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Last time with Inoichi

"And as to whether or not it worked, I'm sure it did, but that doesn't mean much. I undid the thing that caused him to pass out in the first place, but undoing that comes with its own problems," Inoichi stated and started to explain what he had seen.

There were only a couple of things he could do now though, he had to wait for orders from the Hokage, or wait for Kakashi to show some improvement. In the meantime he would discreetly look into whatever information he could gather to determine why the memories that probably shouldn't have even been there, were present.

Last time with Kakashi

"Pack your things," he ordered after giving it barely any thought. Kakashi needed to be supervised, and while his ninken would keep him out of trouble, Minato would feel a lot better if he could keep an eye on his student as well.

Kushina's eyes snapped open a moment later and Kakashi's eyes narrowed, especially when a very uncharacteristic smirk crossed Kushina's features. The voice was similar to Kushina's, but there was no way he could mistake the two. While Kushina usually had a playful quality to her speech, this voice was completely cold and made him shiver involuntarily.

"Now now, show some respect human, it's not every day that I lower myself to speak with one of you worthless meat sacks."

Kakashi's POV

He moved towards the coffee table as he warily eyed the creature possessing Kushina.

While there were no weapons nearby, that didn't mean he was totally defenseless. He could escape if necessary, he figured, if he could distract the demon long enough.

True, the coffee table would make a pitiful shield against a demonic assault, and throwing the objects on the table (mostly books), would probably only make the creature angry, but it was better than nothing.

If necessary he would attempt a technique, but that could be just as, if not more, problematic since he still hadn't had time to start regaining control and would probably overpower anything he would find useful in this situation.

Pakkun, Urushi, and Uuhei were growling fiercely at the demon possessing Kushina's body. They were at Kakashi's side, ready to attack should it be necessary. Though most dogs would have liked to give into their instincts and flee, these three wouldn't leave Kakashi behind.

Shiba had frozen when he'd sensed the demonic presence, but now frantically removed himself from Kakashi's hold and raced into the bedroom Kakashi was using. Bull had already taken cover somewhere in the same room. While the laid-back and somewhat lazy puppy wasn't very good at reading situations at this age, he wasn't foolish enough to ignore the threat that a being possessing this sort of chakra could impose.

"Fox got your tongue?" the demon jested, watching him in amusement, and ignoring Kakashi's most likely obvious attempts to protect himself.

"How are you…?" Kakashi trailed off, uncertain of what exactly he wanted to ask.

This had never been possible the first time, at least, not that he'd ever heard. Kushina had always taken great care to prevent the beast from influencing her. He'd only ever heard about the woman losing control on the battlefield, and she was always quick to reign herself in and prevent being taken over.

Of course, Kakashi hadn't been informed that it was the Kyuubi's doing until much later. He hadn't learned about the Kyuubi until around the time Kushina had been close to delivering Naruto, and Minato had started setting up a safe house with Kakashi's assistance.

That didn't change the fact that this shouldn't be happening now.

Kushina's eyes, which had taken longer to change that Naruto's did when he was possessed, were now red with black slits in them. The rest of the changes though, like the elongated nails, and the fangs did not occur. He guessed it was either because Kushina might detect what the demon was doing if that much chakra was used, or that an increase in the amount of chakra would be detected by others in the village, so the demon wasn't exerting as much control over this host.

The demon didn't give Kakashi much time to gather his thoughts before it seemed to get annoyed with his lack of speech.

"If you do not know, foolish creature, I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune. And you really aren't in any position to be asking anything of me. No. I'm merely here so that you may explain yourself," the demon told him.

"Explain myself?" Kakashi questioned, finding his voice.

This earned him an exasperated sigh and the demon forced itself to rise, ungainly in Kushina's body. This was somewhat good for Kakashi. It showed that the demon wasn't even in full control of Kushina's limbs and the possibility of escape looked more likely.

Kakashi quickly shifted back and the two ninken and Uuhei moved forward, ready to attack. He would have loved to get them out of there, but the only exits were blocked, and he didn't want to give the demon any reason to kill them.

The Kyuubi once again seemed amused, and its actions made Kakashi think that maybe the demon hadn't taken control to kill him. It stopped a few feet away from the group, gazing at him steadily and ignoring the dogs as if they weren't worth its time.

"I would like to know why one of your kind was able to traverse the time stream. More than that however, I would very much like an explanation as to why," the Kyuubi told him, though the demand for information was clear in its tone.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Kakashi replied, voice weakening as a bit of killing intent washed over him, and he knew from experience that this was nothing compared to the amount that the Kyuubi could generate if it wished.

For once he was grateful that the demon was sealed into Kushina. While he hated the creature, and didn't like that Kushina was a jinchuuriki. Right now it was probably the only thing keeping them from death since the demon couldn't alert Kushina to its small bit of freedom without being locked up tighter.

The demon growled. From experience Kakashi knew that it wasn't all that patient when it came to humans.

Before any of them could register what was happening, Kakashi was pinned to the ground under Kushina's weigh.

The three dogs were growling, but Kakashi shook his head.

"Stay put," he ordered them sharply. He couldn't have them hurting Kushina. If he was right all he had to do now was stall for time and the demon would sense Minato returning and retreat, or Kushina might even start to wake up.

"Do not lie to me human. You know perfectly well what I'm talking about and you will tell me what I wish to know," it demanded, eyes narrowed and teeth bared, though they had not turned into fangs.

Kakashi flinched slightly as blood began to drip from his arm and he spared a glance down to Kushina's hands where they were starting to form claws. If the demon wasn't careful it was going to wake up its host.

Kushina had probably lost control like this before without ever learning about it.

If she did find out though, there was a pretty good chance that she would report it to someone and then it was likely that she would get locked up or even killed. Besides, in this case the seal was different.

Kakashi wasn't sure why the Kyuubi hadn't done anything if it could possess Kushina for even this little bit of time because Kushina's soul wasn't linked with the demon's as Naruto's had been. That had been a modification Minato had added to his seal.

The Kyuubi could have killed Kushina and escaped if it wished, had it been able to do this all along, but for some reason it seemed to be biding its time. Of course, there was the chance that the demon was unaware of this, and Kakashi certainly wasn't going to bring this to its attention.

"No," Kakashi replied, more shakily than he would have liked.

The Kyuubi snarled, digging its claws in a bit more before climbing off of Kakashi and moving towards the kitchen.

Kakashi signaled the three with him to head towards the bedroom, hoping that they would grab the puppies and escape if it became necessary. They hesitantly complied, obviously wanting to stay and help Kakashi.

From the kitchen he heard water running and figured the demon was washing Kakashi's blood off of Kushina's hands, it was probably nervous about the same thing as Kakashi, alerting Kushina to its presence.

Kakashi had been about to follow the dogs out when the demon reentered the room, taking a seat on the couch.

"It looks like my host is starting to wake up. Such a pity we didn't have longer to talk. Be warned human, any little thing that you do can change things irreparably. If you even think about informing the other humans about this my host could be killed. You wouldn't want that would you? From my host's memories I can see that you care for one another. And tread lightly, even something little can destroy everything you're working towards and wouldn't that be a pity," despite the warning, the Kyuubi's tone told Kakashi that the demon wasn't trying to be helpful.

"Don't expect that this is the last time you'll hear from me," the beast finished with a growl as it settled back into the seat to relinquish control back to Kushina again.

Kakashi could feel the demonic chakra starting to recede, and could see that Kushina's features were returning to normal. Soon she was asleep once again.

"Pup?" Pakkun asked warily, standing in the hallway, tensed and ready to attack the woman if necessary.

"She's a jinchuuriki, I'll answer your questions later. For now we're safe," Kakashi told the pug quietly as he rose to his feet, keeping his eye on Kushina. She was definitely asleep now, and he didn't sense any more of the demonic presence.

"None of you attack her alright," he ordered, seeing Urushi and Uuhei gazing at him questioningly from behind Pakkun.

"Go check on Bull and Shiba, I need to take care of this," he told them, gesturing to his arms as he cupped his hands under them awkwardly to stop the blood from dripping, then headed to the bathroom.

These injuries would make it harder to hide what had just happened. Even without the Kyuubi's warning he would never say anything that could get Kushina into trouble.

As he dug through the medicine cabinet and pulled out the disinfectant and bandages, he thought about the new development.

While the Kyuubi had started to help Naruto in the future, it had taken quite a while for Naruto to gain the demon's trust, and even more before the demon was willing to assist them in any capacity. Even after it had started working with them, the Kyuubi still had a disdain for the human species and had its own well being in mind when helping, even if it had grudgingly given Naruto its respect.

Kakashi didn't want to give the demon any help that might allow it to become free anytime in the future, well, before Naruto was able to get it under control in the future anyway. Of course, that was if Naruto became the jinchuuriki, and that might not even happen if he was able to save Kushina. He still had a lot more thinking and planning to do on the subject.

"Pup, are you sure this is okay?" Pakkun asked, allowing the other two to look after Bull and Shiba and taking seat at Kakashi's feet.

Kakashi nodded as he pulled the bandage a bit tighter.

"It wasn't able to hurt me too much without giving itself away," he responded.

Pakkun frowned and shook his head.

"No, I mean, not reporting it. Clearly this demon, the Kyuubi I guess it said, is dangerous," he insisted.

Kakashi sighed, taping the bandage down before starting on his other arm.

"Look, I'm not too happy about it either, but I can't change things now. You know that. Just because it's a demon doesn't mean it's not right. I have to be careful, and this would change so many things that I wouldn't have any way of knowing would happen in the future if I did tell someone," Kakashi said.

Pakkun's frown deepened but he nodded.

"Alright," he finally agreed reluctantly, "but, if you end up injured by this thing again then I'm telling somebody," he threatened, giving Kakashi a stern look that told him he would do as he said.

Kakashi nodded, not expecting anything less from the overprotective pug.

Inoichi's POV

It hadn't taken long before he had been summoned by the Hokage and was currently sitting in front of the man's desk with Shikaku leaning up against the wall on his left.

The other two were thinking and he was fidgeting a bit because he'd already spent the entire night thinking about what he'd witnessed and figured he'd drawn every conclusion he could think of.

While he hadn't wanted to share too much about everything and betray Kakashi's trust, a murder investigation had been opened up, albeit discreetly. Therefore, it was necessary to get both the Hokage and Shikaku up to date on everything that he knew, though he had tried to protect Kakashi's personal thoughts and emotions as much as he could.

"It looks like our investigation's going to get a lot harder," Shikaku finally said with a sigh, moving to take the chair he'd been offered for once.

"So it would seem. However, we at least know most, if not all, of our suspects," the Third stated, apparently done thinking over everything as well.

"That's not fully what I'm worried about though," Inoichi admitted.

"I'm more worried about what Kakashi's reaction will be when he finds out that someone from Konoha is behind this. I mean, this happened quite a while ago so I'm not as concerned about the attacker right now, they can wait a little while longer if they've waited this long, especially if we keep this between just a few people. Kakashi's still recovering though, so he hasn't had time to really let it sink in, but when he does he's going to start questioning why a Konoha ninja killed his father," Inoichi told them.

"If it was a Konoha ninja," Shikaku added.

Inoichi frowned.

"Realistically it doesn't make any sense for it not to be. I get what you're saying, but why would someone go through all that trouble to make Kakashi try and be loyal to the village, and then erase his memories that it had happened? Nobody could have counted on Inori trying something like she did," he argued.

The Third sighed.

"Both of you have valid points, but think of it this way, Sakumo failed to kill himself," he hinted.

Inoichi frowned in confusion, that didn't help him at all, but Shikaku nodded.

"Exactly," he responded.

Inoichi sheepishly raised his hand.

"I don't understand," he admitted.

Shikaku sighed as if Inoichi was burdening him with a lot of hard-work and Inoichi's eye twitched in irritation.

"The plan wasn't for Sakumo to survive slitting his throat. The plan was for the boy to see his father kill himself after 'repenting' for what he'd done, and then become a loyal Konoha ninja because it was his father's dying wish. But that's not what happened. Sakumo prevented himself from dying long enough to give Kakashi a warning. I'm not sure why the person felt the need to change everything up until that point instead of just erasing their existence and the last bit of Sakumo's life, but they did. Looking at it this way, you're conclusion is the most logical. We just can't rule anything out yet even if our main focus should be on finding a Konoha ninja," Shikaku explained.

Inoichi nodded in understanding.

That explained pretty much everything he wanted to know, but there was still something nagging in the back of his mind that told him something else was going on. The problem was that he wasn't sure how exactly to ask Shikaku about it since he didn't have any idea what was bothering him.

Thankfully Shikaku was thinking along the same lines.

"My problem with this entire situation is the fact that the kid was able to remember at all. I mean, it would have been safer for them if he never remembered, and the brat wouldn't have noticed the small bit of memory missing since I doubt he was watching the clock or anything to show that he was missing some time," Shikaku said, looking at Inoichi questioningly to see if his explanation of erasing a memory was correct.

That was definitely what had confused Inoichi.

With Sakumo, it had to have taken a very long time to manipulate his mind, so long that most people wouldn't have bothered. He had a better mental defense than Kakashi, and even being able to manipulate someone to kill themselves would have been extremely difficult.

With Kakashi though, from what he could tell the manipulation hadn't lasted very long at all even though it had been hours before he'd been found. True, it had been long enough that it had done its purpose, but the attacker had had much more time to work. Whoever it was had to have had a very good reason to only erase part of Kakashi's memories, or at least to leave at the time that they had.

There was something Inoichi was missing though, but he couldn't think of exactly what it was related to and it was bothering him quite a bit.

They all turned when they saw movement out of the corner of their eye to see Minato looking at them from the window. He waved sheepishly at being caught.

With a sigh the Hokage opened the window for him and Minato stepped down into the room.

"How long have you been there Minato?" the aged leader asked.

"Long enough to see Kakashi's name brought up. You should really do something about your security. Why wasn't I consulted? You're investigating his father's murder right?" he questioned, looking between the three men expectantly.

The Third sighed but nodded.

"That is correct," he told him, ignoring the rest of what Minato had said, before handing him the file of what they had gathered so far. He didn't have any reason to hide it, especially since Minato was Kakashi's legal guardian. Of course, what Inoichi had discovered wasn't in the file, but since he'd filled the blonde in at the hospital there was no need to go through it again.

Minato silently looked through the file before frowning.

"Emi Michiko? Why haven't you spoken with her yet? She was there that night right?" he asked.

That was it! Whoever had attacked Kakashi had also had time to attack Kakashi's babysitter, but that would have meant that they knew Kakashi was going to be babysat that night and gone to meet her before she could arrive.

Around him there was silence for a moment before Shikaku huffed and shook his head in response to Minato's question.

"We can't. She died in the hospital a week after Sakumo's death. She started experiencing hallucinations and displaying violent behavior aimed at allies and civilians. She began to have trouble breathing after being taken into custody, and died a few hours later," he informed the blonde.

Kushina's POV

Kushina hadn't noticed that she'd even been tired, but she must have been because she found herself waking up.

She frowned as she sat up, looking around for Kakashi. He wasn't here, and neither were his ninken, though she could hear the sound of what she guessed was one of the younger two whimpering from down the hall.

She made her way there to see Kakashi with Bull whimpering in his lap as he tried to coax the whimpering Shiba out from under the desk.

She was a bit surprised to see Kakashi wearing a sweatshirt, but dismissed it to focus on Shiba.

The mutt was pressed back against the wall and shaking horribly. Though Kakashi could easily have grabbed him and dragged him out, Kushina figured he was in danger of being bitten if he tried, judging from how freaked out Shiba was.

"What's wrong?" she asked in concern. She didn't miss how Kakashi tensed and reached to where his weapon's pouch was usually located before he could stop himself, or how Urushi and Uuhei both shifted as though they were going to attack her.

She didn't really blame Kakashi after what he'd been through, and he'd always been sort of high strung, but the ninken's reaction was very strange since they should have sensed her before that moment.

Kakashi glanced over at her, careful to keep his hold on Bull since he was now shaking again.

"Nothing, I just um, dropped a book and startled them," he told her, definitely not believably.

She stared at Kakashi incredulously for how terrible the lie was, but he had turned his focus back to the puppies.

Pakkun moved around her from the hallway she had come from and turned to her.

"It might be easier to calm them down if there aren't so many distractions in the room," he told her, and she was surprised at the slight edge to his tone since he had always been polite to her the few times they'd spoken.

"He might be right, sorry, but could you all wait outside? I'll try and bring them out once they're calm," Kakashi requested politely, raising an eyebrow at the pug which received a sheepish look in return before he went back into the hallway, the other two ninken following behind.

Kushina was horribly confused, but if Bull and Shiba were that upset then the pug was probably correct in his assessment, especially since they hadn't really been exposed to Kushina before. She'd have to find out what this was really about later though.

"Okay," she muttered, before moving back into the other room and taking her seat on the couch, wondering if it was her imagination that the two ninken and Uuhei were now avoiding her.

Kakashi's POV

Bull hadn't been all that easy to coax out, but Shiba had been impossible. After about fifteen minutes the shaking mastiff had clumsily made his way to Kakashi and was now pressed tightly against him for comfort, still shaking horribly and making high pitched whines every once in a while when Kakashi would stop petting him for a moment.

Shiba wasn't as easy to convince, and Kakashi had known he wouldn't be. As soon as Shiba had started to train and had begun to develop human speech and understanding, he hadn't been as skittish and had become a fierce fighter, but as a puppy that definitely hadn't been the case. This was worse than the first time around, but it was expected since Shiba had never come across something as terrifying as a demon at that time.

"Hey Pakkun," he called quietly, not wanting to scare Shiba even further. A moment later the pug trotted into the room. "Can you look after Bull for me, it looks like it'll take me a little while longer to get Shiba out," he requested.

Pakkun frowned.

"Fine, but I'm not sure they'll calm down as long as she's here," he said, earning a nod from Kakashi. He had the same feeling, but he couldn't get rid of her without telling her what had happened since Minato had insisted that she look after him while he was out getting lunch. That thought made him frown and he wondered what was taking his sensei so long to return before dismissing it and moving back to the task at hand.

Pakkun dragged the puppy over to a corner.

Seeing that Bull would be looked after for the time being, Kakashi got up to close the door to give them a bit more silence and hopefully make Shiba at least consider that there was a barrier between him and Kushina, before moving closer to the desk and crouching down.

"Hey Shiba, I'm really sorry about that. All the scariness is gone now," Kakashi told him, and continued to talk about random things to calm him down.

Shiba had started to calm down after a little while, but tensed and growled at him when Kakashi started towards him, getting worked up again.

He had started to try just talking to the puppy again, when there was a soft tap on the door.

"Kakashi," it was Minato and he moved to answer it, blocking Shiba from racing out of the room.

"I brought lunch," he had an odd expression on his face as he glanced at the two puppies, probably because Kushina had filled him in on the strange stuff that had been going on.

Kakashi nodded, turning to the three dogs.

"I guess I should give them some alone time," he said with a sigh, turning to Pakkun.

"I've got them," Pakkun said before Kakashi could say anything. Kakashi nodded in thanks and followed Minato out and to the kitchen.

He sat down at the table and tried to act naturally, which was easier said than done when he was being stared at and the conversation felt really strained, but there was no way he was going to ease the awkwardness by telling them what had happened.

Obito's POV

Obito had been really curious about what had happened with Kakashi and, though he wouldn't admit it to anyone else, he was worried about what was going on with him. That's not to say that he liked the other boy now. He still thought Kakashi was a complete jerk, but not to the point where he wanted him to be hurt.

True, he was sure he had hurt Kakashi by digging up the memory of his father's death, but at the time he hadn't realized the effect his words would have and until Kakashi had explained things he hadn't realized how much of an ass he'd been.

It had been a huge shock to see Kakashi collapse like he had, and even more to see the state he had been in after he'd woken up in the hospital. Obito had tried to get his attention several times, but Kakashi barely reacted to anything at all and Minato had finally suggested that he and Rin visit the next day to see him after the silver haired boy was allowed to rest for a while.

Their sensei had cancelled lessons and missions for the time being, giving Obito time to train on his own, working on his new taijutsu style. Minato had offered to help him develop it a bit in the past, but Obito needed to do this on his own, to prove to his clan that he was capable of representing them.

He'd given up hope that his sharingan would activate, though he'd often mentioned it when boasting to others about his clan.

While he was still within the age range for it to activate, several Uchiha being a bit older than him when theirs showed up if it did at all, the problems that he'd had with his eyes his entire life made it extremely unlikely to occur.

Currently he was just outside of the compound walking in through the front gate with some of groceries for the rest of the week.

Usually he would take the back and climb the tree next to the wall before dropping into the backyard that was just behind his house, but it was the middle of the week in the middle of the day when most of his clan members, at least the people who were outright critical of him, weren't present.

At least, that's how things usually were. He'd been about to shout at the person who had knocked him over and spilled his bags on the ground when he noticed the cold glare being directed at him.

"Fugaku-san," Obito greeted cautiously, moving to collect his bags quickly. His action was halted as a hand reached out, grabbed his wrist roughly and jerked him back, once again making him drop everything and causing him to yelp in surprise.

"I would expect someone even as worthless as you would have been taught manners and respect," the man told him disdainfully, tightening his hold on Obito's wrist. Obito held back tears as he felt the familiar feeling of his wrist bones starting to crack.

Fugaku was a next in line for the position of clan head. Though usually the Uchiha clan operated a lot like other clans and the male heir of the clan head was the one who would take the position in the future. Unfortunately for Obito the male heir had died on a mission about a year ago.

That man, well, boy, Hideki, hadn't been overly kind to Obito, but he wasn't outright harsh like Fugaku was. Hideki's death had left the clan without an heir, as the current clan head only had a daughter.

Before any of this had happened, the clan head's daughter, Uchiha Mikoto, had married Fugaku who was a very skilled ninja from a very distant part of the Uchiha family tree. It had been agreed that Fugaku possessed the skills to be a very good leader for the clan and was currently being trained to take the position sometime in the future. Obito hated him.

Fugaku was excellent, in that he was extremely concerned about increasing the power that the Uchiha clan held around the village, which Fugaku worked towards by trying to present their clan in the best light.

Unfortunately, he considered Obito to be a major obstacle in his goals, and was another reason that Obito now lived in the annex instead of with the other Uchiha.

Sure, Obito cared about his clan's image as well, but thought that the best way to portray his clan in a positive light was through action, such as fighting for the village and making connections with other. It wasn't to try and act as though their clan was superior to everyone and to try and burry anything they deemed imperfect, such as Obito.

True, like Fugaku, his parents weren't too happy that he'd turned out the way he had, but they had allowed him to live with them despite how much they seemed to dislike him, and had actively tried to teach him and improve his skills until Fugaku had spoken with them.

Obito would have protested Fugaku's orders, but he had been seven when this had been decided and had taken his parents words to heart when they'd told him he was a burden. Moving into the annex had been the first step in his plan to prove them wrong, to show that he could be self-sufficient. Even if it was taking a long time for his plan to show any results, he hoped one day that he would be accepted.

Right now though, he was failing miserably to hold back his tears as he tried and failed to wrench his arm out of the man's grip.

"I'm sorry," he whimpered, teeth clenched to keep from crying out.

For once Fugaku didn't take it any further than that. After tightening his hold enough that Obito felt something pop, the man threw him to the ground. "I suppose that will have to suffice for now. I would teach you proper respect. However, I am late for a meeting. Do not walk the main road until you can show that you are not a complete disgrace to our clan," Fugaku ordered him, before continuing on his way.

"Bastard," Obito growled, low enough that Fugaku couldn't hear him, before standing to gather his bags.

His left wrist was in a lot of pain, but that would have to wait until he got back home. Once everything had been picked up, except for the milk that had spilled all over the ground, he raced towards the annex.

He fumbled with the handle as he readjusted the bags, jarring his wrist painfully. He was grateful for once that his door couldn't be locked or he would have taken a lot longer to get in.

Once inside the house he carefully lowered everything to the floor, though anything breakable was probably already broken. He saw some liquids leaking out of it and some of it seeping into the carpet, but wasn't too worried. The carpet in the place was already horribly stained from the last tenant, and was so worn and torn up that it didn't matter if anything happened to it. The tiles weren't any better. Giant cracks ran through them since they hadn't been replaced probably since the place had been built.

After freeing up his hands, he made his way into the kitchen to sit at the table, resting his arm on it. The table was probably the nicest thing in the place. It had scratches running through it, but at least it served its purpose.

Gingerly he started to roll up his sleeve with is right hand, a few tears rolling down his cheek as his wrist throbbed at the action.

Soon he had uncovered a swollen wrist.

Despite the pain, he poked and prodded at it, finally noting with grim satisfaction that at least it wasn't broken. His reluctant attempts to move his fingers and even bend his wrist only presented pain, but he was able to, and the area wasn't numb. He knew enough from the Academy to know that this was probably just a sprain; it was better than last time when Fugaku had actually broken it. He decided he wouldn't need a doctor, that he could just wait it out.

Fumbling around a bit, he finally managed to wrap some ice in a towel and then to wrap that around the injury.

After checking to see if any of his groceries needed a refrigerator, and tossing a bag that was dripping egg everywhere, he made his way to the couch, before lying down and resting his wrist on his stomach.

He hoped he was right and he wouldn't have to go to the hospital again, he hated that place.

Kushina's POV

She was still confused about the sudden shift in the dog's interaction with her. Sure, animals were usually a bit wary in her presence if they could sense the Kyuubi's chakra, but she'd gained enough control over both her own and the Kyuubi chakra years before, and only been a problem on missions with Inuzuka where her control had slipped.

Her fears were put more at rest when Uuhei ended up lying his head down on her lap to sleep that afternoon, and Pakkun had lazily conversed with her when she'd asked how Bull and Shiba were.

She figured that she must have just made a sudden movement in her sleep and spooked them, and Kakashi had assured her that the two would be just fine after they had a chance to calm down. He would just need to keep them in his room for a while.

She had thought that maybe she should leave as soon as Minato returned, just in case they were actually afraid of her specifically, but Minato didn't seem to know what to say around Kakashi and things were extremely awkward.

Well, things were still awkward with her around, but eventually she managed to get Minato to calm down and stop treating Kakashi like he would break down if Minato said the wrong thing.

At last she figured they would both be fine, besides, she had a mission the next day and needed to get some rest. Looking over at Kakashi, she saw that he was falling asleep where he sat on the couch next to her.

She gave a small smile and ruffled his hair. He looked over at her and blinked tiredly.

"You should get some rest Kashi-chan, I'll visit you later," she told him. He nodded and stifled a yawn, getting to his feet before heading down the hallway, the dogs following him.

"'Night sensei, 'night nee-chan," he mumbled.

The two stared after him until he'd closed himself into his room, and then Kushina turned to Minato.

"Did you hear that? He just called me nee-chan dattebane," she squealed, catchphrase presenting itself in her excitement.

Minato nodded.

"He was half asleep though," he pointed out, earning a glare a second before he had to dodge a swipe from Kushina.

"Let me enjoy the moment a bit longer before you ruin it," she demanded, smile returning as she headed towards the door.

"You won't be able to contact me for a little while since I'll be on a mission, but the second I return I expect you to fill me in on everything," she informed him, and with that she left.

Minato's POV

He had been reviewing everything he had learned that day as he'd spoken with Kakashi and Kushina. Sure, it probably made him seem a bit distant, and it was probably his fault that everything was so awkward, but it had been a lot to take in.

Inoichi had attempted to explain the technique that had been used on Kakashi as best as he could without having the actual name of it, but as far as Minato could tell, they were lucky that Kakashi hadn't met the same fate as Emi Michiko.

Minato had always known how dangerous techniques that affected a ninja's mental state could, be and it looked as though Kakashi's babysitter was an example of what happened when something went wrong.

There had been a report of eyewitness statements about what exactly had occurred just before the woman's death, and he was sure she had been seeing the night Sakumo had died.

"That bitch tried to kill me. What the hell sort of standards do you ninja have? I mean, I nearly died. I was lucky to get away with just a small cut. She just started screaming and when I tried to help her she demanded that I not go near them, whoever the hell they are, and then started going nuts and attacking everybody."

That had been the report to the ANBU from a disgruntled civilian, and unfortunately it had been the most informative. Had ANBU not heard the commotion she would have caused a lot more damage.

As it was, Michiko had been taken to the hospital relatively quickly, and it had been obvious that she hadn't been in her right mind immediately as she screamed at someone who wasn't there. From there everything had started to go downhill. First she had had trouble breathing. Not even an hour later she had become unresponsive, and then slipped into a coma. She had been pronounced dead just before midnight that same day.

There had been an investigation, but, as Inoichi had explained, it was impossible to detect something like this after brain function had stopped. The investigation had closed almost immediately, no official cause had been listed, but it had been suggested that a fast metabolizing poison was to blame.

Minato was a bit relieved though, to learn that Kakashi's problem with his eye had probably been linked to the altered memories.

He'd been wondering about that for a while, but other things kept taking precedence over that since Kakashi wasn't complaining about any eye problems.

While he didn't remember Kakashi's eye being hurt when he'd been younger, the Yamanaka had explained that it was likely that Kakashi was subconsciously remembering a pain from before and that it would go away with time.

Minato was pulled from his thoughts when something landed on his lap and he looked down to see Pakkun looking up at him.

"He's asleep," Pakkun told him in response to Minato's raised eyebrow.

"You look tired, you should probably go to sleep too. We'll keep an eye on Kakashi and get you if anything happens," the pug told him.

Despite his thoughts Minato smiled and nodded, shifting and picking up the dog as he rose.

"Yeah, I probably should shouldn't I mom?" he asked teasingly. Pakkun huffed but didn't respond, after all, Kakashi had sarcastically called him mom for quite often when he'd gotten overly protective in the past.

"Yeah yeah," Pakkun grumbled when Minato set him down outside of the slightly ajar doorway to Kakashi's room.

"Goodnight," he said and trotted into the room, jumping up and claiming a spot next to Urushi.

Minato smiled at the group.

Uuhei was the biggest, stretched out and about Kakashi's length on Kakashi's side, Urushi was draped partially over Kakashi's legs, and Pakkun was now curled up against Urushi. Kakashi had pressed the bed up against the wall and on his other side so that both Bull and Shiba could sleep on the bed and would alert one of the others if they wanted down. Shiba seemed to have calmed down and the two puppies were now curled up together, Bull snoring quietly.

As he was leaving he noticed Urushi watching him and he gave a short wave before quietly closing the door until just a sliver of light could be let in. While the older three could figure out how to get out of a room with a closed door, it was easier for them if the door was already opened.

Kakashi's POV

He had slept heavily for what seemed like a great deal of time. Upon waking he had at first been curious as to why his body felt so heavy, but spotting the fact that Urushi was lying on top of him, and that Bull had moved in the night to sleep on his stomach, he quickly realized the reason.

Despite having been really tired when he'd gone to bed and sleeping soundly, he doubted he would be able to sleep again for a while.

Something was nagging at him, and he had a feeling it had woken him as well, but the answer wasn't coming to him. He couldn't remember what he'd been dreaming about.

Of course, a lot had happened to him since he'd come back to this time, especially in the past couple of days and it would probably take a while to sort it all out. He figured that now was as good a time as any to get started.

It must have been hours that he thought everything through, and had started to drift off again, when he shot upright, catching Bull as he nearly fell from the bed and earning a disgruntled look from Urushi as he was nearly thrown on the ground.

"Sorry," he murmured absently, shifting Bull back onto the bed before racing across the room to throw open the window. As soon as the cool night air hit his face he started to calm down.

"Pup?" "Kashi?" "Shi?" the two ninken and ninken-in-training were looking at him worriedly.

"I'm sorry I woke you," he panted.

"What happen?" Urushi questioned, pawing at his leg, a whimper in his voice.

"I don't know why I didn't realize it before," Kakashi mumbled in response, confusing them.

"Pup, what's going on?" Pakkun demanded.

Kakashi was sure he was upsetting the pug again, especially after what Pakkun had seen earlier.

He looked down to see the extreme worry in the three's expressions and crouched down.

"It's nothing Pakkun, just me being stupid. I'm sorry, you should go back to bed," he tried.

He didn't want to burden his ninken with this on top of everything else.

That answer wasn't accepted by Pakkun and the pug glared at him, earning a small smile.

"Look, really Pakkun, I'm fine. I'm just being stupid, I should have realized there was something messing with my memories before this is all," he explained.

Pakkun regarded him suspiciously for a moment but finally nodded.

"Fine, get back in bed and get some rest," he ordered sternly.

Usually Kakashi would comply, but he shook his head.

"Sorry Pakkun, I need some fresh air," he told him, climbing out the window with ease and glad he hadn't taken the time to change clothing before he had fallen asleep.

"Pup," Pakkun growled warningly.

"I'll be fine, you can come if you want," Kakashi offered. Pakkun didn't even take the time to think about it and was soon on Kakashi's shoulder.

"Fine, but just for a little while," he grumbled in irritation.

After making sure that Urushi and Uuhei would look after the other two they were on their way.

"Where are we going?" Pakkun asked after they had started to move towards the training grounds, and then past their usual field. Kakashi didn't answer. He was thinking about what he'd discovered, and how he was supposed to react to the realization that a Konoha ninja had killed his father.

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