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I did play with the pairings. Sylvia is my character based on my sister. (Hope you like it Mosha!) Kathryn is based (or sort of) on Terry Fox, great Canadian hero.

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Summary: 'Statistically possible, but an unlikely occurrence.' That's what Charlie would say, but what does Don say when he faces that situation?

Charlie was eating breakfast as Don and a strange female agent came into the house.

"Hi Charlie." Don said, "This is agent Kathryn Storm. She'll be helping us with this case. Agent Storm, this is my brother Charles Eppes. He consults with us a lot."

"Hi." Charlie extended his hand. "Charlie."

"My friends call me Kathy." Kathy said. She shook his hand. She was tall-ish with long brown hair and indigo eyes.

"Here's the information." Don said handing his a file. "We can't find anything of importance. Maybe you can." His hand sneaked towards a piece of toast.

"Actually I don't think I can help with this." Charlie said reading the file, he slapped Don's hand away from the toast. "But I do know someone who can."

FBI office:

Charlie, Don and Kathy entered the tech room.

"Don, Kathy. This is Sylvia. She's an expert on forensic sciences, works with LAPD." Charlie said. Sylvia looked up from her spot on the computer. She had blue-grey eyes and black brown hair. "Hi Sylvia. This is my brother Don Eppes and this is-"

"Special Agent Kathryn Storm." Sylvia finished.

"Hi Sylv." Kathy said. "This is my sister." She explained to the brothers.

"Kathy and I grew up together in Canada." Sylvia said.

"I moved down here with a few years with RMCP.*" Kathy said.

"I guess I followed." Sylvia said. "Kathy always needs a big sister to look after her."

Kathy smiled. "Okay big sis. Show us what you got." The two sister bent over a computer terminal.

Later, conference room:

"So have you got anything?" Don asked as he entered the room.

"I have a program which is running the DNA and it might tell us where the suspect lives." Sylvia said.

"Oh, great. Another Charlie." Colby muttered.

"I heard that." Charlie and Sylvia said at the same time.

"Busted!" Megan whispered.

Sylvia's computer beeped. "I got it." She said.

Kathy looked over her shoulder and wrote down the address.

"I call shot gun!" she yelled.

"Other shot gun!" Colby said. Don, Megan and David followed them out.

"Is your sister always that energetic?" Charlie asked.

"Some times." Sylvia said. Her eyes twinkled happily.

The FBI agents got to the house.

"Colby, David take a team and cover the back." Don instructed. "Megan, Kathy with me."

Megan and Kathy positioned themselves on either side of the door.

"Ready?" Don asked.

"Ready." Megan said.

"Ready." Colby said over the radio.

"Okay. Execute!" the doors flew open and the agents poured in.




Megan holstered her gun and looked at the kitchen table.

"He must have left in a hurry." She said.

"Okay," Don shook his head. "Let's get an APB-" Don cut himself short as the world took a sickening tilt.

Megan looked at her partner. He looked slightly pale. "Don, are you okay?"

Don nodded. he immediately regretted that as his breakfast nearly made its reappearance. "Alert LAPD and-" Don's legs gave out from underneath him.

"Don!" Megan screamed. She knelt beside her partner. "Someone get a medic!" Colby and David rushed in to see what the commotion was about.

"Don! Go get help!" He yelled at Kathy. She looked frozen to the spot. "Go!" Kathy unfroze and ran out of the room.

"Don!" Megan shook his shoulders, none so gently. "Don!" his eyes opened feebly.

"Don can you hear me?" Colby demanded.

Don nodded slightly. He hissed something illegible,

"What's that Don?" Megan asked.

"Don't… tell… Charlie." Don whispered. His breath came out in uneven gasps. "Don't tell Charlie."

His eyes drifted shut again.

"Don, stay with us!" David yelled. Don's eyes twitched a bit but stayed close.

Kathy returned with the EMTs. They pushed the team out of the way. One of them checked his pulse while the other one put a oxygen mask over Don's face.

Megan, David, Kathy and Colby watched as they rushed Don away.

Don opened his eyes. The sterile lights made him squint. There was something over his mouth. He raised his hand to push it off. Someone pushed his hand back down.

"Agent Eppes, can you hear me?"

Don nodded.

"Have you collapsed like this before?"

Don slowly shook his head. Then nodded.

"Can you tell me about it?"

Don gave a halfhearted shrug. His mouth not responding to his thoughts. The other time he collapsed, he was alone at his apartment. He kept it hidden from everyone.

"Agent Eppes are you still with me?" the EMT asked.

Don nodded mutely.

"What's wrong with me?" Don asked quietly.

"It'll be okay, Agent Eppes."

Don felt the ambulance stop. The back doors of the ambulance opened letting sharp bright light into the back.

Don closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Megan, Kathy, David and Colby raced to the hospital.

"We're here for Don Eppes." Megan said breathlessly.

The nurse looked at their Kevlar. "The Federal officer?"

"Yes." Megan nodded, impatience creeping into her voice.

"They brought him in, he's in room 243."

"Thank you." They ran down the hall. When they reached the room the doctors wouldn't let them in.

Megan paced back and forth, every time she turned she looked at the door. Colby and David sat in the plastic chairs watching Megan walk back and forth. Kathy leaned against the door.

"Has Don have difficulty swallowing?" Kathy asked.

"Ummmm…." Colby hesitated. "I don't know."

"Why?" Megan asked.

"He has a cough that won't go away." Kathy stated rather than asked. "And he's more tiered than usual."

"Yeah." Colby said. "How did you know?"

"That's not good." Kathy said ignoring Colby's question.

"What?" Megan asked. "What are you talking about?"

Kathy sighed. "I really hate to say this, and it might not be true, but," she looked down on at the floor.

"What?" Colby demanded.

She looked up.

"I think…" she said quietly. "I think Don Eppes has cancer."

A/N: *for those who don't know RMCP is the Royal Mounted Canadian Police.