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"Did you hear that there is a new day student?" Merrill asked "Who cares?" Drew said "She is on shaoclorship here. Murdock doesn't do those, she is the first." She said "Really? How nice." "She also knows about the vampire world. Her mother got turned into one right before her eyes." Dr. Murdock said "Is she going to help us?" Essie asked "I do not know it's up to her but be careful with her. She has a very sharp mind." "Dr. Murdoch you haven't told us her name. What is it?" Merrill asked the most vocal of the five "Regena l. Uzzle now I beg you do not try to get her to talk he has not spoken aloud since it happened." he said with concern on his face "Why not Dr.?" Merrill asked "we know not Merrill for the same people that hunt you took her for three weeks. We just now got to her. The past 3 and a half weeks left her with mental and facial scars from many things." He said "why did the elders not wipe her mind?" Essie asked "They did the memories came back. She told them that she wouldn't tell anyone if they didn't do it again. Apparently it hurts her to grow them back. She can also turn into any animal or human. So again be careful with this young girl, she is very powerful for a human. She might join you but not right now. She would turn herself in to the agentsy, because she is hurting to much from the loss of her mother. The only living person that really cared for her the elder said." "Can't we help her with the pain a bit sir?" Essie asked the most compassionate "no if she wants help she will ask for it but she will know all of the entrances and exits if she wants to talk well sign but she is like a hurt animal it will take time for her to trust us." What time till she be here?" Marty asked "1 am. She is from the east coast so she will be up at that time anyway. She can meet all of you at that time as well as she will be up at that time. Now I want all of you to be nice to her no matter what. That means you Marty she just lost her family, understand?" he asked "yes Dr. Murdock" they all said "now your work."