Two years ago, Cydna, a mechanic, was only 17 years of age and Xiroa was still 18.

Cydna works at her own Mechanic shop which was the same shop that our current protagonist, Xiroa, was at to get an upgrade on her current weapon, Mr. Evil. Mr. Evil was a triton looking combat axe she had since four years prior.

"Good morning. How may I help you?" The voice was too high for a man but too low for a lady. It was a split. It belonged to our other protagonist, Cydna, who had hair curled and in three different shades of pink, a dull indigo mechanic suit, and a broken pair of green plated, goggles on her forehead where three clumps of brown-black hair stuck out. Compared to Xiroa, Cydna was short.

Xiroa summoned Mr. Evil and it corresponded to the movement of Xiroa's left arm movement. "I need my weapon to get a quick, decent upgrade.

Outside of walking around the streets, avoiding as many street fights as she can as possible, Xiroa works for the International Guard and is a part of a top notch fighting group, Legendary Seven. No one knows why there are only seven members. Xiroa is the fourth member and she was a great jump from the lower member who is level 77. Xiroa is a level 97 making the challenger possibly unprepared a bit cocky.

Xiroa loves Rock, dubstep, steam punk clothing, wears blue shades, a bright purple neck tie and arm cuffs, and large, dark purple boots. She is usually walking around dangerous construction sites that are usually abandoned. She picks the abandoned sites because she always finds amazing metals inside the frame of the building for more upgrades or money.

"Of course… defensive, offensive, quality, or appearance?" Cydna questioned while whipping out a clipboard from behind her shelf she stood in front of.

Xiroa thought for a moment, "A touch of everything." She pulled out her wallet from the unusual, purple bag. "And a paint job. A metallic purple would be nice."

She passed over the amount due to Cydna and right as she was about to hand Mr. Evil over, the shop imploded and slowly crumbled over the two.

Xiroa was unconscious and Cydna was just in shock. She barely survived but had to leave behind a torn up right arm.

"Great… something fishy is happening. I better get help or else I won't lose work only." Cydna pulled out her cell phone and she limped slowly toward Xiroa, picking up some of what used to be her home and shop. Some wallpaper, some metal, all debris.

"I need help at the Quick Shop of Metalia. There was a bomb underground I didn't know of and I have a seriously injured person. The whole place is in pieces."

While Xiroa "slept", she had her limbs replaced one by one and very slowly. Each limb wasn't the same as it used to be before. Now, with these modifications, Xiroa had become what is known as a Zeus Ex, designed by Cydna Katalina, the mechanic.

Two months later, Xiroa had finally awoken. She only remembered the explosion and passing out. The first thing she saw was the shine of the black chrome arm by her sides.

Disk 1- 10%