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Serena's Meeting with Elena

There was a party being held within the Vongola Mansion one time.

Serena was now wearing a light blue colored turtle-necked dress without sleeves, white arm gloves, and her hair was put up to make a part of her hair curls cascade down her head. However she was surprised at who was escorting her.

Guess who Serena was being escorted by?

"Alaude, what are you doing here?" Serena stared at Alaude in disbelief.

"Hn. Giotto told me to escort you."

"That's really not your character, Alaude." Serena giggled.

"Quiet." Alaude glared her.


The carriage ride to Vongola Mansion...

"So, Alaude, why did Giotto tell you to come escort me?" Serena asked.

"Hn. Don't remind me."

Flash back

"Alaude~" Giotto lazily said.


"Can you escort Serena?"


"Why not? I thought you liked Serena?"

"...What the f**k are you talking Giotto."

"Like I said, I thought you lik- no love Serena."

"I don't love her, she is just a regular person that has nothing much to do with the Mafia society." Alaude stated.

Alaude and Giotto just blankly stare at each other.

Finally Alaude was about to walk out the door until Giotto said, "I guess I'm going to get someone else to escort her, hmm~ Maybe Dae-"

"I'll do it." Alaude stated and slammed the door shut.

End of Flash Back

Alaude soon snapped back to reality by the time Serena answered,"Well, were almost at Vongola Mansion."


"Alaude, how come you don't talk much?"



They just stared at each other with blank expressions until the carriage finally stopped.

"...Oh, we're here!"

Alaude stepped out of the carriage first and reached his hand out for Serena.

"So, are you going?" Alaude asked her as he looked away.

Serena just gently placed her hand on Alaude's hand and came down from the carriage.

However she almost tripped off the steps..

"Whoa!" Serena yelped quietly and closed her eyes shut.

As she fell, Alaude caught her in his arm. Serena opened her eyes to find Alaude scowling at her.

"What?" Serena just stared back at him with a 'What did I do wrong?' face.

Alaude just sighed and stated, "Klutz."

"Hey! I'm not use to wearing this type of dress!" Serena argued.

"Hn." Alaude smirked as he walked ahead.

"Hey! Don't leave me!" Serena scurried after Alaude.

With Serena...

Giotto and the rest of the guardians along with Elena were waiting for Serena and Alaude.

"What's taking those two so long." sighed Lampo.

"Ma ma~ You know how Alaude is around Serena." Asari calmly replied.

"Che." G spatted as he turned around to light his cigarette.

Knuckle slapped the cigarette out of G's hand.

"The f***k are you doing?!" G sweared.

"Smoking is not allowed in the mansion or swearing, G." Knuckle stated.

"Tch." G turned his head around angrily.

Daemon was talking to Elena about how boring the aristocrat society is.(too lazy to type their talk :P)

A pouting Serena and a smirking Alaude came walking into the group.

"Serena! You made it!" Giotto gleefully said.

"Yeah, I wouldn't miss a friend's important party."

"However-" Serena motions her hand for Giotto to lean closer.

"Why did you send Alaude as my escort?" Serena whispered quietly to Giotto.

"Ahahaha~ have to ask him yourself." Giotto laughed and scratched the back of his head.

"I thought you were the one that asked him?"

"No, I was going to ask someone else, but...Alaude agreed to do before I got the chance to call."

"Ah...I see..."

Soon Daemon and Elena came up to Serena.

"Ah, Serena, glad you can make it...I'd like you to meet a friend of mines." Daemon moved aside and behind him was a blonde wavy haired woman in a white dress.

"My name is Elena. I heard from Giotto and the others about you." Elena smiled at Serena.

"Oh~ So you are the one that Daemon is in lo-" Serena tried to say, but Daemon covered her mouth.

"I'm the one that Daemon is in what?" Elena wondered.

"Oh its nothing my dear Elena. Excuse us for a minute." Daemon drags Serena off somewhere(still covering her mouth). A certain skylark happened to be stalking them.

Somewhere far, yet still near the Elena and the others...

"Serena! You didn't have to blurt that out to Elena!" Daemon gave her the 'angry look', however Serena just rolled her eyes.

"But, you really are in love with Elena~" Serena replied in a mocking tone.

"Nufufu~ it because I stole some of your roses?"

"No...Its pay back for taking my roses without my permission!" Serena had a tick mark on her face.

All of a sudden a certain person put a hand on Serena's shoulder.

"Oh my goodness!" Serena yelped.

"Nufufufu~ Fret not Serena, its just the skylark."

"Shut up or else I'm going to arrest you for kidnapping." Alaude whipped out his hand-cuffs.

"Nufufu*tick mark appears* I was not kidnapping, I was just conversing with Serena." Daemon puts a hand on the Serena's other shoulder.


A deep dark aura appears from the both of them and began swearing a bunch of profanity as Serena tried to snap them out of it. They didn't listen, so Serena secretly took out her fans and whacked the both of them with her steel fans.

"Didn't I just say stop?" Now Serena was the one with a dark aura surrounding her.

Alaude and Daemon finally shut their mouths.

When Alaude, Daemon, and Serena had returned they found a panicking Giotto along with a worried Elena.

"Elena, Whats wrong with Giotto?" Serena whispered to Elena.

"The main people that were supposed to be singer coming for the party, but he had an accident on the way to the mansion."


On to Giotto's side...

Ah! What am I going to do? Is there anyone else I know that can sing, Asari only knows how to play the flute but that's not good enough. Argh..

Giotto began pacing around in circles, until it finally hit him.

Wait...I do know someone who can!

Giotto then rushed over to Serena.

With Serena...

Giotto rushed over to Serena and asked her hastily, "Serena, can you fill in for the singer?"

"Eh?! Giotto, I-"

"But there's no one else here that can sing other than you here." Giotto then pleaded, "Please."

Serena took a deep breath and finally answered, "Fine."

Giotto looked happier than anyone within that place of the party.

Serena stood in the center of the stage along with Violinists and a Pianist.

Serena finally took a deep breath and and began.

*cue: Caramel Waltz by Rin Karaoke version* (link bellow :D)

(Piano Solo)

Akai iro shita ichiwa no hana ni
Shiroi ribon o kakemashou
Aoi amatsubu hitotsu to futatsu
Kiiroi kasa ni ochimashita

Machinohi to hito to kokoro no hi to

Serena extends her hands out to the crowd and smiles.

Kyarameru no warutsu o odorimashou
Hidari no te o totte kata o daite
Kyarameru no warutsu wa amai no yo
Kossori kuchizuke watashi kara

Awai kaori no kapuchiino ni
Kiiroi namida ga ochimashita

Sabishii hi to hito to kokoro no hi to

Serena does small steps to the beat of the song and finally twirls.

Kyarameru no warutsu o odorimashou
Hidari no te o totte kata o daite
Kyarameru no warutsu wa amai no yo
Kossori kuchizuke watashi kara

(Guitar Solo)

Hajime no hi to hito to kokoro no hi to

Kyarameru no warutsu o odorimashou
Hidari no te o totte kata o daite
Kyarameru no warutsu wa amai no yo
Kossori kuchizuke watashi kara

(Piano Solo)

Serena does a small ballet curtsy to the crowd once the piano finishes.


The crowd was clapping for Serena by the time she finished. Serena smiled to the crowd.

Serena came down the stage and sees all of Giotto and the others giving another round of applause to her.

Elena came forward, "That was a wonderful song, Serena. I can't wait to hear you sing again."

Serena held Elena's hands together with her owns and said, "Thank you! I would love to sing for you and others again!"

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