Rising From The Ashes.

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Jane Seymour returns!

The whole court was summoned mere minutes since the royal family had returned. Everyone was completely oblivious to the fact that the woman who almost ruined the kingdom was about to walk, or be dragged through the door. As the doors creaked open, and the two guards pulled Jane into the room, Henry's stomach flipped. Why? Why now? Why had she come back into their lives? Next to him, Anne was thinking almost the exact same thing, except her thoughts translated to, "What a bitch." Jane looked calm and collected as Henry stood up. "Surprised to see me? Have you forgotten what day it is?" Henry looked clueless, so, obviously annoyed, she continued, "Today is the anniversary of the day the fake Queen was to be executed."
"Fake Queen?" These words came from, not Henry's and not even Anne's mouth, but Mary's. Jane looked offended at the fact that Henry had not remembered that it was the two year anniversary of the day that they were ALMOST married. "Yes, fake Queen Lady Mary. Have you not forgotten what the whore did to you?" Anne had had enough. She stood up and walked towards Jane, who recoiled slightly, "For your information Goldilocks, the King approached Queen Catherine months after Mary's birth and asked her for a divorce. She stubbornly refused, believing it went against her Catholic beliefs." Henry stood too, signalling to the guards, "Lady Jane, this time you have outspoken yourself. You will be taken to the tower, and upon release, banished from court, returning on pain of death."

As soon as the court was dismissed, Henry started laughing. Anne turned to look at him. "What are you laughing at?" Henry struggled to recover, but when he did, he gestured to the door, and then to Anne, "GOLDILOCKS!" he managed before bursting into laughter again. Mary saw what was funny and began laughing too. Anne however looked curious, "Goldilocks? Who did I call Goldilocks?" That shut Henry and Mary up. "What?" Mary asked worriedly. "Why would I call anyone Goldilocks? That would be rude!" Henry looked extremely concerned, but Anne just stood, bewildered, before turning and walking out of the door...

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