, NEWTs were coming up after all. However upon entering the classroom, the class had erupted in whispers.

Apparently word had got around about her and Draco.

She noticed many of her female classmates glaring at her with hateful intent. Of course they would take Draco's side, their lustful and longing looks at the now empty seat in which Draco used to sit, only proved to back up that point.

What she hadn't expected to see was the lustful and longing looks she was receiving.

'Damn, Severus!'

She'd have never noticed the looks if it hadn't been for him pointing it out to her. The looks made her uncomfortable, they were intense, possessive, lecherous and above all unwelcome.

She looked at her classmates from the door, her eyes landing on the Slytherin side of the room, even after the war there was still a house divide. Hermione shivered at the decidedly ominous gaze from Blaise Zabini, before her warm amber eyes met watery blue ones.

Blue eyes that held misery and sadness, however the most shocking of all, seen so clearly in the glassy orbs, understanding.

Hermione gasped.

Pansy Parkinson was the Slytherin Princess, as the Hogwarts students had dubbed her.

Draco had told her some months ago that Pansy had been his betrothed, that was before he had 'chose' her of course.

Hermione knew that Pansy and Draco had history. They had been together from 1st to 5th year, as far as she recalled.

If Hermione was honest she had never thought twice about the girl. Pansy had never been particularly nasty in their younger years, and as far as she was aware there hadn't been any ill wishes or intent toward her and Draco's relationship.

It shocked Hermione to realise that for the last year Pansy Parkinson didn't seem to do much of anything anymore. The dark haired girl could usually been seen giggling and gossiping with the rest of her friends in Slytherin house, but now, nothing. She had all but disappeared from Hogwarts.

Hermione didn't understand why she was thinking about this now, but staring into those watery blue eyes, Hermione felt compelled.

Noting the empty chair next to the withdrawn girl, Hermione for went her seat with the boys, in favour of approaching the empty seat, shocking not only her classmates, but herself as well.

Lucius Malfoy stood in front of the large blazing hearth. His silver eyes juxtaposition to the warmth of the fire. His eyes were unfeeling, cold and dead, much like the man. In his hand he held a crystal tumbler of firewhiskey. Ogden's finest, of course.

The man was lost in thought, he'd had a very trying few weeks. With the death of Narcissa he had been deprived of female company, not that the company mattered in the slightest to Lucius. He was more bothered by the fact that he was being deprived a willing body in which to do with as he pleased. He refused to sully himself with a whore, and they always complained about his rough treatment of them.

But no matter he had a plan, a plan that would soon see the pent up sexual energy released, a plan that included Hermione Granger.

Lucius knew that the plan he had help Draco develop to obscure the Mudblood was in motion. But what his dim-witted son didn't know was that he had made 'alternative' arrangements. Oh the plan would still go ahead, but the outcome would be different, so very different.

If he had his way, and he would, his traitor of a son would be dead within the month, and the prized mudblood would be the breeding cow of his rightful heir.

Whilst Lucius despised her bloodline he knew that the girl was powerful, he'd seen her skills on the battle field. To team her 'magical' ability with his good breeding, looks, power, influence and prestige, Lucius knew that his heir would be truly and inherently powerful, and he knew that this heir would live to be the perfect example of a Malfoy.

Of course once the girl had fulfilled her role, Lucius would dispose of her.


He couldn't make his mind up: to finally rid the wizarding world of the incessant woman or keeping her as his own personal whore.

He quite favoured them both.

He wasn't quite repulsed at performing on the girl, he could feel his cock stirring at the thought of it. He had been rather excited after their encounter at Flourish and Blotts. He had thought of nothing but the feel of her unwilling body under his ever since. It was leaving him in a constant state of arousal.

He revelled in the initial thought of the first time he sheathed himself inside her, using her lithe little body for nothing but his pleasure. Taking her against her will, her cry and begging urging him on to release.

Of course the fact that he would be taking the girl out from under his old friends nose only made it that much sweeter.

With a sigh, Lucius shifted his position, a lecherous leer marring his otherwise ethereal face. Yes, the plan would go ahead, and the girl would be his.


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