"I'll find you! Oh and then I'll catch you, don't worry" a red and black kitten shouted.

She silently sneaked through huge mountains of trash. She pricked up her ears. Silence. Not a little peep. She looked into a pipe, picked up a cardboard and peeked under it. The kitten decided to climb up a pile of rubbish to get a better view off the area. As she arrived on the top a bland warm breeze flew around her nose. Just a few metres away she could see the junkyard's fence and behind it the streets of London. She could have sit there forever, if she hadn't saw some small white thing moving outside a tube at the foot of the trash mountain. Now she got them.
The black and red kitten fixed her gaze on the rusty pipe.

"Ohh you are truly masters in hiding yourself. I think I'll never find you" The kitten said and cocked her ears again. She heard a quiet giggle followed by a nearly inaudible "Shhhhhhh!"

The kitten jumped in front of the pipe and called "Found you!"

Three other kittens spurted out of it laughing out loud.

"Oh Etcy, if you hadn't giggled this loud Jem would have never found us." A white cat puffed.

"Really? It was your tail which looked out of the tube." The kitten called Etcetera answered.

"Shut up and run!" snapped a third black and orange kitten.

Jemima spurted after them. She made up ground on and on. The tail of the white cat waggled in front of her face. She grabbed it.

"I got you, Vic!"

Victoria stopped. Jemima didn't expect that. She crashed into Victoria and both rolled over, totally tangled into each other. After some rollovers the two stayed lying down and laughed. The two other kittens ran to them.

"Are you okay?"

"Sure, don't worry Electra." Jemima snickered and sat up.

"Then, let's play again. Vic has to search now." Etcetera urged shifting jittery from one feet to another.

The white queen was still panting "Please wait a few moments; I'm not as quick as you."

"You just don't have any stamina, Vic. Maybe you should work out a little more." Jemima teased her.

"As if I am in need of it." The white cat responded in a feigned haughty voice.

"We'll see about that."

Etcetera, Electra and Jemima looked grinning at each other. Then they started to tickle Victoria at the same time. The snow white cat shook with laughter.

She gasped for air. "Stop! Stop!"

But her friends didn't stop, they rather started tickling her even more. Victoria got on her feet and escaped her friends' hands. She just went round a bend when she slammed on the brakes. Her three chasers weren't prepared for that and crashed into Victoria.

"Vic, what's-"



Jemima looked over Victoria's right shoulder, Electra over her left shoulder and Etcetera put her paws on Victoria's head and looked over it. In front of them lay an unconscious cat.

"Who is this?" Electra narrowed her eyes.

"And why is her here?"

"Err.. Jem, you can't know whether he is male, anyway."

"Sure he is male, Etcy. Look at his body!"

"It also could be a quite muscular queen."

Jemima sighed slightly annoyed and focused on the unconscious cat again.

"Let's go closer." Etcetera just wanted to get closer when Victoria's arm held her back.

The white cat looked at her friends "I'll look over the cat. I'm the oldest of us. Stay here."

The snow white queen approached the senseless cat. She looked over her shoulder back to her friends. "It's a tom."

"Does he look good?"

Jemima snarled at Etcetera "Etcy! That is really unimportant now, isn't it?"

Victoria turned her glance back forward. "Hello?" She nudged him cautiously and jumped back quickly. The tom didn't move. She approached again and flipped him over. His mouth was opened, his eyes were closed. He had several deep wounds on his arm, abrasions on his knees and many bruises.

"Etcy bring our mom, he is hurt. Jemima, please let Munkustrap know. We can't carry him."

The both addressed cats dashed away.

Victoria bend over him and nudged him again "Hey, wake up."
Suddenly the tom opened his eyes wide. They were chocolate-coloured and full of fear. He jumped on his feet and hit Victoria's cheek with his claws. Apparently this was too much stress for the tom for he collapsed immediately.

"Ouch!" Victoria lay a hand on the cheek the unknown tom hit.

Electra came up to her with a worried expression on her face. "Vic, are you okay? Did he strike you badly?" She pulled Victoria's hand away from her cheek to examine the scratches.

"It's alright" Victoria smiled at her friend "We should take care of him." She eyed the white and auburn tom "I'm wondering what happened to him."

Whilst Electra improvised cared for Victoria's cheek she said "Perhaps he was attacked by a Pollicle."

"The wounds on his arms are implying that." Victoria looked in the direction where the Jellicles lived. "I simply hope Jem and Etcy are coming back soon."

Etcetera and Jemima ran as fast as they could. Without paying attention to the other Jemima wanted to the left and Etcetera to the right. Thereby they banged together. Puzzled they sat face-to-face and shook their heads. Etcetera couldn't suppress a giggle, while the black and red kitten merely grinned broadly. Moments later both remembered why they ran home so fast actually and hurried away.

Jellylorum sat in front of her den and tattled with her friend Jennyanydots while they both worked on their embroidery.

"Ohh Jenny, I'm worrying."

"What about?"

"I don't know. I just wonder when my little Vics will find a proper tom finally. I want to be a grandma someday. She is almost twenty at all."

"What shall I say? Jerrie and Teazer don't show the smallest interest in love. The only thing they have in mind is stealing, stealing, stealing. In fact I would be happy if they did a pub tour. So don't worry, dear. Victoria is adorable. She will find the right mate. But tell me, how is Pouncival doing?"

"You don't wanna know. He is in his rebellious phase, you know these teenagers."

Jennanydots nodded sympathetically.

Jelly continued "It's strange, you know. Etcetera still is the darling and kind kitten, but Victoria was rebellious, too, even worse than Pouncy now. Luckily she has-"

"Mom" Mom!" Etcetera came running to Jellylorum and bounced up and down in front of her.

"Etcetera don't you see that I'm talking?"

"Mooooooooom!" The kitten pouted and tugged her mom's arm. "Something happened!"

Now the older queens paid attention to Etcetera.

"Jemima, Electra, Victoria and I played tag. And then Victoria ran away from us and then she suddelny stopped and in front of us lay an unconscious tom and then Victoria turned him around and saw that he was hurt and then she sent Jemima and me to get someone!"

"Slow down Etcetera. You said you played together?"

Etcetera nodded.

"And then you found an unconscious and unknown tom?"

The kitten nodded again.

"So Victoria and Electra are alone there now?"


Jellylorum and Jennynanydots looked at each other. Then they jumped on their feet.

"Show us where."

At the same time Munkustrap and Demeter were snoozing in the sun. The golden queen clung to her mate "It's a beautiful day."

"Where is our Electra?" Munkustrap asked sleepy.

"Playing with her friends." Demeter murmured.

The couples' eyes just shut again when they heard quiet footsteps. Both lifted their heads. A black and red kitten stood panting n front of them. She seemed to be agitated.

Munkustrap smiled at her "What's wrong Jemima?"

The kitten shifted nervously from one foot to the other. "Well.. Emmm.. We played a little bit and.. uhmm… We saw a unknown tom."

The silver tabby was on his feet immediately "What? And where are the others?"

Jemima tried to calm him down "He wasn't conscious. Victoria said he was hurt."

But the Jellicle's leader didn't hear anything. He sprinted away to where he suspected the unknown tom.

"Be careful!" Demeter called after him.

The black and red kitten quickly dashed after the silver tabby.

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