It all started with a boy...

(Wait, scratch that. We all know about the kid who defeated a dark lord without actually doing a damn thing, so why not skip that whole bit, eh? If you haven't heard his story directly from the book or at least read thousands of similar variations, then clearly you are just now getting addicted to fanfiction.)

In an effort to avoid his idiotic relatives who shouldn't have been a hundred feet near him because of a conniving old goat who should have really known better or at least listened to someone who isn't senile as him, his magic took him far far away...

How far you ask?

Try past a veil no one remembers and is quite happy to have nothing to do with wizards and their ingrained stupidity.

It was a world of shinobi, demons and general insanity. I am talking of course, about the wonderful insane world of Naruto. (Anko and Gaara are GODS. You must submit!)

The Sanbi was pissed. The old geezer who controlled his last host had found him, and was sure to make a very good effort to control his next one, if he hadn't forced them to use another Anti-Kekkei Genkai idiot like Yagura.

He didn't have any issues with Kekkei Genkai (hard to have one when your creator did and you actually liked him) but the whole prejudice out of jealousy bit was old. And he really, really didn't want to be in another brat with dreams of grandeur.

So it came as a surprise when an almost toddler appeared out of nowhere in front of him, and for some reason wasn't being affected by his youki. Hell, the kid was still sleeping!

So he careful moved his tail towards the brat, and quickly reeled back.

The kid was a madoushi, which hadn't been seen since the Sage's time! What was he doing here?!

An idea occurred to him, one that amused him greatly. If he couldn't avoid the monster that corrupted his last host, then he could still keep the humans from using him again.

It was a little shared secret that the tailed demons could shift their forms. They didnt like using it because doing so meant they had to work at discovering their abilities in the new form.

Their previous forms would remain, but they would be little more than balls of negative energy. They would have no memories or power over their summon set.

Nearly two days later, the three tail demon shrugged off it's previous form and examined the new one. It had been chosen for him by the child right outside the barrier.

It didn't know what this form was, only that the creature was ancient and powerful. The fins were irritating, but nothing it couldn't handle. The only thing that annoyed it was the fact that the creature was strictly water based, and would have great difficulty attacking on land.

However what it lacked in ability to move on land, it made up in sheer power and deadliness.

The only variation that the Sanbi had to the actual creature was an extra fin on it's tail. Little more than an odd growth really, because this creature was definitely the perfect aquatic killer.

The child giggled when it saw him, and even reached a pudgy hand out to the demon.

Which meant he wasn't afraid. Good.

Now for the hard part. The humans thought that the only way to contain a bijuu was to seal it away behind their constructs. This was only half right. What the measly monkeys didn't know was that a demon like him could be contained without a long as they chose the vessel.

But years of sealing him and the others into humans against their will had caused the demons to try avoid being sealed altogether. The humans believed themselves superior to the demons and their vessels were even worse.

He carefully touched the child, the fin was as rough as the bark on the trees. The child giggled, and reached out to tough the fin. It seemed to go all too slowly, but in reality it took only an hour...and he was inside the child.

The boy had amazing reserves of natural magic...and thanks to him would have higher than average chakra reserves. He could supplant the boy's mind and take over, but that could prove to be a bad idea later.

Especially if that man appeared again. He didn't want to be controlled like that twice.

Once the sealing was finished, he found his vessel to be comfortable, very comfortable indeed. It seemed without the seal holding him back, he actually had room to move around. Now, to insure the child would survive...

Tapping into the child's natural reserves, he used the boy's magic to teleport them someplace where he would be trained.

A few hours later someone finally found him and took him in. It would be years before anyone realized that the mass of chakra left behind by the transformation and sealing wasn't the real bijuu, and by that time it would already be too late to do anything about it.

Yuki sat on the branch, above the river. It had been five years ago that he had been found by his master, Kisame. When asked why he took the infant in to be trained as his apprentice, Kisame would always mentions the child's strangely large chakra reserves. So far, his decision had proven to be a smart one.

Yuki was at the top of his classes, both in skill and intelligence. His only failing was the fact that he had a soft heart when it came to others his age.

Unlike everyone else in his class, he didn't actually hate the kekkei genkai users. He honestly could care less about them, unless they were so mad that they had to be taken down.

Which was probably why he shared his lunch with a street urchin he found who didn't have a name. He couldn't tell whether it was a boy or girl, but he could sense that the kid had an active kekkei genkai.

The kid, once he/she got used to his presence and the fact that he honestly could care less about his ability, got used to his presence. Yuki actually liked them enough to claim that the kid was his best friend. He (he was just going to assume the kid was a boy) actually listened to him and his complaints about Kisame not letting him near his sword Samehada, despite all evidence that he wouldn't be harmed by it.

(For reasons unknown, Samehada never tried to leech his chakra, and even let Yuki hold it without trying to shred his hand. It baffled Kisame, but he never allowed him near the sword or even use it.)

Today was the day that he would take the graduation exam. It had been changed ten years ago so they wouldn't have to kill their dorm mate.

Yuki had shocked the hell out of his Master by thanking Zabuza for killing his classmates ten years ago. Zabuza had laughed his ass off when he saw the look on Kisame's face.

Yuki got off the branch and dropped to the water below. He had learned how to water walk when he was six. It didn't help that Kisame had thrown real kunai at him so that he could run and dodge on water as if he were on land.

For some strange reason, he felt more at home on the water. He took to walking on it like it was breathing, which pleased Kisame to no end.

But that was nothing compared to how he swam. It was something of a shock to the man that Yuki could swim faster than he could under water! And he had no issues breathing underwater for some reason.

Yuki ran to his dorm to get ready for the graduation ceremony. Unlike the other students, Yuki was an unofficial hunter nin. He had been since last year when the head of the kekkei genkai hunters started taking him to kill the cursed blood in nearby villages.

Yuki had killed at least five kekkei genkai carriers...but he never regretted it because the people he killed were beyond saving. Their madness made them a danger to everyone near them. Yuki was a master of silent killing, which was why he observed his targets before attacking.

It had already been a year since Yuki had graduated at top of his class, and he already had ten kills to his name. Most of them were of the cursed blood who went mad. He even had a bounty to his kill credit. It was a small one, but it was still impressive.

He walked into his small bathroom, prepared to wash the blood off. Kisame hadn't let him neglect his sword training, despite the fact that Yuki had become a hunter. It was no small feat that Yuki could beat a chunin ten years older than him using only kenjutsu.

As he passed his small mirror, he noticed something odd. Wondering what was different, he looked closer...and reeled back in shock.

His eyes, which were deep emerald in color, looked like he was a blind man! The veins around his eyes were bulging, and he could see the chakra in his body moving. It was highly unnerving.

Looking at his hands, he could see tiny pinpricks of chakra that never moved, but rather pulsed in a regular manner.

He had unlocked a kekkei genkai that he didn't know he had! This was beyond disastrous!

It took him a good ten minutes to figure out that he had to stop the chakra from being channeled into his eyes in order for them to go back to normal. But now that he knew about his bloodline limit, he had to leave least as long as the whole cursed blood lies were still around.

But he couldn't leave his home without setting the groundwork for survival.

The only good thing about this whole mess was that he had an advantage over the other kekkei genkai users.

He knew how the hunters were trained. And he had almost full access to chunin and above jutsu thanks to Kisame. He had given him full access to the jounin library and the people knew that he had the reserves to actually use the jutsu in there.

Yuki had discovered an odd talent he had. If he touched a jutsu and then a blank scroll, he could copy whatever was written on the first. While odd, most people were willing to believe it was because of his odd chakra. He normally used it on seals to use later.

Which was why, once he found out that he had a bloodline, he immediately started preparing to abandon Kiri.

First thing he needed to do was plan an escape route. Despite his age, he more or less worked alone because of his ability to hold his breath indefinitely underwater, which was how he killed his targets.

It was relatively easy to plan a visible escape route (which he would leave plenty of marks to make people think that was the route he took) and the one he would actually take.

Yuki was a water/earth type user. Water came as no surprise, but the earth had. He had studied how to move in the earth like he did the water, and it took him a year to pull it off. He was completely invisible whenever he did it.

His second task was to copy as many jutsu as he could. Fortunately it wasn't out of character for him to check out tons of scrolls only to return them a week later. Or to be seen trying them out on the lake. Kisame was big on training yourself when he didn't want you.

His third task was to pack enough survival gear to make it outside of the Land of Water. Thanks to his training, he could tell poisonous plants from safe ones. And he could catch more fish than anyone in Kiri ever could. (Not to mention the fact that he learned how to cook when he was five, and was the one who prepared almost all the food for Kisame and himself.)

His last task, which could easily get him killed, was to take his friend with him. He wasn't going to leave the only person he considered a friend to die by the other hunters.

It was time. Exactly one year after unlocking his bloodline limit by accident in his bathroom, he was ready to abandon his home. The risks were simply too great for him to stay, especially since he worked alongside the largest supporters of the purge.

He went to the bridge where his friend had started to hang out more and more often...and watched as a Jounin who recently went rogue took his friend away. He could tell that the boy would be safe, because Zabuza was never one of those people who believed in the purge to begin with.

Safe in the knowledge that his friend would at least be safe from the purge, he made his way to his escape route. He hadn't left a notice of his defection, but he had left a large mess that would take several days to clean up. His destruction of the Hunter headquarters was sure to keep them busy long enough to leave the Land of Water and into the Land of Fire.

Several Weeks Later...

Yuki was tired, and planned to find a safe place to camp underground for the night. Ever since he nearly destroyed the Hunter Headquarters in Kiri, they had been after him. Fortunately he had given them the slip in Wave, so it would take them a long while to find him. It didn't hurt that he was naturally small, so he wouldn't stand out. Months of talking to his old friend had given him queues to act as a normal street urchin.

Because of that trick, no one ever suspected he was a borderline chunin on the run.

Just as he was about to search for food, he heard someone coming.

Sending out a light chakra pulse that most nin would never notice unless they looked for it, he detected a squad of four...and one odd chakra signature that didn't match theirs.

The squad felt like clouds and lightning, which usually meant Kumo. The fifth felt like flames and Forest. That meant Leaf.

His curiousity got the better of him, and he went for a look.

A four man squad from Kumo was escorting a hostage from the Leaf. Which made absolutely no sense. The area he was in was mid way to Konoha, so he was still in Leaf territory. Why were Kumo nin taking a hostage Leaf shinobi out of Konoha? Shouldn't it be the other way around? And where was the man's team?

Something didn't smell right. And that man looked like he was being held hostage.

Mind made up, Yuki grinned as he planned to blame the attack on Kiri ninja.

He dove into the ground like it was water...and struck without warning.

The fight was more or less one sided, as the Kumo nin were killed before they realized where the attack was coming from. He left one alive...but the man was so badly wounded that he had to retreat. Just to be sure that the Mist would be blamed, he allowed his old hunter mask to fall off.

The Kumo nin spotted it, and grabbed it before running. At the very least Kiri would be blamed. It didn't hurt that he had unleashed the Hidden Mist jutsu, which was a trademark of Kiri on the group.

When he insure that the three he killed stayed dead, he found the Konoha nin staring at him with some surprise.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Yuki. What the hell were those Kumo nin doing this deep in Leaf territory?"

"...They were escorting me to Kumo in exchange for the man we killed last month."

"I thought there was a peace treaty being signed?"

"How long have you been out in the wild?"

"About two weeks. Why?"

"The treaty was a hoax. They attempted to kidnap the Hyuuga heiress and the ambassador was killed. They demanded the head of the Hyuuga clan to pay for the death of their own."

"This is why I hate politics. So just to be clear, the idiots attempted to kidnap one of the Leaf's most powerful clan's heir, failed and you're the schmuck paying the price?"

The man sweatdropped.

"Pretty much. So what is a Kiri nin doing here?"

"Former Kiri nin. I accidentally unlocked a bloodline and had to get out of there."

"What bloodline?"

Yuki said nothing, and just activated it. The look on the other man's face was priceless.

"But...that looks like the Byakugan!"


"Can you see the chakra pathways?"

"For about fifty feet, why?"

"I don't understand, how could a Kiri nin have the Byakugan?"

Yuki deactivated it and looked annoyed.

"I had to leave an apprenticeship with one of the Seven Swordsmen and a job as a Hunter nin because of this stupid thing. It took me months to figure out how to even use it right!"

"What else have you been able to do?"

"Aside from finding out that I now have a knack for medical jutsu? Not much."

He hid a sigh of relief. Clearly the kid hadn't figured out how to do the Gentle Fist technique.

"On the other hand, my chakra enhanced senbon have become a lot more painful whenever I hit the pulsing dots," Yuki said offhandedly.

That caught his attention. So the kid had been experimenting with the Gentle Fist, just not with his hands.

"What are your plans?"

"I was planning on heading into Leaf, until I realized that out of all my things I forgot to grab my passport."

The man grinned.

"Since you just hit the Kumo party with an ambush and made it look like a Hunter attacked, I dare say that I can vouch for you."

"Thanks. What's your name anyway?"

"Hizashi Hyuuga."

"Well Hizashi, it's a pleasure to meet you!" chirped Yuki. His stomach growled and he looked sheepish.

"Before that, let's head back to my camp."

"I didn't see any on the way here."

"That's because I was about to sink it into a small enough cavern to sleep at the night."

Hizashi raised an eyebrow, clearly not believing him.

Yuki waited until Hizashi was settled in, and then made the handsigns.

"Earth Style: Hidden Cavern no Jutsu!"

The earth around the circle sunk in slowly enough not to alarm his new traveling partner, but quickly enough to suit Yuki. The only indication that there was even anyone there was the smoke, which Yuki disguised with a simple genjutsu. As long as the smoke didn't billow outside the field, no one would even know they were there!

Hizashi was clearly impressed by Yuki's field knowledge, as the smoke was almost nonexistent and didn't billow. The plants he picked were edible, and the fish was cooked to perfection.

As the only active chakra was the genjustu, he would have been hard put to realize anyone was there.

The two went to sleep, never knowing that a Leaf patrol had just passed by. They had been following Hizashi just in case, and they were all Hyuuga. They never even noticed the genjutsu hiding the smoke.