Hey guys! My brothers friend Ryan just told me what slender was and showed me a video. and I hate sudden movements or noises. So slender was my own nightmare. Slender appeared and i fell over, screamed, and ran out of the room with ryan laughing behind me. NO JUDGING!

Redfall:Disclaimer, We don't own slender.

Blackspot: we do own Lightfeather, Redfall, Blackspot, and-

Whitefire: ME!

Blackspot: what she said.

Me, Blackspot, and Redfall were sitting on my cloud couch in my floating cloud mansion when whitefire burst in through the door.

"Girls! I just found this awesome video game and you HAVE to try it or I'll ask snowlight to freeze you in ice." Whitefire called. She ran up to The group of female warriors and sat down.

"Dear starclan, I had to look all over firelight forest to find you all. Only blackblur knew where you where. And do you know how HARD it is just to get her to slow down A LITTLE?" She gasped. Blackspot fell over, laughing, and even me and redfall had to fight to not laugh.

whitefire glared at Blackspot before waving the game in our faces. "I got it down loaded on this shiny disky thing-ma-do. Come on! Play it! PLay it!"

I sighed and grabbed the disk out of her hand. "Okay, fine, whatever, shut up, sheesh." I said. She nodded and i missed her mischievous smile of triumph.

Me and Redfall walked to the computer in the next room and put in the disk. As we waited for it to load, we interrogated Whitefire about random crap.

"When were you born?"

"I don't know."

"Why don't you know?"

"I don't know that either."

The game finished loading and we shut up. Blackspot already knew this game and quickly left the room. She wouldn't tell us why.

It started in a dark forest and the screen said: find all eight pages. "White fire, What in starclan does it mean by pages?" "DON'T ASK, DON'T ANSWER." "lovely." Redfall remarked sarcastically.

Lightfeather rolled her eyes and began using the mouse to walk around the game. She spotted something white on a huge tree and clicked on it. "Cool. Guess i found a page. This game is kind of bor-"

Lightfeather character turned around and the screen went all stacicy. Behind her was a mannikin wearing a black suit and bow tie.

Lightfeather screamed and Redfall fell off her chair while whitefire laughed. The sister got up and walked up to their "friend." Oh, this was so not her day.

Whitefire: Why didn't you warn me!

IDK. You deserved it.

Whitefire: yeah, i TOTALLY deserved to be tortured by you and redfall.

Redfall: yes. Yes you did.

Blackspot: thats why i left the room.

Absolutely fantastic. We should throw a party. And when every one gets here you can tell them I'm being sarcastic. Ah, sarcasm. What would i ever do with out you?

Sarcasm: not be sarcastic?