A Princess Kidnapped.

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Once the ladies had seen the state of Elizabeth, they ushered her into her chambers, immediately preparing a bath, clean bedding and clean clothes for the young princess. Henry backed out of the room, knowing that his daughter was in good hands, and rushed once again towards his wife's chambers.

He pushed open the cold door and briskly walked to Anne's bedside, oblivious to all of the ladies curious looks. "Anne, our Bessie is back! I found her in my chambers." That simple sentence had a profound effect on Anne, she opened her dark eyes and attempted to push herself up onto her pillows. Seeing what their mistress was trying to do, Lady Agnes and Lady Ursula rushed to her side. with their help, Anne was raised into a sitting position. "Where is she?" Anne's voice was weak but pleading, wanting her jewel to be safe. "She is in her chambers, getting cleaned up. Edward is to be-"
"Wait, cleaned up?" Henry cursed inwardly, he had spoken without thinking. But he knew Anne's sharp eyes would see through his lie. So he told her the truth. "She was covered in mud and her hair was knotted. Her face was the worst, it had-" Henry stopped short, but Anne slightly raised an eyebrow, and he continued, "It had blood on it."

With that, Anne threw back the covers and signalled to her ladies to dress her. They all stood still, wondering what to do when a young girl with deep green eyes and dark red hair said in a slightly musical voice, "Your Majesty, the doctor does not recommend you getting out of bed in your present state."
"I think I know what is good for my health thank you Lady Amber." Anne's voice was frosty, and it looked like the girl actually shivered. "So, I repeat, get me dressed." The ladies seemed to unfreeze and immediately began serving their Queen. Henry left, but not before promising he would bring Edward to the nursery.

30 minutes later, Anne walked through the door of the royal nursery. She wore a loose teal gown, embroidered with gold thread, her black ringlets pulled into a simple bun at the nape of her neck, an aquamarine clasp secured in it. She wore no jewellry, no tiara, so unlike her, Henry thought. Although there was no denying she looked beautiful, but she always kept up with the latest fashions, always wore a corset and expensive jewellry. Seeing her in a free flowing gown was a new experience for him. She walked straight over to Lady Bryan, and took her 2 year old son from her hands. She lifted him and kissed his chocolate brown curls, her black onyx's meeting his blue sapphires. She couldn't think of anywhere else she'd rather be at this moment in time.

Lady Mary and Princess Mary walked in at that point, each carrying two children. Lady Mary looked exhausted, the three girls had been giving her hell while the Queen was in labour again, but upon seeing her sister her face broke into a smile. She handed Alice to Thomas and Isabel to Lady Bryan and ran over to embrace her. Elizabeth walked out of her chambers then, wearing a deep blue dress with silver embroidery on the sleeves and hemline. Henry ran to his daughter and picked her up, hugging her closely. Anne froze, Edward still in her arms, she had noticed something. She placed Edward on the floor, and rushed to her daughter, impatiently brushing a loose strand of dark hair out of her eyes. She carefully lifted a ruby curl from behind Elizabeth's ear, which revealed three letters, JDT. They were thin, but obviously carved in with a knife. Anne stared at it for a second, then began to shake with fury, that bitch had dared to harm a princess.

Dates of birth: Royal Children.

Mary Isabella Catalina: 1528

Elizabeth Margaret: 7 September 1533
Edward George: 20 June 1537
Stillborn: October 1538

Alice Mary
Rachel Anne

Isabel Margaret: 27 January 1540
William Henry: 28 January 1540 (1:30 am)

I changed Mary's date of birth.

Also, order of ascension:

Prince Edward(Duke of Richmond)
Prince William(Duke of York)
Princess Elizabeth(Duchess of Cornwall and Marquess of Pembroke)
Princess Alice(Duchess of Somerset)
Princess Rachel(Duchess of Exeter)
Princess Isabel(Duchess of Northumberland)
Princess Mary(Countess of Nottingham)