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This oneshot is set a few days after "Fanged and Furious". It's in Sarah's point of view.

Disclaimer: I, GabyS.99, sadly do not own the awesomeness that is My Babysitter's a Vampire. Disney and Teletoon do, not me…..sadly.

Ethan's Jacket

Sarah's POV

"It's so cold!" I said. Sure, I'm a vampire and all but I still get cold. Me and Ethan were walking home in cold weather since my car decided to break down this morning. Even though Ethan had his permit he didn't have a car. Something tells me that after the whole 'vampire possesed car' incident he wasn't getting one soon.

Benny didn't come to school today, Rory was out being Rory and Erica was probably out looking for "dinner." This left me and Ethan alone.

"Here," Ethan said. Then he put his jean jacket around me. I turned to see him with a shy smile and he was blushing. "Ethan I can't take your jacket, your probably colder than me." I said. "Nah, it's ok. I have like four shirts on so I'm not really cold." he said, pulling at his long sleeved shirt. "Ok, if your sure."

While we kept on talking I couldn't help but notice his jacket smelled like him. Not of his blood of course, that would be weird. It smelled... nice. Kind of a musky woods smell. I was so lost in the smell I didn't notice we reached the street where we had to part ways.

"I'll see you later, Sarah." Ethan started to turn around. "Wait! What about your jacket?" I asked. "You can give it to me later." With that he kept walking home.

A Week Later

I was looking in my closet for a jacket that matched my outfit but I found none. Yeah I have a lot of jackets but I didn't feel like wearing one of them. I kept looking when I found Ethan's jacket. The one he let me borrow last week. I took it out and smelled it. Even if its been in my closet for a week it still smelled like him. I decided to wear it and give it to him today. It went with my outfit but it was a little too big for me.

I got to school and saw Ethan at his locker. "Hey, Ethan" I said when I reached him. He turned around and smiled. "Hey, Sarah. What's up?" "Nothing, just wanted to return your jacket" He looked confused at first but then smiled when he saw me wearing it. "Oh, uh, thanks Sarah. I forgot about that." he said. I took it off and was about to give it to him when I thought of something. "On second thought, do you mind if I keep it a while longer? I'm still kinda cold." He smiled and blushed. "Sure. Keep it as long as you like, Sarah."

Hope you enjoyed! As for the smell of Ethan's jacket, just think of a good guy smell. I got the smell from Bath & Body Works' twilight woods for men since I love the one for girls. Which I, of course don't own the rights to and all that.

Remeber this was set a few days after "Fanged and Furious" so a lot of the stuff's thats happend haven't happen yet. Speaking of stuffs thats happended, what are you guys thinking of Season 2!? It's awesome!

I'm using Wordpad to write this so again please excuse any mistakes. I tried my best.

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