Haru was not a happy camper. Because of a minor error in his paperwork (he suspected their 'client' to be the culprit) he was stuck in 4th year when he had already tested into fifth, according to the age groupings. Haru only put up with it because it meant he would be sharing the same classes as Naruto and the others.

Though he was going to make damn sure that the old cat-woman McGonagall didn't call up the name Harry Potter. Luckily the Sanbi was more than happy to cast the genjutsu. Besides, it's not like the senile wizard would realize what he did until it was too late anyway.

On the plus side, Hinata had been sent in by Hiashi to quote "Keep him from tarnishing the Hyuuga name" end quote. Haru knew full well Hinata had magic...she occasionally made things explode from her pent up emotions.

"Hyuuga, Hinata!"


"Momochi, Haku!"


Haru quickly cast the genjutsu under his robes. No one saw the movement.

"Uzumaki, Haru!"


"Uzumaki, Karin!"


"Uzumaki, Naruto!"


Dumbledore frowned. He specifically told that old piece of fabric to put the boy in Gryffindor. And why had McGonagall said Haru Uzumaki when he clearly remembered putting down Harry Potter?

For the first couple of months since the sorting, Haru was bored out of his mind, acting like a normal student. So were the others, though Hinata finally got the courage to confess to Naruto after Haru slipped something in her drink one afternoon. It still amazed him that out of all the other Hyuuga, only Hinata had enough magic to attend.

Then again she spent the most time around Haru, aside from Neji of course, so maybe being around him for a prolonged period unlocked it?

Then again, according to their 'client', things were going to pick up shortly after Naruto's birthday. Something about a tournament between schools. Haru didn't particularly care, as he just had his henged clones do his homework and look up runes while he worked on his secondary (and according to the Hyuuga clan far less terrifying) hobby.

Haru liked fireworks, and ever since coming to Konoha, had been learning how to make his own. So far he was an expert in homemade explosive tags (another source of income for him, as he sold them to the ANBU through Tenten), but he had little luck making fireworks.

Then Naruto introduced him to a pair of twins named Fred and George. Once they got over their initial distaste for all thing Slytherin, their cackles sent shivers down the spines of anyone who heard them.

Then there was Hogsmeade village. As tranquil and peaceful as it was, it had little action and didn't appeal to Haru at all. He tended to spend those weekends near the lake. He had scared more than one muggleborn when they saw the distinct fin and shape of a great white shark.

To his eternal amusement, he learned of the movie Jaws and started to drag empty plastic barrels behind him just to see their reaction.

According to Hogwarts grapevine, he had terrified many of they students so badly that they no longer dared to come close to the lake.

Naruto still laughed about that.

Haru had several clones henged as Naruto, Haku, himself and the twins. Once the other schools did their performance, Haru would place Dumbledore under a triple layered genjutsu and they would do their own performance. They had been setting this up for an entire month, ever since Haru had finally gotten the ingredients they needed.

His parents account was very useful in getting illegal amounts of black powder, among other things.

Dumbledore was about to draw his wand when Haru activated the illusion.

As far as anyone knew, Dumbledore was there the entire show. In reality Haru used a replacement jutsu on him and directed everything through radios.

"And now, some of our students would like to give us all a show! Boys, if you would?"

The shrill sound of the first firework drew everyone's attention to the ceiling. Haru had theorized that since it was charmed to show the night sky, then it would be perfect for fireworks.

Bursts of color, magical creatures made of flames and chemicals...everyone loved the show. And then there was the grand final, one of Haru's best.

A blast of color like a miniature rainbow cleared the sky (think of a Sonic Rainboom like in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and you get the general idea) to the applause of everyone.

Haru (real one, as the clone was in place of Dumbledore...not like anyone noticed) and the others walked in to the cheers of the students, both local and foreign. Even the other headmasters were impressed by the display.

Naturally the twins were hamming it up.

'Dumbledore' beamed at them before giving them each twenty points. Surprisingly enough, the counters actually allowed it, even if it wasn't the real headmaster.

Haru was half asleep on guard duty (none of the shinobi trusted something like an Age Line to keep the determined idiots out, especially if a teacher tried to pull something) when he noted someone who wasn't supposed to be there near the cup.

A single kunai brought the infiltrator short.

"Who's there?" he barked.

Haru came into the light. It was Moody, or someone who was trying to act like him. He grinned. Perhaps this year wouldn't be boring after all.

A brief scuffle, and Haru had the man hogtied with Moody's wand in his hand. He took the flask the fake always had on him and took a sniff. Whatever it was, it stank to high heaven to his shinobi senses. Before he took a sip (to insure that it wasn't alcoholic or poison, he conferred with the Sanbi to insure he lived through any effects of the potion.

One of the side effects to being a Jinchuriki was that they filtered a lot of crap out of the host's system. Only the extremely potent or anything geared towards harming them would do any damage.

He took barely a cap full, but that was enough to take effect. Finding himself as a Moody double was not how he wanted to spend the night. A quick set of clones, and they were hobbling off to see Snape.

"THIS HAD BETTER BE LIFE THREATENING OR SO HELP ME I WILL TURN YOU INTO POTION INGREDIENTS!" roared Snape. Tonight was his night off patrol, so being woken out of a sound sleep naturally pissed him off.

Seeing two Moodys and a trio of Haru however stopped any murderous tendencies rather quick.

"What in blazes is going on here?!"

The first Moody handed him a familiar flask, though he wobbled a bit with the support of the Haru clone.

Snape took a sniff.


"Found this idiot trying to tamper with the goblet. Decided to bring him here to you since you're the only teacher in this damn school with any sense," said the first Moody flatly.

"And who are you?" demanded Snape.

"Uzumaki Haru. Took a sip of that crap to see what effects it has. Coincidentally, how long will this last? Having only one leg is highly irritating."

"How long ago did you drink it?"

"About ten, fifteen minutes ago."

"Come sit in here for another 45, and you'll return to normal. What about him?" said Snape promptly.

"I put his lying ass under an illusion. Once this crap wears off we can decide what to do with him."

Snape smirked coldly. Anyone who ruined his night was going to be his next test subject unless circumstances forced him otherwise.

And he had quite a few experimental potions he wanted to force feed to idiots.

Half an hour later, Snape was staring at the still unfocused face of Barty Crouch Jr.

He swore...now he would have to turn the fool over instead of making him suffer horribly. Haru took note of those curses...they were rather creative.

Once the Polyjuice in Haru's system ran it's course, Snape floo'd the Aurors. Amelia Bones, aunt to Susan Bones of Hufflepuff (and one of Hinata's dormmates) arrived to deal with the Death Eater.

Because the madman was still under genjutsu, he didn't put up a fight until he was far, far from the castle. He wouldn't be Haru's problem anymore either.

A few days later, Haru was staring blankly at Dumbledore, who had just read his name out of the cup. Something Haru thought he had prevented by exposing the fake Moody and helping the real one out of his own trunk.

Apparently the Death Eater was better at slight of hand than Haru would have given him credit for.

Karin poked him with a senbon, since as a rule all three Uzumaki's tended to eat together at meal times. Hinata too, since she and Naruto had finally started to date.

"No and hell no! I am not getting dragged into this mess! This stupid thing is bound to be dead boring!"

As Haru proceeded to call Dumbledore every name under the sun (Snape was taking notes for later) someone finally had the sense of mind to knock him out cold and drag his ass to where the others were waiting.

That person was Naruto.

Needless to say Snape was very amused and planned to give both boys a cookie for that rather entertaining show. The look on Dumbledore's face was hysterical! The pinched one on McGonagall for the amount of creative swears that boy launched in the span of exactly ten seconds, even more so.

Though like Snape, Flitwick had taken notes of the swears used for later use.

"Ok, who the hell hit me and how do they want to die," growled Haru.

He spotted a grinning Naruto and deadpanned "I will ban you from ramen for a month. I am going to get the house elves to not give you any as punishment."

"No! Not my ramen!" cried Naruto with anime tears. It was hard enough suffering the house elves attempts at it! And Haru had control of the sealing scrolls they were in!

As one of the officials proudly came in, declaring Haru the fourth champion, he wisely shut his trap when Haru leveled a healthy dose of KI at him.

Haru did not suffer idiots, Naruto notwithstanding.

"First off, I would like to complain that I already caught the idiot responsible for putting my name in that cup a week ago. A convicted Death Eater was caught and arrested for infiltrating Hogwarts. I was a bit busy dealing with him, so I never noticed the paper go in. secondly I want it on record that any points I get should be given to Hufflepuff as Cedric is the only legitimate champion for Hogwarts. I have little to no interest in the house cup. If, however I do win, then any fame shall go to my home village rather than to the school. And for the record, Headmaster Dumbledore, I complained about the piss poor security around the cup before you even put up that half assed age line."

Snape nodded in agreement.

"I was witness to his complaints about the poor security. Haru pointed out that a teacher should have been present to witness any names placed in the cup to avoid an older student placing one of the younger years in as a prank."

"Do you really have such little faith in your own students?" asked Madam Maxime.

Haru looked at her and gave a respectful bow before speaking.

"Madam, I can point out a number of known pranksters and bullies in Gryffindor alone. I can say with absolute honesty that I wouldn't put it past some of the more cold hearted students to put a younger student in just to watch them fail. And let's face it, this is the same school that produced You-Know-Who and his legion of terror."

McGonagall and Dumbledore bristled a bit at that comment. Snape tried not to snicker...Haru was quickly becoming his favorite student the way he riled those two up.

Eventually they were allowed to leave, but Snape went in with Haru to the dungeons in order to keep his Snakes from doing something idiotic, like antagonizing him.

Avery was about to start in on the foreigner when Snape cleared his throat. Absolute silence reigned.

"As you are no doubt aware, Haru Uzumaki has been picked as an unofficial fourth champion. What you do not know is that Haru is responsible for capturing an infiltrator sent to try and harm the other students. He brought this imposter straight to me and the man has since been thrown into Azkaban. Now before any of you try to harass Mr. Uzumaki, you should also know that he is not a supporter of Dumbledore or McGonagall. As he so kindly pointed out, any one of the older students could have put in someone else's name, particularly the Weasly twins as they are known pranksters."

Nott carefully raised his hand. Snape nodded at him.

"Sir, do you mean to say that you will stand by this...foreigner?" he said carefully.

"Considering he was standing guard at the cup to keep any one of you from being chosen unfairly, yes. I would like to see my Snakes display the cunning that this house is supposed to be known for, rather than the baseless ambitions that seem to be rampant these past few years."

Draco stood up.

"This is the Slytherin house. Since one of our own was unjustly chosen, there is only one thing we can do, isn't there?"

Every Slytherin straightened up.

"Who are we?" Zabini began.

"We are proud Slytherins!" chanted the house.

"What do we do when one of our own is unjustly accused?" Draco called out.

"We stand up for our own, because no one else will!" they chanted back.

"And why do the other houses fear us?" said Pansy.

"We are sneaky, backstabbing bastards who only help if there is something in it for us, and damn proud of it!" they chanted back.

"No doubt the Gryffindorks will complain that a Slytherin is getting all the glory. But thanks to Haru, the Badgers will at least be on our side, to a point. Let's show them Hufflepuff isn't the only house in this school that will stand up for it's own, against all odds!" said Snape.

The Snakes cheered, and Haru felt oddly touched.

It was just like being back home in Konoha and someone had tried to discredit the Hyuuga clan through him. Instead of throwing him to the wolves, they backed him up.

"I still can't understand why you continue to hang out with that slimy Slytherin!" said Ron. Naruto glared at him.

He didn't like Ron much after seeing him all but bully Neville into sharing his homework.

"Because Haru happens to be my big brother, and to be fair I don't see what the big deal is anyway."

"They're Slytherins! They're nothing but evil!"

"What do you have to base this universal fact on?" demanded Naruto.

It was times like these that his actual intelligence shown through.

"They're Slytherins," said Ron, as if speaking to an idiot.

"That's all you got?" said Naruto.

"What more do I need?" countered Ron.

"You...are...an...idiot," said Naruto, turning away from the boy to go talk to Neville instead. As far as he was concerned, this argument was over.

Ron glared at Naruto like he had committed a grave crime against humanity.