Kyle (POV)


I have often looked back on my decision to leave the safety of home, over the years. There will always be that part of me that will wonder if I made the right choice, or if I could have done something differently. That part lies in the empty feeling in my heart that my family once filled. It's been four years to the day since I left the Trager home, I'm now 21 years old and I live a life of solitude.

After the revelation that Cassidy presented of him being my brother, I realized that the hostile relationship I had with Latnok would never end. It was a relationship that I nor Foss, Jessi or the Tragers could sever, and that was why I left


I stared at my hands in disgust as Cassidy's limp body slumped to the floor. Cassidy was my brother; there was no doubt about it. Cassidy hadn't flinched a muscle when he said it, his voice never faltered, his eyes never adverted my gaze, he was my brother. The glass crunched beneath the heavy boot steps that I had come to recognize as Foss's steps.

"Kyle," He said perceptively before he crouched beside Cassidy's flaccid body checking his pulse.

"What…What have I done?" The words fell from my lips as the realization sunk in. "He was my brother."

"You did what you had to do." He mumbled as he began covering up the crime I had committed.

"Kyle!" Foss shouted and a zombie state kicked in, we began cleaning everything up, making it look like a break in gone wrong.

Foss had ordered me to call the police and inform them of the false crime we had cooked up. He coached me on how to answer the questions the authorities would have. I would tell them that I came home to find the house had been broken into, that Cassidy was dead when I arrived, and that the rest of the Tragers were out of town and I was to be meeting them the following day at our cabin for a family vacation. Foss had been so quick to come up with a story I never doubted the details and neither did the officers who took my statement.

The police had found traces of cocaine in Cassidy's blood and ruled that he and one other person broke into the house in order to steal items to pawn for drug money and there had been a bit of a struggle. The cocaine was another fabrication of Foss's to pull all the loose ends together.

Foss had sent the Tragers to a safe house until everything had 'blown over', were his exact words. I sat at my desk in my room of the empty house. I knew what I had to do; it didn't matter where Foss sent the Tragers their lives would always be in danger.

I sealed the note in a cream colored envelope and wrote 'I'm sorry' on the outside and set in on the desk. I grabbed my backpack filled with essential things and took one last look at the room that was once Stephen's workshop and a 'welcome to the family' gift from the Tragers. I strode slowly through the vacant house that had become my home and took in every last detail.

As I shut the front door tears pooled in the rims of my eyes. This was it, this was my cowardly goodbye to the people I loved the most.


It was four o'clock in the morning and I was sitting in a fairly vacant airport in Frankfurt awaiting my flight to Afghanistan. A year after I left the Tragers I travelled to England and attended Oxford and completed a degree in engineering and then went on to receive my medical degree from there as well. For the last year I had been working at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. It was a military hospital that dealt with a lot of the soldiers that had been fighting in the Middle East.

My flight had been delayed until later in the morning. I leaned my head against the window beside me and rested my eyes. I let my thoughts carefully wonder, it had been a few months since I had last had any contact with Jessi or Foss. They had both made me promise to have some form of contact with them after I left for England. In return I had asked Foss to look after the Tragers and make sure Latnok didn't haunt their lives after I was gone. Occasionally Foss would drop in on me, it was usually if I was residing somewhere within the U.S. he wasn't a fan of long trips.

I wasn't one to sleep well so out of boredom I fumbled through my beaten up backpack until my fingers grazed the worn brown leather journal. Between a couple of the sheets I had slid a few photographs, they were of the few mementos I had allowed myself to take with me. I smiled at the first one it was of Josh and Lori and I, a typical sibling photo. The corners were slightly tattered from years of handling. There was a photo of the whole family as well, along with one of Declan and I that Lori had taken after a game of basketball. The last one was of Amanda and I, it was a casual picture of us sitting on the steps outside the Trager house.

I smiled at the memories that the pictures never failed to stir up. They always led me to wonder how everyone was doing now. What had become of each of them, and the infamous feeling of uncertainty of my leaving.

"Hopefully we'll be able to board this flight soon." It was Emmet who had spoken. He was one of the doctors traveling with me to Afghanistan, he and I met while we both worked at a hospital in Germany. Unbeknown to us we had actually attended Oxford at the same time.

"Should be any minute now." I mumbled, stowing away the photos in the crevasse of the journal and stuffing it back into the backpack.

"I'll be glad once we're out of this dreadful rain." He commented as he sipped his coffee.

I nodded and gazed out the window, the rain always reminded me of Seattle, of home. When I spent some time in Northern Australia, working on building eco-friendly energy sources, it rained almost every day.

"Now boarding flight 815 to Afghanistan, now boarding flight 815 to Afghanistan." One of the flight attendants came on the P.A. and announced first in German and then again in English. We were taking a small commercial plan. The only ones on the flight were medical personal.

"That's us," I mumbled as I stood and slung my bag over one of my shoulders and made my way through the boarding line.

"Thank god," Emmett sighed dramatically and followed my lead.

"Enjoy your flight," The attendant who was scanning passports said as she handed me back mine and waved me on.

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