I was so in love with Draco since forth year but I didn't want to tell him.

Yes, I was scared, I didn't want to get hurt anymore.
Draco was an arrogant, spiteful bully and I hated him for three years. I don't know what happened to me, how did that hate turn to crush then love. I tried hard to ignore my feelings but it never worked and it grew stronger every day.

Here I am, back to school for the first time after the war ended. Everyone is in bed and I can't sleep, I can't take him out of my mind and seeing him today after the whole summer made me want to hug him and never let go.

I sat on the window of my private room and I put my hand in my pocket, I found it there screaming to be used.
I took the Resurrection Stone in my hand knowing exactly who to bring back, I closed my eyes and flipped it over three times in my hand.

I opened my eyes and found my mother standing in front of me. Her shade was more solid than a ghost but it wasn't a living body. Thanks to this stone I can talk to my parents and loved dead ones anytime I want. It's like they never left.

"Mother! I miss you.."

"Hello Harry, I miss you too, and I know why I am here"

"Yea mother, you're the only one who gets it, I mean .. you and dad"

"I know sweety, I know.. So what do you want to ask?"

"I am so lost mother, I don't know if he's really good"

"From where I stand now I see everything my boy, let me talk to you about the boy you love. You see? You think that he made all the wrong choices but I'm going to tell you that he never had a chance to make a choice. He was raised by his father who wanted him to be a copy from him, his mother on the other hand tried keeping her boy safe from her husband's choices, but that didn't save poor Draco from the torturing and becoming a death eater. I saw the boy crying in his mother's arms while she was healing him from his father's activities. That boy grew up thinking that his mother is the only one who loves him, and you Harry James Potter made things worse by rejecting him and being mean to him"

"I did that because he was mean to my friends"

"He was jealous, you chose them over him"

"I saw him today and he was so cold, colder than ever"

"Change him then"


"Just show him your love. Your father changed after we got together, and he didn't ever hex someone for fun again and I am going to tell you that he loved doing that so much but he loved me more"

"Did you ever regret being with my father?"

"No, never. And being with him gave me a great son, why should I regret"

"A great son that caused your death"

"Don't ever say that again! Everybody dies and I am glad I did as I was protecting my baby"

"So should I talk to Draco?"


"Do you think he'll accept my love"


"I love you mom"

"I love you too sweety"

"Say hi to dad, Snape, Lupin and Fred"

"I will. God! I still can't believe they are friends now"

"I am glad that you're all happy"

"You being with the one you love will make us happier"

With that, my mother disappeared and I went to bed hoping that the morning comes faster so I can talk to him.