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Last Time: Goku and Vegeta left to go fight each other while Vegeta's under mind control. Who will win? How much destruction will they cause? Find out now.

During the events of last chapter…

Goku and Vegeta left the castle while flying at great speeds. They were going in the direction away from the castle and towards the mountains that lay beyond. Eventually they reached a large, bowl-like valley with very few trees or any living creatures. Goku chose this spot to be their new battle ground so no pony would get hurt in the crossfire of their battle.

"I'm not sure what happened to you Vegeta, but I will not allow you to put innocent creatures in harm's way for your crazy desire to fight me now. If you insist, we fight here, but first I want to know what happened after you left."

"Well Kakarot, when I left I met up with quite the special being. But why should you care? When I'm finished you won't be able to do anything."

Vegeta then jumped towards Goku with his hoof extended in an attempt to punch him. Goku dodged at the last second and started fighting back with a flurry of punches aimed at Vegeta's face and body. Vegeta blocked these hits with a series of his own. This continued for some time, broken only by the occasional break in action that was ended only a split second later when one fighter jumped back in against the other. Most of the fighting took place in the air while the force of the two saiyans' combined power caused rocks to crack around them.

The stalemate lasted some time as neither warrior could land a punch to his opponent's body. Soon the repetitive fighting ceased when the two fighters pulled away from each other. Vegeta was the first to speak.

"Well Kakarot, I must say I'm impressed. Even in this pathetic form you've managed to hold out against me. Let's see how your strength is holding up."

"Vegeta, this makes no sense, you're acting like we just met. You were never like this before, not even when we first fought back on Earth."

"Oh Kakarot, what fun is there in making sense? I am more powerful than you and I'll prove it."

Vegeta then blasted a quick energy shot at Goku, causing him to block. When the dust cleared, Vegeta was floating in the air with an evil grin on his face. His right fore-hoof was extended towards Goku and a dark yellow ball of energy with hints of red inside was slowly increasing in size at the end. Goku could only watch as Vegeta maniacally laughed at his former friend.

"Well now, are you at a loss for words? This is a little trick I learned from my new friend. He is very powerful and smart but I'm not sure why he didn't just take over the world with his power. He could have easily done it. Oh well, time to die Kakarot."

Vegeta then launched the now massive energy ball at Goku as he looked on towards the insane prince. Goku barely had time to brace himself as the sphere hit him straight on. As much as Goku tried, he couldn't seem to stop the pure power and slowly began to be pushed into the ground by the unstoppable force above him. Meanwhile, Vegeta looked on from above as Goku was buried by the attack he had so mercilessly unleashed onto his friend and rival. Then there was a flash from the distance and Vegeta saw a beam of blue energy blast upwards into the sky. Then something in Vegeta's mind snapped into place and he realized what he was doing. He immediately stopped pushing forward on the now half buried orb of chaos and tried to pull it back out.

"What have I done!? How could I not have realized what I was doing? I have to stop this now before something bad happens."

Then the attack Vegeta had sent to destroy Goku began to lift from the ground as the saiyan it was made to kill pushed against it. When Goku was fully standing again, he fired a blast to carry the ball up and away from the planet. Once the energy was out of sight, Goku collapsed onto the ground from exhaustion. Vegeta flew down and picked up his unconscious friend and carried him as he began flying back the way they had come from.

When Vegeta arrived at the castle, he immediately knew something was wrong. The entire castle looked like a warzone, and the gardens outside had a large crater sitting in the middle of them. It was obvious something had happened while the two had been fighting off in the distance. Vegeta flew through a hole in the wall and noticed that he was now in the throne room. He placed Goku down on the floor and galloped over towards the princess who had her back turned as she stared intently at something.

Vegeta reached her and was about to start asking what had happened when he noticed what she was staring at. It was a human being from the looks of it who happened to be wearing what looked like a different colored version of Goku's gi. It was green with red underneath. He also appeared to have a red bandanna around his head, just under his dark brown hair.

"Who are you?"

Red then looked up and saw Vegeta looking at him with a confused face.

"The name's Red, now tell me Vegeta, why are you back?"

"How do you know my name? Anyway, I was coming back to stop Arctic from destroying the place but I see I'm either too late or someone else came to do the job."

"Yes I finished off Arctic before he could do any lasting damage to the castle, but he escaped to gather his strength."

"I may not know where Arctic is, but I do know what he can do."

"As do I Vegeta, I've been watching him for quite some time and know of his powers. He was able to manipulate your mind into believing everything he said. Now there is one thing that can beat him once and for all. This power is much more powerful than his chaos, but just as unstable. For these reasons it was hidden away where none would be able to reach it."

"So what does it do?"

"It can first of all keep us safe from his mind control. It also is the only thing strong enough to combat his pure chaos energy."

"So how do we get it?"

"We have to go inside the machine."

Then Red flew out to a clearing just beyond Canterlot and fired a blast of pure heat stronger than even Celestia's sun straight down towards the planet.

End of Chapter 10

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